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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 27. In the first frame Ranj and Ben, two of the Criptart regulars, are both excited to receive notification of a part in the Christmas panto. Ranj is saying: "Wow! Look at this Ben. I got a part in this year's panto! Ben replies: "That's great. So have I!" Frame two has 'later' at the top left corner. Ranj has reappeared wearing a purple suit with a frilly shirt and holding a guitar. He is also wearing a black wig with a huge quiff. Ranj asks Ben: "There - what do you think?" Ben, who is now dressed as an elf replies: "Err ...". Frame three has Ben looking at the panto script and is saying to Ranj: "It says here that you're supposed to be one of the elves, like me!" The final frame has Ranj grinning and saying: "Elves?! I thought it said to dress as ..." Ben interrupts and says: "Don't tell me ..." Then they both say together: "ELVIS!"