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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 26. For this episode Crippen has removed all the frame margins and has placed all of the characters and some of their guests in a group filling the entire cartoon area. They are all wearing party hats, santa hats and also pieces of tinsil. Criptart Val is saying to the group: "2013 has certainly been a year to remember!". Guest Penny pepper replies: "You can say that again!". Guest Liz Porter laughs and points at Bonk and says: "What with Bonk and his practical jokes!". Editor Colin Hambrook adds: "And what with me tryng to keep Crippen under control!" Criptart Ranj comments: "And we've had some good digs at this government!" To which Criptart Liz replies: "To true!" Criptart Aadila adds: "But our readers aint seen nothing yet!" Followed by Criptart Tom who ends the comments with: "2014 is really going to be a year to remember!"