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This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 5. The first and second frames are joined and have Ranj, an Asian wheelchair user, Val, who is carrying a white cane and who is wearing dark glasses, and Aadila, a young middle Eastern woman, looking at a large TV screen. Ranj is saying: "That's all we need!" Val queries: "What does it say Ranj?". Frame three has Ranj replying with: "It says that we're in a yellow snow alert area". Val asks: "What does that mean?". The final frame has Bonk, who has spikey purple hair, and his mate Ben, who has long blond hair, standing alongside of Aadila. Bonk is saying: "It means don't eat the yellow snow!". Aadila has a thought bubble coming from her head containing the word: "Gross!".