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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Pin Cushion. In the first frame Criptart regulars Bonk and Aadila are standing alongside a large poster advertising a fund raising event for 'Parents for Inclusion'. Between them is a small table covered in a green cloth, on top of which is a darker green cloth covering something on the table. Aadila is saying: "What have you made Bonk?" In the second frame Bonk is holding a card that reads 'For Sale - novelty pin cushions'. He is saying: "Something that'll sell like hot cakes!" Frame three has Bonk about to lift the dark green cloth off the objects on the table. He asks Aadila: "Do you want to see what I've come up with?!" Aadila replies: "OK - let's see what you got!". The final frame reveals what is under the cloth. It is a collection of small dolls representing political figures including Clegg, Cameron, Gove, Osbourne and Ian Duncam Smith. Each doll has several pins stuck into it, serving as a pin cushion but looking more like voodoo dolls! Aadila is saying: "Brilliant - I'll take the lot!"