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Lunch at Roppongi Hills / 31 August 2013

Day two takes me to Roppongi Hills for lunch at a Chinese restaurant and coming out of the elevator from the metro we discover that the entrance to the complex (just before the giant spider sculpture) is decorated and paved with red dots. The Mori Art Museum Gallery is hosting a tenth anniversary exhibition titled 'All You Need Is LOVE - from Chagall to Kusama and Hatsune Miku' 
The dots theme carries around the area, with activities for children and a larger than life figure of a child in a polka-dot dress swinging above our heads. And the exhibition itself is in full swing, finishing on the September 1.
There is also a poster advertising Harry Potter - the exhibition, at the Mori Art Museum and the film Wolverine making its debut at the cinema next door.

The area around the Mori Building has quite a different atmosphere from last year and a new energy. 'Yes', I was told, 'there are lots of lease changes; leases last for two years and then new businesses get a chance at the space'. Interiors have been upgraded, some making powerful, universal statements with mirror surfaces, others exploring the pulling power of steps to the ambulant shopper. I make a mental note to return, not just for 'All You Need Is LOVE' but also to check out if wheelborne and mobility restricted people are catered for in these stepped interiors.

I get manhandled up the two steps in the narrow entrance to the Chinese restaurant and, in a small private room, we select a Viking - all you can eat in an hour for a fixed price. As we browse and tap in our order on the iPad menu, choosing varieties of Dim Sum (and similar portion-sized delicacies), I become aware of new information about ingredients, the pork content of dishes is now clearly labelled. As a vegetarian I find that so helpful as pork oil is much used in Chinese cooking. My taste buds are in for a cheerful roller coaster ride.

School holiday Tokyo
vibrant with youth and
casual; where 
have all the Suits
hidden? The size
too large, polished
leather shoes lost
among lazy trainers.
Pretty, pretty frills
and lace froth
over slinky jersey
hot-day wear;
parade the billows
of water-vapoured air,
the shaded fountains
of the smart Roppongi Hills.