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Brollywood / 29 May 2015

You voted what?

You heard me: Tory.

To fully illustrate my reaction to this I should leave an empty page or two; wordless, utterly wordless.
And when I do gather myself to respond: how could you, it sounds so pathetic. I even followed it up with: "but you're disabled." 

He is.

Disabled and in his second year awaiting a PIP decision. I flounder. 
"I've always voted Conservative", he offers. I'm a fully paid up believer in the Capitalist religion and yes, they axed our arts funding, but with good reason: keeping the elderly clean and fed.
He is also poet.

Brainwashed. We all are. 

Throwaway people. Offers on the altar of production; subordinate to money and the accumulation of things in place of creativity; believers in the myth of austerity as a solution rather than the cause of the next financial crisis.
And seemingly at ease with denying true human value.

Maybe it's easier for crips. Our gains were so new, we'd hardly begun to believe in them, but the un-disabled lot? They've had voices for donkey's years and some of them fought really hard...

I'm watching us all step back into history, one step forward two steps back.

Did we think this was supposed to be our time? It is not.


Making, in a time of disappointment
requires finding the sun in my soul;
the undefeated essence of me that is
so much more than I think, therefor I am;
requires communion with the part of me
that listens and therefor seeks connection
with the shadows that shape beauty and the
surviving truth. And making is where I am
still taken by surprise with reasons to smile.