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MonoLympic / 26 July 2012

MonoLympic has only one sport, only one category, only one concept: access.

The torch has been lit and you have been chosen to tweet the flame.


Countdown will commence one quantum moment from the designated start, which will inevitably be in advance of the allocation of the first metal (lump).

And the nominations are...

Well, in the spirit of equality and freedom of access, the committee invite you to nominate your all-time, show-stopping, mind-boggling access issue. Under the MonoLympic rules you will need your access issue to have been witnessed by a fully trained MonoLympic access volunteer (please ensure that their certificate states they have satisfactorily completed a 5 minute introduction). Unwitnessed access issues may still be accepted into the MonoLympic, but in the spirit of equality, they will not be judged.


MonoLympic has no connection to any other Lympic activity on the planet.

All MonoLympic lumps are copyright.

Keywords: access,access issues