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The View - The End / 4 January 2012

The View from Here finished on 23 December 2011 and I miss making Con.text - the title of my conversations and writings.


Just as Con.text took me by surprise,

grabbed my attention and offered rich

food for thought; I am all at once faced

with the view of an abrupt ending.

Like a Looking Glass, The View from Here

pulled me into an alien space

with strange perspectives from other minds.

I travelled delight and confusion;

well-worn and unfamiliar paths;

I went no-where and yet travelled far.

I’m not ready to leave,

but there’s suddenly no time to go.

Back here, on this side of the mirror,

I carry all the words.

Con.text, both finished and unfinished,

ends and continues in my head and

in my plans for the nearest future.

This time next week Christmas is over

and The View will be gone forever.

There will be a brief and empty space.

Space of memory: memory of

spaces awaits Deconsecration;

and this Con.text will need some kind of

finishing off; some kind of ending.

Keywords: disability art,endings,exhibition,poetry