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Elusive artwork / 8 September 2011


Acrylic Portraits. Image © Gini

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The artwork is biding its time. My mood needs to improve. I call on my muse to little effect. My day out is taking its toll. I would have shrugged it off if not for the disparaging emails that followed up my initially tentative criticism. Memories of fear and oppression have been awakened.

Brown, with a slight bend
like painfully produced turds,
strategically placed fir-cones
provoke instant hilarity;
my laughter is unrequited.
An anxious frown follows my slow
rolling progress. If I did have
special needs, would I feel thankful?

“Look! She’s so happy to be here”
I remember clapping my hands
on a winter beach as they walked
briskly by. Sitting still was just
so very cold.

The misunderstandings around
my requests for information,
urge me to feel guilty that I
do not conform to expectation.
But the final straw – presumption
of ignorance – flabbergasts me.
With effort I rise above it,
but the ire just roils and rumbles.

Imagination tells me that
Utopia is somewhere out there,
when really it lives inside me
in the strength sustaining the still
Hidden Secret.

I do need to move on, but for now my attention is claimed by the arrangements that must be made for filming “The Wheel Story” on 14th September.

“The Wheel Story” is to be LinkUpArts’ entry for Salisbury Arts Centre’s film festival. “What’s the Story” will contain a selection of short films where the audience has to guess which well-known tale has been re-invented, so I cannot say more … my lips are sealed. We might get selected.

Requesting the presence of a fellow “roller” on the 14th I suddenly realise that he could be part of the aforementioned elusive artwork. It is still happening - in spite of me.

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