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Bronze - and the winner is... / 31 July 2012

Close-up of a black book on golden, star spangled background. The book is untitled and bolted shut with a nut and bolt through the middle

the Temporarily Nondisabled Guide to Chocolate.

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For realising that there is indeed a need to accommodate some of the disadvantaged people of our country, the bronze metal (colour adjusted for equality):

At one with the natural world and taking place in some of the most hauntingly memorable venues, this installation is for everyone who has ever known or longed to know the feeling of belonging and the inspiring sensation of equality.

Motivated by some of the great artists and musicians of the past, created by innovative and fabulously talented people of our time, the work visually draws you into it's very centre and holds you mesmerised by it's soundscape.

Due to the absolute nature of the sites chosen, these venues are accessible by wheelchair only. The wheelless and temporarily non-disabled can view installation images online, or download a short extract from the opening night video.

For confirmation of this wheelless and ambulant access information please contact Lynda, our designated access professional, via our website.

Lynda is qualified to share a complete equality moment and to explain how every effort will be attempted to accommodate a temporarily nondisabled Audience.


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