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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 10. The first frame has Criptart regular Liz alongside a white man in a suit. He is holding a piece of paper that says 'Lots of funding for new group' and is pointing to a sign on the wall that says 'Handability - working for the disabled'. The sign has the standard wheelchair logo, but has a large hand replacing the head. He is saying to Liz: "What do you think of our new logo?" Liz thinks: "OK Liz, don't let him get to you - keep your cool ..." The second frame has Liz pointing to the sign and saying: "So, apart from treating us as some sort of homogenous group ...". The third frame has Liz along a flipchart which has 'Social Model understanding, barriers and groups of' printed on it. She is pointing at the chart and is saying: "... and not having even a basic understanding of the issues ...". The fourth frame has a thought bubble leaking across from Liz in frame three which says: "Oh, what the hell!" She has grabbed hold of the man's tie and is pulling his head down to her level and is glaring into his face. He has gone red in the cheeks and has big drops of sweat coming from him. Liz is saying to him: AND ... who gave you the (bleep) right to represent us anyway?!"