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Graeae founder Nabil Shaban in Flesh Fly

Graeae founder Nabil Shaban in Flesh Fly


Spider's Web storytellers founded by Liz Porter, Kate Portal and Ghislaine Walker).

Shape projects Vinyl Producers and Vinyl Dreams 3 artists selected:
  • Mat Fraser Genetically Modified
  • Julie McNamara Fly Like an Eagle
  • Neville Murray Your Eyes (with band Club Mundi)

Five arts documentaries screened on HTV West about Art + Power and The Freedom Project

January 2000

DAsh Bash Festival (21 Jan: Ludlow Assembly Rooms)
  • Panafricana (African jazz/dance)
  • Angry Fish (singer/songwriter)
  • Mosaic Arts (dance/drama)
  • Blue Eyed Soul (New dance/video)
  • Short films from Matt Bedell
  • Ruth Kaye (Performance poetry)
  • London Road (Mike Taylor's Pop Band)
  • Ludlow Rinse-Out DJs
  • Chris Smart and HDAG present their film An Unwrapped Gift
  • Disability Arts in Shropshire presents the first ever touring nightclub.

February 2000

East Midlands SHAPE have organised placing of sculptures in parks and woodlands across Leicestershire. All work created by groups co-ordinated by and working with artist Martin Heron.

Getting Noticed (NDAF poster exhibition for young people, for exhibition in schools accompanied by Educational Resource Pack)

No Bony Abnormalities by Carrie Thomas (Diorama). Play about the people the author met while an inpatient of mental health clinics and hospital.

Graeae The Missing Piece Showcase culmination of training course for young disabled actors. (18 Feb)

March 2000

D'Art magazine launched by WMDAF, a new publication produced by Disabled People abut Disaability Art and Disability Culture.

Ian Dury dies.

Finding a View NWDAF project where disabled people were given disposable cameras to document their lives. (Images displayed 13 - 26 Mar: Anglican Cathedral , Liverpool.)

The Surgeon's Waltz by High Spin Dance Company (24 Mar: Jackson's Lane Community Centre)

Brendan Wilson: Goodbye Asylum: The last ward at Shenley hospital. Oral history project in photographs documenting the lives of people about to leave Shenley Hospital.

April 2000

Shropshire Millenium Art Commissions for new performance work:
  • Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre, Borders and Freeways, featuring David Bower, written and directed by Kate O'Reilly
  • Steve Holland making The Voice Stealer, interactive performance work for upper primary kids based around stammering.
  • Caroline Parker teaming with Jamie Beddard (w) and Garry Robson (d) to make a one woman show (Walking with Sleepers).
  • Mat Fraser developing ICA work Wrong Bodies into performance piece Seal Boy: Freak.
  • Nabil Shaban and Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company have expressed interest in making a dance/film work for young people.

Various venues. (All performances come together 15 - 16 Sept: Ludlow Assembly Rooms and 25 - 26 Sept: Nottingham Playhouse.)

New Breed Theatre Company So here it is… 2 week set of workshops to develop a performance, led by Garry Robson.

May 2000

Lifting the Lid (2nd Disability Film Festival) (6 - 7 May: The Lux)
  • Session 1 Worldwide disability
  • Disability Culture Rap
  • Minorities Against Minorities (Fran-Joseph Huainigg)
  • Little Girl Who Sold the Sun (Djibril Diop Mambety)
Session 2 Reflecting disability on TV
  • The Real Helen Keller (Liz Crow and Ann Pugh)
  • School (Simon McKeown)
  • Flash (Nicholas Ralph)
  • Wounded Wombs (Diane Maroger)
Session 3 Discussion
Session 4 Lifting the Lid
  • Second Coming
  • Extant
  • The postcard lady
  • Walking the fine line of insanity
  • Floating Mass
  • To a future with…love
Session 5 Stephen Dwoskin Retrospective
  • Alone
  • Chinese Checkers
  • Trying to Kiss the Moon
  • Discussion with Dwoskin, led by Professor Laura Mulvey
Session 6 Disability and Sexuality
My one legged dream lover

Drake Music Project play (26 May, Millenium Dome).

Millennium Meltdown Disability Arts and Cultural Diversity Festival (end May - end June, Warwickshire). Events include:
  • Exhibition by professional visual artists at the Pump Rooms Gallery. To include: Eddy Hardy, Nancy Willis, Hugh Huddy, Tanya Raabe, Peter Kiddle, Colin Marsh, Christine Robertson, Jenni Meredith
  • Determinable Barriers Anne Whitehurst works alongside Alan McClean, film-maker, actor Tony Mustoe and artist and critic Paul Darke to explore the unwritten history of Disabled people.
  • Short film and video festival (touring Warwickshire)
  • 26 May - 26 June A month-long Film Festival every Friday evening. Starts with seminar with Paul Darke and hopes to invite Steven Dwoskin to talk about his films.
  • New play by Simon Grenville in the Jephson Gardens
  • A survivors poetry and music event organised by South Warwickshire User forum
  • A Cabaret evening
  • A poetry slam
25 May Launch at Warwick Arts Centre with
  • Caroline Parker
  • Robin Surgeoner
  • Mat Fraser
  • Paul Darke
  • Excerpt fromOpera of Hope commissioned for the Festival from Afrikan Kutural Kontractors.
25 May Access Denied? Major conference on disability, the arts and new technology. (Sadler's Wells)
  • Host: Geof Armstrong
  • Artists: Aaron Williamson, Isa Saunders, Emma McMullan, Juliet Robson, Jenni Meredith, Kathy Kapliov.
  • Presentations: Ann Whitehurst and Paul Darke, Graham Harwood, Sandra Barefoot, Peter Hill, Ju Gosling, Damien Robinson.
  • Discussions: Systems Usability; Disability: are we still disabled artists when working online? Barriers to the web; Dissemination: getting your work out there; Collaborations; Working with techies; What is digital art? Can we assess it using the language of critical practice?

June 2000 Loose Screws. Core Arts CD.

Mad Pride: A Celebration of Mad Culture. (Spare Change Books)

Devalued People Photographic exhibition by Peter O'Brien. (1 - 14 June: Nottingham Theatre Royal)

21 June Celebration of Disability Pride. Event for lesbian and gay disabled people. (ICA)
  • Plastic Anorexic
  • Alex Bulmer's film Beauty
  • Human Desires (film) with poet Michelle Taylor
  • To a Future…With Love (film exploring HIV and AIDS).
  • Jackie Duckworth's film A Prayer before Birth
  • Hosted by Julie McnaMaudsley (Julie McNamara)
  • Webmistress Ju90 in bar

July 2000

Beyond Reason. Book of Aidan Shingler's exhibition

15 July Mad Pride Festival, Clissold Park. Music from Panic, Stratfoprd Mercenaries, Fish Brothers, Gertrude, Leviant

1 - 22 July The Art of Disability - A Retrospective (Diorama Gallery) Exhibition of photographs by Steven Bloch.

July 18 Disability Event as part of Out of that Darkness: The Legacy of the Holocaust (ICA week). Includes films Children of Gaia, After the Truth, Healing by Killing, Liebe Perla, One of Us, The Undesirables and discussions.

August 2000

Independence Festival 2000, Birmingham (18 - 20 Aug)
  • 18th Official opening, Centenary Square
  • Launch event , Ronnie Scott's. Julie McNamara and band MacNaMayhem, Leigh Stirling & Simon Cottington
  • 19th Deaf Comedians, Angry Fish, Brendan King, Wanda Barbara, Mat Fraser, The Fugertivs, Caroline Parker
  • 20th Totlyn Jackson, Rachel Humphries. Poetry from Semba Jallow Rutherford, Ruth Kaye, Michelle Taylor
  • Exhibition of 4 disabled artists at the Custard Factory, Digbeth

September 2000

18 Sept - 15 Oct Transitions 2000 (Jackson's Lane). 7 & 8 Oct, Frida Kahlo's Corset (d. Liz Crow), followed by interview of director by Allan Sutherland

26 Sept Getting Noticed (NDAF poster project) launched at Tate Modern.

Attitude is Everything (20 Sept: Campaign for access in music venues) launched with gig at Dingwalls

Transitions Disability Arts Conference and Season (18 Sept - 15 Oct: Jackson's Lane)
  • The Shysters Theatre Company, Fallen Angel(28 - 29 Sept)
  • New Signs, signed performance (20 Sept)
  • A Woman Called Jackie by Deborah A. Williams. (5 - 6 Oct)
  • Miss Read by Community Focus and Face Front (12 - 13 Oct )
  • Graeae Theatre Company The Fall of the House of Usher(29 - 31 Sept)
  • Beautiful Octopus Club
  • Survivors Theatre Workshops
  • The Arts, Identity and Action
  • Out in the Digitial Domain
  • The Arts, Identity and Action
  • Towards Inclusivity
Exhibition: Moira Coupe and Kate Wells (18 - 30 Sept)
  • Exhibition: Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq (26 Sept - 9 Oct)
  • Exhibition: Ling Chung the Dragon (30 Sept )

October 2000

5th Deaf Film and Television Festival (13 - 15 Oct )

November 2000

Tandem Theatre present Pinter's Mountain Language and Landscape in BSL (29 Nov - 16 Dec)

Graeae Theatre Company The Fall of the House of Usher (Jackson's Lane Community Centre)

Survivors Theatre Workshops (Jackson's Lane Community Centre)

Charnwood Disability Week (Loughborough Town Hall). Mayor to unveil sculpture by local disability group. Followed by Bitter and Twisted, Jez Colbourne and Julie McNamara.

Inter-Action: International Day of Disabled People. (30 Nov: Woughton Theatre, Milton Keynes). Wanda Barbara, Johnny Crescendo, Bitter and Twisted, Colin Thompson, Lucid Dreams drama, Drake Music Project and Chance to Dance.

December 2000

Mad Pride (9 Dec: Button Factory, SE24)
  • Headjam
  • Skinny Millionaires
  • Razz
  • Julie McNamara and MacNamayhem
  • Dan Antolopolski
  • Norrin Radd
International Day of Disabled People (1 Dec: The Drum, Aston, Birmingham)
  • Steve Holland, Peppermint Lounge, Different Beat and Angry Fish
  • The Fugertivs and Julie McNamara with McNamayhem.


Art + Power, Strength to Strength Year of the Artist Exhibition at Spike Island.

Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company Wicked Bodies tour.

January 2001

Vinyl Dreams recording programme for disabled musicians, 2nd project begins.

Archive Enabled by James Weir. A portable filing system addressing the relationship of Disability Arts to the rest of the world.

February 2001

Precise information for March, April, May 2001 is limited, as no issue of DAIL appeared during that time.

March 2001

New Graeae Theatre Company production Into the Mystic (24 Mar: Riverside Studios, followed by two month national tour.)

Mind the Gap present Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (21 Mar: Bull Theatre, Barnet)

Heart 'n' Soul Large (27 - 31 Mar: Albany Empire, Deptford)

Mat Fraser performs Sealboy Freak, one-man show at Bull Theatre, Barnet (19 March), Jackson's Lane Community Centre (28 Aug)

April 2001

(no events recorded yet)

May 2001

Until 23 June Deaf Eyes exhibition. Responses of ten visual artists to an illustrated lecture on physiological basis of sign language (Queensland Multimedia Centre, N7):
  • Miles Thoms photography Inside a Healthy Brain
  • Fiona Garfield Photos
  • Martin Barrett Painting on wood
  • Naviyot Mata Paintings
  • Meima Mudawi Mixed media
  • Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq Mixed media
  • Christopher Scare Sculpture
  • Bora Tukenmez Video installation
  • Paula Garfield Framed boxes
  • Edward Richards
  • Niall McCormack Paintings (late addition?)

June 2001

Frank Bangay new CD A True Voice Singing.

Juan Delgado Don't Look Under the Bed Video installation exploring Clause 28 and its effects on young people

30 June Somers Town Blues Night: Christina Dunhill and Frank Bangay

July 2001

2 - 20 July Miles Thomas (photographer) Exhibition Miles' Eyes (The Ability Gallery, W1)

8 July Make It So. One day festival in Milton Keynes
  • Shirley Novak presents
  • Mat Fraser
  • Angry Fish
  • Julie McNamara and McNamayhem
  • Honeybee Theatre
  • Francis Rwama
  • Siwsann George
  • The Bungalow Boogaloo Band
  • Lucid Dreams
  • Drake Music Project and the Scope Art Group
  • Neville Murray (workshop)
  • Spiders Web (storytelling)
  • Graham Patey (Circus)

28 July Survivors' Poetry. Launch of Write on the Edge anthology (Somers Town Community Centre) Wired on Words Survivors open mike, Poetry Café You're Really Cutting Me Up? by Jenni Meredith (Pub Colchester and Tendring Arts Project).

Mind Citizens theatre group launched (25 July: Stratford Circus)

August 2001

11 Aug Independence Festival
  • Baluji Shrivastav - Sitar
  • Leigh Stirling - Guitar
  • Terry Simpson - Survivor poet
  • Spider's Web - Storytelling circle
  • Art workshop - Tanya Raabe and Julia Keenan
  • Bev Burkitt and Natalie Markham
  • Clair Lewis - Singer/songwriter
  • Johnny Solstice - Performance poet
3rd Disability Film Festival, including:
  • Ballad of Una Two-Step
  • Baptized at Lucky Lube
  • Disability Culture Rap (2nd DFF showing)
  • Feeling Space
  • Getin Off
  • Al Ha'imun (The Wanderers)
  • Listen to the Hands of our People
  • Me and Him Abroad
  • Shameface Requiem
  • Rush
  • Talk
  • Tell it like it is

Echoes of the Spirit, exhibition of art by Japanese artists with learning disabilities (until 18 Aug: Diorama, Project Ability, 30 Aug - 21 Sept: Glasgow, 15 Dec - 23 Feb: Bolton Museum Art Gallery)

CandoCo, 10th Anniversary double bill
  • I hastened through my death scene to catch your last act (chor Javier de Frutos)
  • Sunbryne (chor Doug Elkins)

Drake Music Project looking for 2 groups of physically disabled people to join project with the Science Museum and Sinfonia 21.

Edinburgh 2001 DEGENERATE International Festival of Disability Art (Theatre Workshop, Edinburgh)
  • Caliban and Miranda (Uncommon Ground Sign Dance Theatre)
  • I am the Walrus (Nabil Shaban) New work about David Rappaport
  • oUo maan (Deborah A. Williams)
  • Walking Among Sleepers (Caroline Parker)
  • A Fumble in the Dark (Jim McSharry)
  • Sealboy: Freak (Mat Fraser)
  • Zipper 1 Zapper (Talking Hands)
  • Regarding the Fall (Bill Shannon film)

September 2001

CD Heart 'n' Soul

CandoCo Dance Company, (10th Anniv bill) (28 - 29 Sept: Stratford Circus)

Spider's Web Storytellers: Story Circles at Jackson's Lane

Survivors' Open Mike (13 Sept: The Poetry Café.)

October 2001

Large - New show from Heart 'n' Soul breaks new ground by exploring cast members' past experience of discrimination.

Jenny Sealey tells DAIL about Graeae's future plans:
  • The Changeling
  • Peeling
  • Display 4 (New writing initiative with Soho Theatre and Writernet)
  • Wild Lunch (new writing project with Paines Plough)
  • Mud Men (Open residency in two schools in Camden, led by ENO Baylis programme)
  • In discussion about summer school for 2002 with Mind the Gap

Dennis Casling Endorphin Angels (Collection of poems)

6th Deaf Film and TV Festival (16 - 18 Nov: Light House, Wolverhampton)

Adorn Equip Exhibition examining issues around design of equipment and accessories for disabled people (Until 18 Oct. Presumably a version of Adorn, Equip, Accessorise, announced earlier) (City Gellery, Leicester.) Includes work by Nicola Lane - produced during a Year of the Artist residency - which is based on a group exploration of aesthetics in the production and use of prosthetics.

Survivors' Open Mike (11 Oct: The Poetry Café). I am the Walrus, written and performed by Nabil Shaban (24 Oct - 3 Nov: Oval House)

Graeae Theatre CompanyThe Changeling (8 - 10 Nov: Lilian Baylis Theatre, Sadlers Wells).

Take up Thy Bed and Walk - Death Disability and Cure in Classic Fiction for Girls by Lois Keith (Women's Press)

November 2001

LDAF course The Magic of Writing (18 Nov, 9 and 16 Dec)

Shape projects Vinyl Producers and Vinyl Dreams, 2nd year
  • Charles Swiet and The escapists
  • Shalah Spence aka Airbubble
  • Minika Green
  • Greg Brooker with his band Kumo

Mind Citizens (theatre group) Breaking Through with Bryan Oliver dir. Frances Rifkin

WMDAF celebrate IDPP Amy Mullin, Mat Fraser, Francis Rwama, Jacqui Christianni, Mario Marichi and the Italian Stallions, Jo Fraser Odin (storytelling), Bitter and Twisted, Angry Fish, Sign Dance Collective. Plus Disability Action Nativity Play 2001. Compered by Johnny Crescendo.

InterAction IDDP event, Milton Keynes (6 Dec)

DaDaFest Celebration of Disability and Deaf culture on Merseyside.(1 - 8 Dec)

Graeae Theatre CompanyThe Changeling. (Lilian Baylis Theatre)

Silver Leaves anthology from Gemma.

December 2001

DadaFest (Liverpool) 59 activities over 10 days, including:
  • Merseysign Deaf Theatre Company, and DaDaLIve (8 Dec):
  • Nasty Girls
  • Julia-Ann Kerner
  • Merseyside Youth Deaf Dance Company
  • Fishbarrel Arts
  • Compere Julie McNamara

London Arts launches Disability Action Plan.

4 - 21 Dec, 3 - 5 Jan Octagon Illusion Exhibition of work by artists on Shape London course In the Picture, providing training in professional practice for 8 visual artists: Michelle Baharier, Hodan Ismail, Stephen Jackson, Geoff Swann, Geoff Tomlinson, Martin Stevens, Navjyot Mata, Daniel Carmody (Diorama Gallery)

Visualise. Video project for young deaf artists run by Turtle Key Arts and the Serpentine Gallery. Ruth Atkins, Paul Dowdican, Frances Dumi, Paul Harrison, Rachel Didge-Harrison, Rexhep Lupqi and Diana Martin

P4 Collection (The Escapists) (Music CD).


DAsh becomes independent of SDC

Art + Power, Expressing Our Lives at Bristol Old Vic including theatre: Sharing the Stars; Video animation: this river winding and art installation: Dormitory Beds

January 2002

Equal Opportunities Policy Into Practice: Disability by Ruth Bailey (Independent Theatre Commission)

Painting from a New Perspective. Accounts from 6 blind and VI artists of their work. (RNIB publication)

Survivors' Open Mike at the Poetry Café 10 Jan and 14 Feb.

Survivors' Poetry inviting submissions on the theme of We Have Come Through. Deadline 28 Feb 2002.

February 2002

11 Feb - 2 March From the Rebus Exhibition of Jacqui Anderton, Yvonne Francis and Jennifer Hunter. (Diorama Gallery)

Launch of CD from Frankie Miller Songwriting Project.

8 - 10 Feb 2002 Dancing Differently?: Independence, Inclusion and Diversity. 3-day national conference about dance and disabled people

Mat Fraser, Sealboy: Freak (6 - 16 Feb: Oval House)

DA 21 Disability Arts Conference at Holton Lee. Speakers included Tony Heaton, Elspeth Morrison, Paul Darke, Barbara Lisicki, Moya Harris. Issues covered included:
  • Should the art form come first?
  • Does my experience of a disabling world have to be so obvious?
  • Should it be the central focus of my work?
  • Why are Deaf artists still marginalized in the Disability Arts Communities?
  • Who is setting the agenda?
  • Have disabled professionals sold out?
  • Where are all our Black and Minority Ethnic peers?
Artists being exhibited were:
  • Tanya Raabe (including Vacuum Wrap)
  • James Wear (Archive Enabled)
  • Mandy Hollaand (Out to Lunch Revisited)
  • Adam Reynolds (Pillar of Damocles 1 and 2 and Pandora's Box)
  • Tony Heaton (Personal Column and Quiet Revolution)
Paddy Ladd and John Wilson gave workshop on Deaf issues. Johnny Crescendo ran a music workshop and Datco a theatre workshop.
  • Conference poet was Julie McNamara.
  • Performance by Signdance Collective.

March 2002

INNOVATE, new London Arts funding strand aimed at supporting the development of new work by disabled artists.

KISS by Catherine Long and Mat Fraser. (Response to Marc Quinn's reinterpretation of Rodin's The Kiss, for which they were both models.)

Mat Fraser and Catherine Long perform with the Nasty Girls (23 Mar: LIPA).

New Breed looking for disabled actors for The Irish Giant, new play to tour Autumn 2002.

Graeae Theatre Company Peeling by Kaite O'Reilly. Lisa Hammond, Caroline Parker, Sophie Partridge. d Jennny Sealey.

14 Mar, 11 Apr, 9 May Wired on Words Survivors' Open Mike at the Poetry Café.

30 Mar Survivors' Poetry in Performance (Diorama):
  • Razz MC
  • Dave Russell
  • Viv Youell
  • Pascale Petit

The New Blk by Deborah A. Williams. Work in progress. (27 Mar: Diorama)

Pygmalion by mind Adapted by Mike Kenny. Retelling to challenge stereotypes surrounding people with learning disabilities. (Mar 5 - Apr 26: national tour.)

Imaging the Body (seminar organised by NWDAF, Tate Liverpool and Walker Art gallery to address issues raised by Marc Quinn's sculptures of disabled people).

Apr 2002

18 - 21 Apr DARE with Nabil Shaban, Jim McSharry, Garry Robson and John Hollywood. d Robert Rae. (ICA)

Strathcona Theatre Company: The Yellow Wallpaper (Touring)

Wired on Words. Survivors' Open Mike (14 Mar, 11 Apr, 9 May: The Poetry Café)

Survivors' Poetry in Performance (27 Apr: Diorama):
  • Steve Tasane MC
  • Bruin's Ruin (music)
  • Frank Bangay
  • John Rety and Isha
  • Viv Youell
  • Pascale Petit

May 2002

DAIL Magazine double issue and trial new A4 format published.

Walking Among Sleepers Caroline Parker with Jamie Beddard dir. Garry Robson. (19 May: The Bull, 23 - 24 May: Chat's Palace, 26 May: Southwark Playhouse).

20 May - 15 July Spider's Web Story Circle (Jackson's Lane Community Centre)

Graeae Plays published:
  • Hound Maria Oshodi
  • Soft Vengeance April de Angelis
  • Sympathy for the Devil Ray Harrison Graham
  • Fittings: The Last Freak Show Mike Kenny
  • Into the Mystic Peter Wolf
  • Peeling Kaite O'Reilly
Survivors' Poetry (25 May: Diorama):
  • Carrie Thomas MC
  • Steve Freeman (music)
  • Queenie (poetry)
  • The Children (music)

Frank Bangay CD A True Voice Singing

June 2002

22 - 26 June Visualise. 2nd in series of special projects at Serpentine Gallery in conjunction with Turtle Key Arts. 5-day workshop with young deaf or Ph artists in response to Gilbert and George exhibition.

6 - 9 June 4th Disability Film Festival. (Festival programme included in DAIL 170.) Film-makers included: Petra Kupers, Charlotte Collins, Katherine Araniello, Paul Darke, Samueal Dore, Juan delGado, Chris Cristou, Stuart McKears, Charl otte Collins, Irene Whitehead

Vinyl Dreams 2 launch: Minika Green, Shahla Spence, Chas de Swiet, Greg Brooker (11 June: Spitz)

Wired on Words Survivors' Open Mike (6 June: The Poetry Café)

Survivors' Poetry (29 June: Diorama):
  • Fiona Branson (singer/songwriter MC)
  • Peter Brown
  • Cheryl Moskovitz
  • Julie McNamara

Keith Pickard dies.

Meena Jaffarey dies.

July 2002

Shelf Life (NDAF national initiative, poetic exploration of death and disability). Book planned for April 2003.

Disability/deaf channel within

Vinyl Dreams 2 CDs
  • Minika Green Grounded
  • Greg Brooker and Glass Tone Libertine
  • Airbubble (Shahla Spence) Goddess of Rain
  • Chas de Swiet and the Escapists The P4 Collection

13 - 18 Aug The Drowned World by Gary Owen, d Vicky Featherstone (Paines Plough in association with Graeae) (Traverse, Edinburgh)

August 2002

Allan Sutherland founds The Edward Lear Foundation, a disability arts think tank. Its first project is to look at ways of archiving the achievements to date of Disability Arts.

October 2002

Presto, or the Secret Life of Swift and Gulliver. (Mat Fraser and Group K, touring) - Inclusive theatre.

Jamie Beddard The Trouble with Richard (Forum theatre, about to tour mainstream secondary schools).

New Breed The Irish Giant w, d Garry Robson.

Intimate Encounters (Diorama) Photos by Belinda Mason-Lovering on theme of disability, sexuality and body image.

November 2002

Xposure Festival
  • Theatre:
  • Pig Tales (5 - 8 Nov: Jackson's Lane Community Centre, 13 - 30 Nov: Oval House)
  • The Trouble with Richard by Jamie Beddard (5 - 6 Nov: Oval House)
  • Triple bill: Changing Perspectives
  • Corali Dance Company Colour Stereo
  • Magpie Dance Beyond the Mask
  • Lynn Levett, Charlotte Derbyshire and Co: A special commission
  • (7 Nov: Sadler's Wells)
  • (10 Nov: Croydon Clocktower)
  • Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre (27 - 28 Nov: Jackson's Lane)
  • Blue Seagull and Office Hours
  • High Spin Dance Company An Electric Bouquet (22 Nov: Jackson's Lane, 28 - 29 Nov: Stratford Circus)
  • Blue Eyed Soul Frankenstein
Circus and Cabaret:
  • Amphitheatre of the Arts (13 Nov: Jackson's Lane)
  • Deaf Cabaret (16 Nov: Jackson's Lane)
  • Caroline Parker
  • Steve Day
  • Other acts
  • Beautiful Octopus Club (20 Nov: Jackson's Lane)
Visual Arts
  • Alison Lapper (4 - 30 Nov: Oval House)
  • Colin Hambrook, Jimmy Crow and Afshin Nagouri (29 Oct - 10 Nov: Lauderdale House)
  • Race and Disability (27 Nov: Jackson's Lane)
  • Facial Disfigurement (29 Nov: Jackson's Lane)
Story telling and poetry
  • Spiders Web Storytelling Have your say, create a stroy in a day weaving inclusive strands into the development of storytelling (24 Nov: Jackson's Lane)
  • Spiders Web Story Circles (9 Dec: Jackson's Lane)
  • Survivors' Poetry (29 Nov: Jackson's Lane)
9 Nov Dreams and Beams Showcase for artists being promoted by Mencap
  • Abi Norris from About Face Theatre Co
  • JC Jamma, lead actor with Mind the Gap
  • Station 17 from Hamburg
  • CD Like a River Flows

Venues: Jackson's Lane, Oval House, Sadler's Wells, Croydon Clocktower, Stratford Circus and Lauderdale House.

International Day of Disabled People (Centennial Centre, Edgbaston)
  • Work towards first disability History Week 2003
  • Cabaret: The Nasty Girls, The Incurables, Lawrence Clark
15 - 17 Nov 7th Deaf Film and TV Festival (Lighthouse, Wolverhampton)
  • Bat Kol dancers
  • Key to the Stars
  • Skye DrEAdFul Productions
  • John Wilson retrospective of portrayal on film and TV
  • Not the Usual Victim (Sofya Gollan)
  • All the Small Things (Sam Dore)
  • Silent River (Ning Jingwu)
VISION exhibition curated by Cathy Woolley
  • Matthew Fenton
  • Miles Thomas
  • Dana Martin
  • Fiona McLean
  • Juan DelGado
  • Jon Hempstead
30 Nov Survivors' Poetry (Diorama)
  • MC The Speech Painter
  • Lee Wilson
  • Francesca Beard

21 - 22 Dec The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen


Adaptation in BSL and spoken language by Jean St Clair and Jeni Draper, dir. Jenny Sealey. In association with Graeae Theatre Company.

Survivors' Poetry: Wired on Words (14 Nov: Poetry Café). John Arthur and Jeanette Ju Pierre

Survivors' Poetry: The Krazy Kats and Dogs Klub (26 Nov: Chat's Palace). Celebration of 10 years of Survivors' Poetry, MC Emerald.

December 2002

11 Dec Young Producers concert from project to support unsigned musicians developing their careers (Union Chapel, Islington)
  • Eugena Bertin (Rap artist)
  • Lyn Levett and Matthew Holmes (electronic dance musicians and composers)
  • Rona Topaz (singer/songwriter)
  • Stephen Hurren (blues and bluegrass guitarist)

Zeros and Nils (New Life Theatre Co, touring)

Survivors' Poetry: Wired on Words (Poetry Café). 12 Dec Barry Tebb, Brenda Williams and David Lambert


Art + Power Artist's residency at Tate Liverpool.

The Wrong Flowers a film about the life and poetry of Brenda Cook wins Best international film at Kynnskino Film Festival in Helsinki

Faustus - Art + Power's own interpretation of Christopher Marlowe's play is premiered at Bristol Old Vic

January 2003

Pete Shaughnessy, visual artist, writer and activist one of the founders of Mad Pride dies.

February 2003

EYDP funding for:
  • Nabil Shaban for play About to Go
  • Blue eyed Soul
  • Shoot Your Mouth Off
  • Equata
  • Ithaca

Graeae Theatre Company and Unicorn Theatre present Diary of an Action Man by Mike Kenny for 7 - 11 year olds d Jenny Sealey. With David Ellington, Cherylee Houston, Anit Sharma and Karen Spicer.

Survivors' Poetry (Poetry Café)
  • 13 Feb Wired on Words
  • MC Emerald
  • Razz
22 Feb Survivors in Performance
  • Celia Potterton MC
  • Giten
  • Kath Tait

Tolleck Winner sculpture. (11 - 28 Feb: Diorama)

15 Feb Jigsaw Theatre Face2Face. (Limelight Theatre, Aylesbury)

March 2003

Graeae Theatre Company present one-off production of Vagina Monologues.(2 Mar)

CandoCo, triple bill of new work (5 Mar: QEH)
  • Sour Milk ch Javier de Frutus
  • Shadow ch Fin Walker
  • Phasing ch Jamie Wotton
29 March Survivors' Poetry
  • Dave Russell MC
  • The Children (Music)

This chronology created by Allan Sutherland for The Edward Lear Foundation, with funding from Arts Council London.

Copyright © Edward Lear Foundation 2005