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DaDa Short Films will be Screened for International Day of Disabled People on 3 December 2011

To celebrate the International Day of Disabled People on 3rd December 2011, the 23 BBC Big Screens in cities across the UK will be showing a series of DaDa short films from 12.30-1pm.

Some of the films playing have previously been shown on the BBC Screen as part of the successful DaDaVisions series within previous DaDaFest’s in 2009 and 2010.

The films are by disabled and deaf artists, or by artists that deal with relevant issues. The films to be shown are:

Caroline Parker – The Rose
Caroline Parker uses her act to make music accessible to the deaf world and signing accessible to the hearing world.

Alison Jones – Portrait of the Artist by Proxy
If you could never see your own reflection again, would you trust others to describe your appearance? Multi-sensory artist Alison Jones has done just that, asking strangers to describe what she looks like as her visual impairment means she can no longer see herself.

Gina Czarnecki - Pixie Dust
Working with persons affected by missing limbs either via amputation or birth, artists and filmmaker Gina Czarnecki intends to advance future certainties in bioscience and present manipulated footage of limb re-growth in the context of breaking news.

So Many Excuses – Who do You Think You Are?
A humorous sketch about how different impairments are perceived.

Simon Mckeown – Motion Disabled
An animation conjuring up the joy experienced through dance.

Naomi Kendrick – Drawing Music
A film of Kendrick drawing music by Mark Morreau using time lapse to capture the artists movements and the drawing as it emerged around her.

The observance of the International Day of Disabled People aims to promote an understanding of disability issues and mobilise support for the dignity, rights and well-being of disabled people. It also seeks to increase awareness of gains to be derived from the integration of persons with disabilities in every aspect of political, social, economic and cultural life.

There are 23 BBC Big Screens across the UK in cities including Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Newcastle and London, which are seen by 6.9 million people each day. They provide local news and information for communities across the United Kingdom, bringing the nations together.

Big Screen Manager Jeremy Buxton said: ‘Whether it's the Royal Wedding, the Olympics or the Grand Prix, the screens really are a place for people to gather and share the moment. This Saturday, we'll mark the International Day on all the Big Screens, bringing the nation together’.

Ruth Gould, Chief Executive Officer at DaDa – Disability and Deaf Arts said: ‘These films demonstrate the huge talent and imagination amongst Deaf and Disabled Artists in the UK and we are really pleased the BBC have offered the platform of the BBC Big Screens to celebrate this talent and increase understanding on the International Day of Disabled People.’

DaDaFest, the International Festival of Disability and Deaf Arts returns in summer 2012, from 13th July – 2nd September. Based in established arts venues across Liverpool, the festival will build on the successes of the previous ten festivals in presenting the very best work by leading disability and deaf artists from across the globe.

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