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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 26. The first two frames are joined and have all of the Criptart regulars lined up looking at Ben. Ben has a greetings card in his hand and is saying: "We've just been sent a festive card". Aadila responds: "How sweet". Bonk asks: "Who's it from?". Whilst Val asks: "Can you read it out to us Ben?". Liz suggests that: "It must be from a fan". Frames three and four are also joined and have the same character line up. But this time the characters are all looking angry. Ben reads out from the card: "It's from the DWP - it says that they send us all their Season's Greetings ... and that they've arranged for us all to be assessed by Atos in the New Year!" Val responds: "But we're not real people!" To which Tom replies: "Makes no difference to them Val - anything to get their figures up!" Liz mutters under her breath: "Wankers!"