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Another Playground Label Ahoy / 26 March 2012

A New Label for Us Unloved Crips

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Travelling to the Shape Offices for the last day of the New Voices course I found myself shocked and alarmed by a poster on the tube.

It wasn't the picture. It was the title. I suddenly realised that as a disabled person I was now at risk of acquiring another label.

I was suddenly beiing asked to consider myself as one of The Undateables. Any search for love would be futile. Love for me had to be blind, disfigured and autistic.

I could hear the word echoing around the playground, in the pubs and on the terraces.

Should i feel grateful to Channel 4 for this? Having not watched programmes about disability for a long, long time I also felt strangely drawn to this. I also felt sick to my stomach.

So, i took a photo. I forgot it for a while and then i decided to manipulate the image a little.

Wonder how everyone feels about this.

Keywords: autistic,blind,channel 4,disfigured,the undateables