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Gold, the penultimate award, goes to... / 8 August 2012

For continuing assessment and a truly genuine desire to win gold, the gold metal (colour equality equalised):


This spectacular, one-off event will see people lacking a wide diversity of disabilities performing together from a variety of disciplines. They come together from all over the world to celebrate excellence in a commission especially devised to celebrate the temporarily nondisabled in all their rich diversity.

Unfortunately it has not been possible to secure access for wheelless or temporarily nondisabled to experience the live performance, but every effort will be made to accommodate a limited number of wheelless via an innovative interactive platform on our website. Should you wish to sign up for this experience please contact our helpline for system requirements. A bursary is being considered for qualifying wheelless who may need an upgrade, please see our website for terms and conditions.

Providing a soundtrack has proved a technical challenge, please contact Lynda if you are likely to need an audible orchestra facility.

Those temporarily nondisabled who do not have up to date digital technologies may apply, via our website, for a limited edition postcard issued in honour of the event. Early registration of interest is advised as the issue will be limited to fifty copies and the print run will not be repeated. Each postcard will contain quality speaking descriptions in various formats.

Should you require visual images please contact Lynda.


Should you experience any difficulties accessing this information, please contact Lynda, via our official website. Lynda is our designated access professional, she empathises deeply with all those brave souls who lack disability and she will be working hard to record your comments.



Keywords: the great diversity