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> > > HOUSE and Outside In present Thompson Hall exhibition at Regency Town House

HOUSE and Outside In have announced Home Away From Home, a newly commissioned set of paintings by artist Thompson Hall, to be shown at the Regency Town House. The exhibition, part of HOUSE – Brighton’s visual arts festival – will be open from April 30-29 May 2016.

Brighton Dome, the painting by Thompson Hall depicts the facade of its namesake in lurid colours in a whimsical non-realistic style.

Brighton Dome by Thompson Hall.

In this newly commissioned series, Hall has reimagined views from his home in North London and views from his visits to Brighton, including from the renowned Town House where the exhibition will be shown.

Hall works intuitively in a variety of media, specialising in acrylic paint and pastel. His work begins with observational sketches from the urban landscape, providing the basis for artwork that depicts the world as seen by Thompson.

Rather than an accurate re-creation, Hall prefers to convey a mood with carefully mixed colours chosen to capture a visual equivalent to a particular emotional or spiritual state, rather than depicting true-to-life colours.

In this latest series, the artist wants the paintings to “give the feeling of being somewhere else, besides your home, and the mixed emotions this creates.”

Hall is a member of ActionSpace, who support the development of learning-disabled artists in a professional studio at Cockpit Arts, London. Thompson has recently exhibited ‘Postcards from Brighton’ at Brighton Dome (2013) and ‘Postcards of Glasgow’ at Project Ability in Glasgow (2015).

Brighton Pier by Thompson Hall depicts its namesake in lurid colours and childlike, whimsical style.

Brighton Pier by Thompson Hall.

He added:

“Thanks for this opportunity to be part of the festival. I'm very excited to start doing my work. It means a lot to me as I can inspire others and be a role model.”

Founded by Pallant House Gallery in 2006, Outside In provides a platform for artists who see themselves as facing barriers to the art world due to health, disability, social circumstance or isolation. Outside In supports artists to take part in events and opportunities to further their artistic development, and the HOUSE co-commission invited proposals from artists registered with Outside In. 

Hall’s work will be shown alongside Turner Prize winner Gillian Wearing OBE and Felicity Hammond in HOUSE 2016.

Judy Stevens, HOUSE Director, said:

“We are delighted to be exhibiting this new collection of Thompson’s work in The Regency Town House as part of HOUSE 2016. The iconic building has become synonymous with HOUSE each May. We feel this is to be an important development not just for the artist himself, but also as a message to the wider art world and audiences.”

Outside In Manager Jennifer Gilbert said:

"For Outside In it is an exciting prospect for Thompson to be able to grow as an artist and to learn new skills around developing, describing and curating his art work within a mainstream setting alongside Gillian Wearing and Felicity Hammond. For Thompson to be seen as a mainstream contemporary artist is a big step in his career to date. Congratulations to Thompson on being selected and we look forward to seeing the results."

Home Away from Home will be showing at Regency Town House, Brighton April 30-29 May 2016, see here for full listings information.