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Silver... / 4 August 2012

For taking the time to really mull over the access issue and promoting a positive attitude to wheelless and temporarily nondisabled people, the silver metal (colour equality standard):


This commission will honour and celebrate wheelless, temporarily nondisabled, seeing and hearing talents and does include a brave performance from a wheelless father of three from Dorset. It will wheel out for one random night only.

A limited number of protective platforms have been put in place for the wheelless, but unfortunately it has not been possible to provide access to parking in the vicinity. For those wheelless and temporarily nondisabled visitors who do tolerate public transport, a park and ride system will bring them directly to the designated area.

Places need to have been booked, via the link on our website, at least three years in advance. It will be necessary to confirm your booking by telephone; look out for the number, it will be posted on our website as soon as it becomes available.

For those wheelless and temporarily nondisabled with the foresight to have bought accommodation in the area during the past year or so, we have been able to source volunteers who, after a quality five minute training exercise, are qualified to offer unconditional positive regard. A temporary lavatory facility has been sited in the area; for dimensions and a map please email Lynda on Thursday between 8.30 and 9.00. Keys may be purchased from the MonoLympic office, for opening hours please see our website.

Wheelless who require chairs should contact our partner organisation All booking details can be found on their website.

Should you experience any difficulties or need this information explained to you again, please contact Lynda, our designated access professional.



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