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Building up, Counting down: 2 / 8 April 2013

'People Like You' - the final week of the exhibition:


This is a powerful combination, if

you can take it all in. The wheelchair

artist talks about a hidden secret

and seeing this, the subtle sum of it all,

I can believe there is one. I can believe

I'm on the brink of discovering it.


Here, now, on the brink of Bedding Out, caught up in this wave of interconnected protest, it's possible to believe in better.

Caught up in the global impact of 'Creating the Spectacle!' its possible to believe that this is a threshold moment for our species.

Counting down to the exciting meeting of minds in From the Personal to the Universal, it is possible to hope.

The cynical part of me knows that once the Symposium discussions are over, 'People Like You' are packed away; Liz retreats from the twittersphere and Sue jets off to USA, the bubble will burst.

I want to believe that the Overview Effect will change humanity's plans and aspirations for the future of our beautiful blue planet, but I know we are still hacking down acres of rainforest in order to grow palm oil.

I want to believe in a seismic shift in the way we relate to each other as humankind, as members of one global species. I want to believe in the positive, generous and hopeful triumph of messy complexity over reductionist tyrany.

I want to believe.


The detail, must have taken years.

There's something about them

especially the rooted figures,

that I connect with. I feel them

saying something to me;

it's like personal...