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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 29. In the first frame Criptart regulars Val and Ben are discussing an article in the Guardian newspaper. Ben is holding the paper which has a reference to the article under 'Pass Notes No: 3241 Osborne & Little - 7.1.14'. Ben is telling Val: "Says here George Osborne's family wallpaper business took a loss last year ...". In the second frame he continues: "So they couldn't pay any Corporation tax, although his parents still got their 1.3 million pound pay packet!" Ben is now holding the paper down by his side revealing the headline 'Osbornes downsize from 15 million pound mansion to a 10 million pound one!' Frame three has Val commenting: "Well perhaps George could put some work their way?" In the final frame Val adds: "Papering over the cracks in Ian Duncan-Smith's welfare policies!"