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Jon Adams fine art practice draws upon a wide range of materials and processes which include photography, video, sound recording and digital sound and visual manipulation, 3D installations, traditional sculpture and illustration. Jon is currently a Research Fellow in Disability Arts within the Faculty of CCi at the University of Portsmouth. His work includes themes of hidden disability and positive dyslexia and Aspergers awareness combined with a subversive or geological context.

Jon Adams creates flag-fields in Chatham

25 July 2010


Sunday started misty, the view out over the river was unclear and somewhat like our ‘heads’ due to the excitement of the night before... True the karaoke stopped on time... then came the ‘louder’ music, which was evidently stopped by the hotel by literally pulling the power supply at just gone 12:07am. Up, packed and down to a not unreasonable breakfast, we were on the road by 9:30am to find fuel and water for the day. Not having been on the lines for at least 40 years I...

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Jon Adams sets flags flying at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester

24 July 2010


a black and white photo of a row of paper flags

So its 10:39pm and here I am in a hotel overlooking the river Medway in Kent listening to a strange mix of sirens (same as Portsmouth), the put-put of a river boat and the ‘strangled sounds of ‘bad’ karaoke downstairs (Why do they? It’s so cringingly awful If I put this on ‘youtube’ it would secure a 1,000,000 hits and be on one of those TV horror shows – am assured it will finish at 11pm!) This is In some ways very strange, as I am ashamed to say I am...

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Jon Adams organises some beautiful flag-fields for Open Weekend

23 July 2010


Just in from a busy but quite fabulous day number ‘one’ of Open Weekend flag fielding alongside the University Staff sports day. Am sitting adding the days pictures to the Facebook groups and other people have started to do so too! For us the day started at 8:12am woken by the usual noise’s from over in Fratton station. This was a bit late for me, mainly because I was tired. I didn’t get in from the gallery trip until late, then had sort stuff for the flag making and the...

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Jon Adams is looking forwards to the Open Weekend

22 July 2010


black and white photo of a series of paper flags in a field

Open weekend is finally within grasp, just a few hours to go as I sit typing on the train heading back from installing some new work at Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks, Kent. I have had ‘Flags’ on my mind for about 2 years now. It started when I was working as Artist on the Trains in the South East. I would look out at the ‘empty’ and ‘temptingly’ available space at the side of the track and wonder what in the brief seconds you pass would make people wonder...

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