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type caste / 1 July 2015

How exciting it is to stumble upon someone who speaks like a kindred spirit...hello Twitter and the Internet. 
And how galling to discover that this exciting spirit articulates what they do so very much better than I do...

I'm not ignoring the acts of government evil #disabilityconfident is just one more nail...(LinkUpArts 'Worth Fighting For' poetry tonight at

I'm doing research for my new website. I don't seem to be able to articulate my design desires to accessible, affordable website designers, nor find a Wordpress theme that fits me like a glove. But together with a programmer who wants to learn website design, I'm working out how to progress.

I want a site that looks calm like swan. And then has access to the feet paddling madly below water level. I want my site to have accessible spaces; room for other imaginations. I want my swan to take wing, even if it does mean we have a messy landing.

And that's where Kelli Anderson came into the picture. Kelli (of Viral Paper record player fame) is looking at design and 'the invisible authority things have over our brains'. This is a kindred spirit moment. I've been trying to articulate it for years.

My interest has been specifically targeted at architecture; in created, constructed geography and yes, the invisible authority it has over the brain. The influence it wields over emotion and action, the subtle and not so subtle way it manipulates how we see ourselves in its space.

But here's the real Eurika bit. She's working on the idea of a website that shows the workings, the exciting messy bits behind the scenes ... yes, me too.