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> > > News: Drake Music presents In Translation: Distant Interiors
split photo of two abstract interior settings

Drake Music: In Translation

Commissioned by Drake Music, Distant Interiors was created during March/April 2011 by three artists investigating translation and interpretation via a remote, three-way collaboration

Artists Melanie Clifford, Ailís Ní Ríain and Rebecca Key communicated via email, file-sharing and blog, responding to their online commission 'Drake Music In Translation'.

The starting point for the commission was a one-minute silent video by Melanie Clifford, DM’s Artist/Curator in Residence. Across a five-week period the artists used online communication tools to explore translation and interpretation in their work. During this period, some of their ideas, conversations and work-in-progress were featured on the blog on Drake Music’s website.

The final piece was exhibited online, marking the launch of Drake Music’s New Commissions programme.