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Review by Bonny Cummins

Laurence’s charm and good looks winning smile and assured delivery, a star of Edinburgh Festival , takes you where he wants you to be. His sensitive observational humor, showing British generosity laced with mind sets, delivered.

photograph of Laurence Clark Laurence Clark

Laurence Clark

Image: Laurence Clark

He showed footage of the Spazzstick a lip balm made for him for his show, earlier road tested on passers by. He had had the lip balms made in the US of A. He told us woefully that he was stung for £25 duty payable which he had not anticipated .The most extreme reaction to the flavoured lip balms, had been two genteel, very British, ladies who kept reassuring each other that the sticks were called spa sticks, in mental swerves. They were to be prizes in the next section of the show .It were set up with glee by Laurence with a young Frank O Connor of Name that Tune,looming hilariously on the screen behind him. Laurence took to the streets again, on film with three giggling pals. They sat amidst passers by and sang a few lines of popular songs. The audience was now invited to name that tune. He warned of the dire contents of the sticks that were up for grabs but nothing deterred us. We wanted to play the game.

They did a Kooks cover and being a Brightonian was first to call out The Kooks. It’s like the national anthem to us in Brighton - that and anything by Norman Cook. I became the owner of a chocolate cake flavored lip balm. A sparkly evening, which left a smile on my face for days.

The show is fantastic, unique and side splittingly funny. Charisma and wit that doesn’t swerve.