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The characters from Crippen's Criptarts strip cartoon exploring mental health identity

The characters from the Criptarts explore mental health identity

This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 2. The first frame has the long haired, red headed character called Ben, wearing a red top and brown trousers, standing opposite Bonk. Bonk is a white youth with purple, spiky hair wearing a black t-shirt with 'mixed nuts' printed on it and grey, calf length shorts. Ben is saying: "Can I ask you something Bonk?" Bonk replies: "Sure dude". Frame two has Ben asking: "Why do they call you Bonk?" Another member of the group called Liz, who is a white power-chair user with long black hair wearing a green top and orange skirt, arrives in the frame from the left and says: "It's a bit like me calling myself a Crip". In frame 3 Bonk turns back to Ben and says: "Exactly ... See, when they told me I was mentally ill ..." Liz interrupts: "And gave you a label!". The final frame has Bonk saying to Ben: "I decided to write my own and call myself Bonkers!" Liz raises a clenched fist and says: "Crip Power!"