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> > > Kate Murdoch announced as Shape Open 2016 winner

Shape Open patron Yinka Shonibare MBE announced artist Kate Murdoch as the Open’s fourth winner for her sculpture entitled, 'Bad Head Day'.

A photograph of artist Yinka Shonibare with Kate Murdoch after she was just awarded the Shape Open 2016 prize. They are standing next to her sculpture Bad Head Day.

Yinka Shonibare MBE with Kate Murdoch and her winning sculpture, 'Bad Head Day'

Shape Chief Executive Tony Heaton OBE congratulated Kate at the exhibition’s opening event on 4 February and thanked Yinka Shonibare as well as Helen Sainsbury, Head of Programme Realisation, Tate Modern, for their work as panel judges. Kate will receive a £1000 cash prize.

Murdoch said of her sculpture:

“As a partially deaf person, I spend a lot of time trying to make sense of the world around me. Hearing aids amplify, but don’t necessarily clarify sounds or the human voice. What’s going on? What’s being said? The frustration involved in struggling to hear and join in conversations can sometimes just all feel too much. ‘Bad Head Day’ is representative of the confusion and muddle I can sometimes find myself in: something akin to a head exploding.”

The Shape Open 2016 theme ‘My Life’ encouraged both disabled and non-disabled artists to creatively express life through the lens of disability.

Using an exciting range of mediums such as blood, machinery and modified everyday objects to express their ideas, the artists drew on memory, nostalgia and processes of internal reflection to explore the complexity of this year’s theme.

The full list of exhibiting artists is: Tony Allen, Ally Bain, Regina Lafay Bellamy, Sally Booth, Andrew Brenton, E Crowe, Alice Dass, Angela Edmonds, Joshua Fox, Rachel Gadsden, Liliana Gallagher, Sara Ellen Glanfield, Jack Haslam, Piotr Jastak, Carl Jaycock and Zareen Rustom, JunkSoupArt, Fae Kilburn, Violetta Liszka, Peter Mansell, Aaron McPeake, Brigitte Mierau, Graham Miller, Kate Murdoch, Stephen Muszynski, Clare Newton, Susanne Dagmar Olsen, Justin Piccirilli, J Price, Paula de Santis Smith, Maxwell Rushton, Patricia Uter, Joanne Weaver, Anne White , Dave Wood, Jason Wilsher-Mills, Fiona Wright, Emiko Yamaguchi and Sonja Zelic.

The exhibition is free, accessible and open to all and runs until 21 Feb 2016, Thursday - Sunday 12pm - 5pm at Guest Projects, 1 Andrews Road, London E8 4QL. See here for full listings information for the exhibtion.