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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 23. The first two frames are joined and have four of the Criptarts - Ben, Bonk, Aadila, and Liz standing alongside of a sign that reads 'Open Day - Criptarts Art Group Join Today'. Bonk is saying: "Has anyone met the new guy yet - I hear he's from the United States." Aadila replies: "The others were saying that he was a bit of a head case!" Frames three and four are also joined and have Val, Tom and Ranj looking at the new American guy. Val is saying: " ... so we're people who are disabled by society". Tom adds: "Barriers and stuff!" And Ranj adds: "It's how we define ourselves as disabled people in the UK". The American, who consists of a young man's head sitting in a wheelchair, tells them: "Well gee guys, I just like to see myself as differently abled!"