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The Criptarts find a way around funding restrictions ...

This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 8. The first frame has the regular Criptart members assembled around Liz. She is telling them: "So, if we want to keep our funding we've to be seen as being less political!" Bonk has a thought bubble over his head with: "Hmm ..." in it. The second frame has Liz showing a visiting Funder a picture on the wall of a large group of disabled people standing together so that the lettering on their t-shirts spells out 'Comet or Sun'. A sign underneath the picture says 'Comet or Sun? - Our role'. The group are also holding a large cut-out of a comet and the sun above their heads. Liz explains to the visitor: "And this is our latest installation - questioning our role within the arts firmament." The Funder replies: "Excellent - just what we want to see." The third frame has Bonk appearing alongside of the installation group, who are still holding their pose, and saying: "OK - he's gone so back to normal." A member of the group shouts out: "Right you guys - reshuffle!" The final frame shows the group having moved into a different pose. This time they've gathered in a way that has the lettering on their t-shirts reading 'No More Cuts'. They have also reversed the cut-out of the comet and the sun to show 'Stop the Cuts' and 'Keep Disability Arts Alive' on the reverse. A member of the group says: "Yeh!" and other, with a clenched fist in the air says: "Crips Rule!"