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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 6. The first and second frames are joined and has Aadila, a young middle Eastern woman, looking at a large screen TV showing a picture of Liz Carr in her role as Clarissa in Silent Witness. She is saying: "I reckon that Clarissa would find some evidence to back my theory!" Her friend Val, who is carrying a white cane and who is wearing dark glasses, says to Aadila: "She's not a real person!" Ben, who is standing next to Val adds: "It's Liz Carr the actor". Wheelchair user Liz, sitting at the edge of the group asks: "And WHAT theory?". Frame three has Aadila standing alongside the TV which has changed to show a picture of a laughing David Cameron and George Osborne along with the caption 'people with cancer having chemotherapy will have to prove that they're unfit for work!' She is saying: "She's brilliant - she'd be able to run a DNA test and prove ...". Bonk, who has spikey purple hair and is standing on the other side of the TV adds: " that David Cameron and George Osborne ...". Ranj, an Asian wheelchair user completes the sentence with: "are complete w#nk#rs!"