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Crippen's Criptarts four frame cartoon strip introduces 4 characters

The Criptarts

This is a 4 frame strip cartoon entitled Criptarts - Episode 1. The first frame has a white youth with purple, spikey hair wearing a red t-shirt with a yellow star on it and grey, calf length shorts. He is standing in front of a sign that reads 'Criptarts - calling all disabled artists. We meet here every Friday. Come along and express yourself through art.' He is saying: "Hey Liz - come and listen to this idea". The character alongside is Ben and is a white youth with long red hair, wearing a blue t-shirt and dark red trousers. His posture indicates that he has cerebral palsy. He is saying to a character in the next frame: "You're gonna love this one". The second frame has a white power-chair user with black hair, wearing a yellow top and an orange skirt. She is saying, in response to the boys comments: "As long as it doesn't involve anyone getting arrested again!" Standing along side of her is a Muslim woman wearing a light pink head scarf (a hijab) around her head and shoulders and a long, floor length dress (a Jilbab) in a darker pink. She is saying: "Who's getting arrested?" In frame 3 is an Asian man using a self propelled wheelchair. He is wearing a purple top and blue jeans and is responding with: "Hey Val, Bonk´s been arrested!" Behind him is Val, a tall white woman wearing dark glasses and carrying a long white stick with a round ball on the end near the floor. She is wearing a pink top and a dark red skirt. She is saying: "Oh no - what´s he done now?!" In the final frame Bonk is replying: " Why does everyone always assume that it's me?!" Suddenly an arm appears clutching a copy of the 'Daily Stun' newspaper with the off frame sound: "Pssst!". The headline reads 'Member of disability arts group streaks in protest at benefit cuts!' There is a picture of the back of a nude Bonk above the text.