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Finding head space / 30 January 2012

Deconsecration: Maria Francesca Tassi and Francesca Lazzarini

Curated by Sara Falanga

Salisbury Arts Centre, 13/01/2012 to 25/02/2012


My image has been progressing  slowly, old pens do get scratchy so I have bought new ones and they glide smoothly over the paper, quickening the drawing that finds itself as we work together.
Am I turning my back on digital expression? Am I sulking because the technology seemed beyond my control? Or just retreating into the comfort zone while I figure things out?
I have also visited Deconsecration, the exhibition that has replaced The View from Here at Salisbury Arts Centre, but found it disappointingly superficial.

Paper blushed pink with saints
and legends; cut and formed
to please without a story
of it's own. Adrift like
pollen on the wind. Too late
to fertilise the squiggles
and swirls that pattern papers
pinned precisely to the walls.
Rooted images seeking
history and cultural
reference pale into the
grey walls, danced upon by
older scriptures. Hints of
warmer spaces fail to heat
the emptiness; shy away
from Latin fire with a quiet
reticence, reminiscent
of another culture,
another time.

Keywords: art,drawing,exhibition,poetry,visual art