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Building up, Counting down: 1, 0, +1 / 11 April 2013

Grab me. They invite me

and grab me; they sign to the

Kouroi standing self-absorbed

and utterly armless.

The mountains you move with humour

far outsize anything done from the

shadow side of despair.

Counted out!  Where did the time go? The Symposium has been and gone, but its too early to be taking stock - Liz Crow is Bedding Out and 'Creating the Spectacle! 360' has not yet been packed away. 'People Like You' will be there until Sunday with Kosta, Jessie, Fons and Kouros and Koure doing their best to own the Salisbury Arts Centre Gallery space.

The grab rails never cease to delight me. I love the shocking girly pink, and the glossy smoothness. I fantasise about lots of grab rail messages around my house, inside and out, to facilitate upright moments, standing tall.

I also play with them in Photoshop where I created the chrome style that featured on the Symposium Poems leaflet.


It might be the colour

they don't look like grab rails.

I think it's the pink...

feminine, they're feminine

and I just want to run

my hands along the length

of them, touch them, they look

so... so smooth.

There are quite a few people who don't notice them. People who make their way up or down the ramp that connects the entrance and Gallery space with the rest of the Arts Centre, without needing grab rails, without noticing that the long straight blackness has been replaced with curly pinkness.

There is so much that people don't notice.


It might be a sign of the times,

or 'People Like You' but people

are pausing, watching, peering,

engaging, with smiling faces.

There is much less hurrying by.

Much more brave curiosity,

much less anxious indifference.

'People Like You' engages.