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'People Like You' - reflection and anticipation / 5 April 2013

'People Like You' conversations are already growing into a fascinating body of work:

I have discovered my own
thoughts echoing through your
work. Words I can relate to.
I've noticed the way you
juxtaposition art
and religion.

I'm keen to move into this positive space where a new figure is taking form, but don't want to move too quickly. Next week will see 'Bedding Out' with Liz Crow go live, and there will also be live White Line art from Sue Austin as well as her 360 'Creating the Spectacle!' film.

I anticipate such a wealth of conversations plus the continued exploration of the intriguing relationship between the three quite different artists' works forming this 'People like You' exhibition, both at Salisbury Arts Centre and later in the year at Poole Lighthouse.

What I really like about this exhibition,
these artists, is that they offer a level playground.
They don't look down on me from the superior pain
of disability, nor do they condemn with
poor quality or poverty of existence.
Its not aesthetically alienating,
it is humorous, complex and very moving.

And of course there is the Symposium, at Salisbury Arts Centre on 10th April, where I may offer something of myself on the journey from the personal to the universal.
As artist, I have been offered so many personal words that impact on me and inform my practice. Choosing a few to share will not be easy.