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The Vicar makes an assumption

This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 15. The first frame has Criptart regular Ranj, who is of Eastern decent, painting at an easel. The painting is an abstract image and consists of a broad red stripe snaking across a white background with a small blue circle offset from the stripe. A white, balding, middle aged Vicar is looking over Ranj's shoulder as he works. The Vicar, who is wearing a patronising expression is saying: "Can I ask you something Ranj?" Ranj, who continues to work on his abstract painting replies: "Sure". The second frame has the Vicar asking Ranj: "Do they paint much where you come from?" Ranj, adding a smaller green circle within the blue one replies: "Of course". The third frame has the Vicar asking: "Er ... where is that exactly?". The final frame has the Vicar's expression changing to one of astonishment as Ranj turns his head to look at him and replies: "Clapham mate!".