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'People Like You' - letter handles / 8 March 2013

Not caring, not daring to leave a gaping hole, a vacuum through which I might disappear like the humanoid rabbit, I have already started on 'People in Con.Text'. Conversations with visitors to the 'People Like You' exhibition/installation will form part of its evaluation and already there are gems like the squealed, 'letter handles' that a small child used to draw her parents' attention to the grab rails.

And the smiling gent who came to tell me that if his dog were allowed into the gallery it would be standing quivering and growling at these progressively non-human, alien mutations that are the soft sculptures: Kosta, Jessie and Fons.

Was it my imagination, or did I also meet my first (fledgling) troll? A timid creature whose query, 'What is this stuff?' tumbled disdainfully out of her somewhere between the naked Kouros and Koure and was simply answered with the explanation, 'muslin'. Reflection warns me that deeper disapproval was possibly choked by confusion and conditioned behaviour.

'To make progress we need to be able to imagine alternative realities, and not just any old reality, but a better one; and we need to believe that we can achieve it' (Tali Sharot). Between the three of us in 'People Like You' wouldn't  it be great if Liz, Sue and I could spark the Better Reality fires of your imagination!


I've never wanted to swallow the sun,

or live on the back of the fleeting beast

roaring and roiling, but nevertheless

I need them both crinkling the edges of

each time I show up to get the job done.

Lucid as never before, letting go

was the best gift my muse ever taught me,

letting go and letting me reinvent

all I ever wanted, each and every one.


And like Anais Nin I like to live at the beginnings,

by nature I am always beginning and believing.

I have never wanted to swallow the sun.