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Recapping. (the journey so far) / 8 March 2011

I began this journey with a great deal of trepidation. Physically getting to Spike Island being the first obstacle to overcome and parking my car within reach of whatever assistance I would be offered to extract my wheelchair from said car, adding high levels of stress to the process.

While the first meeting was indeed difficult, most access issues were soon ironed out and subsequent meetings have been positive, energising occasions.

Working with Colin has been enlightening, informative and fun. I am actually looking forward to blogging for real.

These sessions have not just been about blogging, information around the issues of creating an online presence, promoting my Artist’ career (and also the organisation I direct).

Getting to grips with the stressful and often boring aspects of functioning as an artist/artistic organisation in today’s world, has been creatively offered in varied workshops from which I believe I have already learned a lot. I’ve certainly been examining why I create work and who I create if for.

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