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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 19. Frame 1 and 2 are joined and have four of the Criptarts, Bonk, Liz, Aadila and Ben, standing in a line looking across at a man asleep at a computer. He has a little dog on his lap and both are snoring. Bonk asks the others: "I keep meaning to ask - who's the old boy?". Liz replies: "You mean asleep in the corner?". Aadela states:"Oh I think that's Crippen - shall we wake him?" Ben comments: "This should be good!" Frames 3 and 4 are also joined and again has the Criptart characters in a line, but this time alongside an awaken Crippen. He looks in a startled way around himself, obviously woken from a deep sleep and says:"Huh, what?! It wasn't me officer. It was that Colin Hambrook's fault!" His dog looks up at Bonk in annoyance for waking them both up. Bonk holds out a placatory hand and says:"It's OK old dude!". Liz says:"We thought we'd better wake you up ...". "'coz you're quite a few episodes behind!" adds Aadela. Ben laughs and says:"So - no pressure then Mr C!"