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Criptarts face an arts critic

This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 22. The first frame has a 'Brigadier' style man in a bright red blazer with a bald head and a large ginger moustache pointing at a painting that Criptart Ben is holding up. The painting is an abstract consisting of a purple figure shape pointing up to a yellow orb in the blue sky. The Brigadier is asking Ben: "So, did you paint that with your feet?". Ben replies: "Er - No". The second frame has the Brigadier saying to Ben: "So, you're not a proper disabled artist then eh?!" Ben says: "Eer ..." and turns to look round at Bonk who has appeared behind him. Frame three has the Brigadier looking at a pocket watch in annoyance, hrumphing as he grows impatient. Ben apologises and says: "Sorry to keep you waiting ..." One of Bonk's shoes and a sock sit on the floor behind Ben and large splashes of red paint can be seen coming into the edge of the frame. The final frame has the Brigadier looking speechless and spluttering as Bonk appears with red paint all over his bare foot. Bonk is holding a painting which is still dripping and shows a pair of red feet printed onto the canvas. He says to the Brigadier: "This what you're looking for mate?!"