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The Criptarts deliver a personal message to Downing Street for Christmas

Bonk delivers a personal message to Downing Street on behalf of his fellow Crips this Christmas

This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 4. The first and second frames have a closed workshop door through which can be seen the siluette of the character Bonk wielding a large hammer. Loud bangs and crashes can be heard coming from behind the door. Also in the connected frames are Ben, Liz, Ranj and Aadila. Ben is asking:"What's Bonk doing in there?" as he gestures with his thumb at the door. Ranj replies: "It's something about creationg a response to the year". Aadila adds: "He said that he wanted to make a statement". Frame three has Bonk arriving outside the Prime Minister's home, No. 10 with a large decorated box in his arms. A label indicates that it's a present for the PM. A duty police sargeant is taking the box and is saying to Bonk: "I'll see that he gets it straight away son". The final frame has the present box open on a desk with a large spring topped by a boxing glove having sprung from it. The word ´Thud´hangs in the air above it. The PM can be seen reeling back with a cluster of stars spinning around his head. A large balloon has also escaped from the box pulling a large sign that says 'Merry Xmas from all at Disability Arts on Line'.