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Jon Adams is looking forwards to the Open Weekend / 22 July 2010

Open weekend is finally within grasp, just a few hours to go as I sit typing on the train heading back from installing some new work at Kaleidoscope Gallery, Sevenoaks, Kent.

I have had ‘Flags’ on my mind for about 2 years now. It started when I was working as Artist on the Trains in the South East. I would look out at the ‘empty’ and ‘temptingly’ available space at the side of the track and wonder what in the brief seconds you pass would make people wonder ‘what was that?’

You tend to sit and look at the landscape flashing past anything to escape the boredom of a packed carriage – a captive audience. Inspired by some torn plastic bags fluttering in a tree, In my mind I could ‘see’ a field full of paper flags – easy to make, sustainable, adaptable and with the movement would blend into the landscape as if they belonged. I liked the idea of books destined for landfill given one last chance and metamorphosed into a work of temporary public art (also the difficulty people would have taking a book apart!)

I was given an addition to my Creative Campus award that enabled me to weave in a public engagement strand to my project – ‘The order of things 17’ and ‘Open Weekend’ seemed to be the ideal time with this year’s theme of challenging people to take part. I have always been a fan of Open Weekend after being introduced to our regions ‘Cultural programmer’ in 2007 and as an ‘aspie’ I like an ‘underlying reason’ to get on with something and this appealed to my aspieness.

I just wanted to do something that everyone could join in with, wasn’t to taxing skill wise – where a lot of people get put off arts projects as they don’t want to look ‘amateur’ or untrained and was a bit of ‘fun’ all be it a bit naughty...

So am all packed up, wishing on the weather and waiting on the stories of’ which book’ and ‘where’.