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one day / 12 December 2014

The more complex a society becomes, the more fully the law must take into account the diversity of the people who live in  it...
(Margaret  Mead).

One day in the future we will construct  the laws and the institutions of a modern, humane  society that will take real account of the people  who make, or potentially make, the communities within it.
Right now we live in a  dark age every bit as horrific as  past  barbarics. The current 'one size fits all' mentality is  penalising and punishing people for whom our current social frame is a painful misfit.
One day in the future our descendants will look back in shame and embarrassment at our barbarism; the horror of our current  practices may well bring tears of remorse to their eyes. Because we will learn, we will grow and  we will act.
Right now we have the knowledge, the tools and the capacity to change. We just haven't elected the people with the insight, the humanity or the imagination and certainly not the loyalty, to us or to each other, to make those changes happen.

But one day has to start somewhere. 

We have no race, no state,
we are not We, but each one
of us knows the safety of
belonging with each other.
Standing metaphorically
holding each other's lives
in respect, we keep life
sacrosanct. We are a people
oppressed, but together;
holding together, refusing
to be shut away like our
ancestors, holding each other's
lives in our hearts, in our history,
telling it out, working it out,
we stand metaphorically
together, singing freedom,
singing equality, holding
together the right to smile; the right
to more than mere existence.
The right, each one of us, to
our individual normality.
We have no race, no state,
but history and legacy,
of life, of hope and promise.
We are a perseverant people
and we too shall overcome;
this day, everyday, someday.

Life: you do not have to be optimistic, just present.
Speak out.
Raise your voice.
Make art, support art.

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