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White lines and Spatial Justice. / 12 April 2013

White Lines; lead you to me. To 'People Like You', to glossy pink grab rails, to Kouros, Koure and co. They lead your thoughts to created geography, to the man-made spaces that largely unnoticed, influence and dominate our thoughts, our moods, and consequently our lives.


Wheelborne, I seldom interact with playful geography,

confined by the history and imagination of architect and planner

I roll oppressed by the hierarchy of power. The constant reminder

of status in flights of elegant stairways; the broad sweep of pedestrian

elevation which protects soft bodies from the disrespect of vehicles

dictates; removes choices; single width level access a persistent

indication of priority. The queue to avoid doors that require effort

a reminder that dogs eat dogs, that one for all and all for one

is never about the concept of fair. Expedience rules.

And daily, diversity is almost always inconvenient.

Wheelborne I become more sensitive to the negative effects of urban spaces, to the manipulation that is hidden in plain sight to insidiously plant it's message wherever people gather. This message, primarily for the wheelless, colours your perception of who you are, and who I am; who you might aspire to be and where you belong, who you might choose to travel with and where you might aspire to go.

And of course it does also have a profound effect on wheelborne people.

We live in a system that devours space with no regard to Spatial Justice.