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Jon Adams fine art practice draws upon a wide range of materials and processes which include photography, video, sound recording and digital sound and visual manipulation, 3D installations, traditional sculpture and illustration. Jon is currently a Research Fellow in Disability Arts within the Faculty of CCi at the University of Portsmouth. His work includes themes of hidden disability and positive dyslexia and Aspergers awareness combined with a subversive or geological context.

Jon Adams: Someone’s had all the flippin mints - part five of five

17 January 2011


the image of a tree made out of a series of words

Another trip to London - this time to the ‘Our view’ presentations that Accentuate had arranged at Channel 4. A seemingly simple trip, just a train and a short walk then the bus almost to the door. Good start to the day... the train was packed but was a better type of carriage with less crammed seats and more leg room. Earlier I had been woken by the driving rain on the bathroom window and lay awake wondering how much was coming though into the very ropey conservatory. I...

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