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Kaite O'Reilly is an award-winning playwright and a recipient of two Cultural Olympiad Commissions. She blogs about writing and the process of writing with a focus on four forthcoming productions, which revolve around disability issues.

That was the year that was. Has anything changed?

28 December 2011


I began this blog back in August 2011 after I realised that 2012 would bring an embarrassment of riches production-wise. As the forthcoming work is diverse in aesthetic, process and content, I felt much might be learnt, and writing a blog might help externalise my learning, publicise the work and document the processes of devising, playwriting, co-creating, collaborative montaging. I'm excited by what 2012 will bring, and the diversity both of the work and the creative approaches I'll be...

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Further news of 'In Water I’m Weightless'

5 December 2011


front cover of the london 2012 festival programme

I am delighted to see 'In Water I’m Weightless', my Unlimited Commission to be produced by National Theatre Wales in 2012, was included in the preview guide to London 2012. ‘Britain’s biggest ever cultural festival’ over the weekend. I quote from a story within the festival supplement, titled 'Stories that Come to Life' A character hears sound for the first time, while the audience reads sign language in back-projected subtitles in a powerful experimental work that...

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