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In the aftermath. / 10 March 2013

Now that 'People Like You' is installed in the Salisbury Arts Centre Gallery, I need to tidy up - housekeeping.

My house, without the five soft-sculpture figures, is peaceful. Where they had spilled out into my personal space, I can reclaim room to breath.

My studio however is a mess. And none the freer for the exodus of artwork - it still contains preparations and pictures I rejected for this version of 'People Like You'. Canvasses exploring the theme of angels - the visual accompaniment to my 'Creatives in Con.Text' blog, await some other opportunity to shine.

They were created with white paint and small scraps of muslin, cutaway shapes from the soft-sculpture figures. One, Evidence of Angels has had a Photoshopped detail featured (14 December 2012), but others including Aftermath of Angels, await developments; progression to a new body of work maybe...

And there are new figures teasing to be set free from my imagination, refusing to be restrained by my limited storage capacity. I am frequently deciding to sell my small etching press. I need the room, but Printmaker was my identity for so long and each time I recall my delight in the processes, nostalgia prevents me. And even though I no longer have a lithographic press, I will never ever part from my stones.

Maybe some kind of reorganisation would work?

The little bits, snippets, rejections,

the unexplored, lie in wait, ready

to hijack the new, waylay it, woo it,

dissect it, ignore it, all with the

aim of extracting, assembling,

inventing the next stage; making sense,

creative, rational or otherwise

of this driven stage that offsets the

bipolar languor of the waiting

with its curious mix of focus

versus distraction; teasing forplay

to the the grand finale - which merely

proves to be another stage in life's

essential practice of performance art.