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Crystal fountain (digital print 1988)

Crystal fountain (digital print 1988)

This print is suffused with rainbows. The earth is green, rising through turquoise to become a darker blue hill, beneath an orange-red sky, which blends upwards into magenta. Beneath a black tree with curling tendrils outlined in magenta and yellow, sits a naked woman in a wheelchair. Her left arm is raised and bent backward to hold her upturned head, her hair falling behind in ringlets. Her right arm is wrapped around a rounded belly beneath her breasts. Her left leg is raised so that the foot can rest upon a nearby fountain. The body and chair are black with magenta outlining the chair, fusing with the yellow outlines of her body. The fountain is surrounded by rings of black brick-shapes. Its surface composed of rippling concentric rings over green yellow red magenta purple. High sharp arcs of white water gush upwards from a bright blue urn to fall either side of the fountain.