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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 64. Frame one has Criptart regular Bonk chatting to Billy and Ralph. Ralph, who has CP and uses a self propelled wheelchair, is interpreting for Billy who is using sign language. Ralph says: "Billy says - Will we all be voting next month?" Bonk replies: "General Election? I sure am mate!". The second frame has Ralph saying: "Billy says - So will it be different this time?" Bonk replies: "Er ... what do you mean Billy?" Frame three and four are joined together. On the left of the double frame is Billy, who is signing a large image that dominates the two frames. The image is a Crippen cartoon which shows two disabled people with mobility impairments standing at the bottom of a flight of steep steps which leads up into a polling station. A big sign on the wall says 'Now fully accessible'. Two thick planks are teetering on the steps and both disabled voters are looking at them with amazement on their faces. A man in a suit wearing a campaign rosette is standing alongside with his hands on his hips. He is saying: "That's the trouble with you people. Even when we give you what you ask for - it's still not good enough!". Bonk is standing on the right of the double frames looking at the cartoon image. He exclaims: "Ah!".