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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 30. In the first frame Ben is talking to Charlie, a wheelchair user with a speech impairment. Ben asks: "Hiya Charlie how's the new word board going?" In frame two Charlie responds, which translates as: "Doesn't say anything I want it to say. It's just a load of crap!". The word board carries the wording 'Yes please', Thank you', I'm OK' and other words that are blocked by Charlie. In frame three Ben has a new blank word board set up and is asking Charlie: "OK then brother - tell me what you want it to say ... " In the final frame a woman is looking at Charlie's new word board which now carries the wording 'Rights not charity', 'I want to vote the Tories out', 'Stop patronisng me', 'Piss on pity' and 'Listen to what I have to say'. She is thinking: "Hmmm ... looks like Charlie has really found a way to communicate!"