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silk screen print, Nancy Willis Nancy Willis


Image: Nancy Willis


Wigan Disability Arts Forum formed.

January 1990

15 - 26 Nov Gary by Ray Winston, (Basic Theatre Co) . Play about hearing-impaired boy growing up in a hearing world. By Deaf writer, performed with Sign Language. (Croydon Warehouse)

5 Feb Cap in Hand?. I day conference on the portrayal of disabled people in charity advertising. (Camerawork gallery)

Cap in Hand? will explore ways in which these images are constructed and look at the effects of this consistently negative portrayal. The conference will also address the notion of positive imagery and discuss the implications around disabled people's involvement with the charities.

21 Jan: The Workhouse, Mandela Bar, Ealing College
  • Hosted by Ealing Focus
  • Elspeth Morrison (Commere)
  • Johnny Crescendo (Music)
  • Kate Portal (Music)
  • Isobel Ward (Music)
  • Mike Higgins (Music)
  • Sarah Scott (Signed song)
  • Sian Vasey interviews Samena Rana

(NB This is exactly the same line-up etc previously announced for Dec 16. DAIL gives no explanation.)

31 Jan: The Workhouse, Chat's Palace, E9

New Breed:The Birds. d Gabriel Gawin and Amanda Redvers-Higgins. With Paul Mittler, Jeanette Bergin, Amanda Redvers-Higgins, Glynn Owen.

February 1990

Out of Ourselves (LDAF visual arts exhibition, (6 - 28 Feb: Diorama Gallery)
  • Tony Heaton
  • Trevor Landell
  • Arlington Advocacy Group
  • Nancy Willis
  • Elizabeth Hill
  • Gill Gerhardi
  • Adam Reynolds
  • Simon Smith
  • Andrew Lisicki
  • Lucy Jones
Feb 17: The Workhouse, South Ruislip Community Centre
  • Elspeth Morrison (Commere)
  • Rosita Green (Poet)
  • David Mills (Singer)
  • Wanda Barbara (Comedy)
  • Mike O'Hara (Blues)
  • Johnny Crescendo (Music)

Graeae Writers' Project

starting, with funds from British Gas - an attempt to create accessible provision for disabled people to learn to write drama.

Feb 3 - March 3 More Than Meets the Eye, Havant Arts Centre. An exhibition of paintings and sculptures by visually impaired artists from the south.Artists: Ivan Baron, Keith May, Carolyn James, Andrew Kalazides, John Michael O'Hara

Isle of Wight Deaf Projects present Sing with Your Hands, an introduction to signed song, movement and poetry by popular American sign song artist Charles Hampton. On offer to schools, clubs, theatres etc.

1 - 2 Feb Frankenstein by H.M.Milner. Co-sign Theatre (integrated deaf and hearing company). (Cockpit Theatre, NW8).

Common Ground Dance Theatre touring Feb, March, April with A Stranger Disintegrates (an episodical journey looking at people's ability and inability to communicate), Partraps (which examines emotional minefields within relationships) and Our Town (a children's show based on poems from the About Time Junior Dance Theatre).

Thomas Joseph dies.

March 1990

Beyond the Barriers (Camerawork Exhibition): Mary Duffy, David Hevey, Johnnie and Maggie Gathercole

12 March - 14 April First Exposure Touring exhibition of photographs by disabled users of Community and Recreational Arts in Barnet (CRAB)'s wheelchair accessible darkroom and studio. Starting Hendon Library, NW4

28 March Campaign for Accessible Transport benefit (Red Rose Club, N4):
  • Wanda Barbara
  • Mike Higgins
  • Allan Sutherland
  • Johnny Crescendo

Disability Arts Show cabaret presented by Alternative Arts and


(29 Mar: North Westminster Community School, W2), Kate Portal, Strathcona Dance Company (sic), Jag Plah and Isobel Ward.

April 1990

Random Pact with Shape Londonand Oval House present the Lambeth Multi-media Project for People with learning difficulties.

Path Productions Getting There w Katie Kingshill. (27 - 28 Apr, 1 - 5 May: Jeanetta Cochrane Theatre, WC1.)

May 1990

Campaign to Stop Patronage. 200 disabled people demonstrate against ITV Telethon. (27 May)

Art to Touch (4 - 9 June: Henley College)
  • Artists: Sue Benenson, Carol Farrow, Ruth Forbes, Martin Jennings, Christine Southwell.
  • Practical workshops for visually disabled people led by artists either themselves visually impaired or experienced in this area.
Unicorn Theatre's work for the Deaf. Visitors season includes:
  • 27 May: Gallaudet College (USA) Dance Company
  • 7 - 10 June, Co-sign presents Fearless Knights
9 June, Sign Interpreted Performances. Meeting for Interpreters and Singing actors on Theatre Interpreting - Particularly for Children. With advice from experts including:
  • Peter Llewellyn-Jones
  • Dorothy Miles
  • Byron Campbell
The Workhouse (8 May: Diorama)
  • Pink Fingers (Signed song)
  • Gypsy's Kiss (Jazz)
  • Fish Out of Water (Blues)
  • Liam O'Carroll (Singer/songwriter)
  • Geoffrey Goodall (Compere)
LDAF AGM (16 May: Warwick Row Day Centre, SW1) Three discussion areas:
  • The Workhouse
  • Members Newsletter - what should it contain, and how should it work?
  • How can LDAF best work with young people?

Free Festival The Achievements of Women with Disabilities, with Isobel Ward, Wanda Barbara, and a selection from LDAF'S Out of Ourselves exhibition planned for 19 May, Ealing Town Hall, cancelled, as Race Unit and Women's Unit have been closed down.

The Tragic But Brave Roadshow set up. A travelling Disability Arts cabaret. Two - three hours of the best of the Disability Arts Movement, including: Johnny Crescendo, Wanda Barbara, Allan Sutherland, Ian Stanton. The show that brings Disability Arts and Disability Culture to your venue.

Amici Dance Theatre Company 10th anniversary double bill. (Riverside Studios, W6)

New Breed recruiting members for Birds II

La Soupe. 75 minute dance opera created by Liz Aggiss and Billy Cowie in collaboration with Carousel, a performance group of people with and without learning difficulties, and Divas, an internationally recognised experimental dance theatre company.

Fish Out of Water debut album Red Sunset (Released May 1990)

May '90 EUCREA conference, Denmark. UK represented by Heart 'n' Soul.

Taffy Thomas gets Britain's first Storytelling Residency in North Pennines.

June 1990

North West Disability Arts Forum (NWDAF) launched (formerly Arts Integration Merseyside, briefly known as Merseyside Disability Arts Forum) with a dazzling week of events to include theatre writing and performances, a video project and mime, music and creative writing events, leading to a one-day conference in Liverpool. Forthcoming events include a radio play with disabled girls and a residential theatre skills course in conjunction with Mockbeggar Theatre Company. Natalie Markham and Di Christian employed short term to establish firm foundations.

9 June, The Workhouse with London Lesbian Strength and Gay Pride 9 (For lesbians and all are welcome)

29 June at New River Sports Centre, N22 (For all disabled lesbians and gays, friends and allies).

LDAF hosting London Premiere of new show from No Excuses (14 June)

Disabled People Celebrate Arts Festival (23 June: Ocean Village, Southampton)

26 July Disability Arts UK - OK. Conference at Beaumont College, Lancashire, to set up National Disability Arts Forum.

9 June The Workhouse. Lavender Ripples. Women's Workhouse Cabaret with The Tokens, Little Millie, Kris Black (MC), signed song. (Swiss Cottage Community Centre).

I year Theatre Training Scheme aimed at disabled people (Jackson's Lane).

Liberty, Equality, Disability. One Day Workshop and Exhibition about Photography, Representation and Disability (June 20: York Arts Centre). With David Hevey, Ruth Collett from Bradford's In-Valid?, poet, singer, performer Sue Napolitano.

Followed (12 - 23 June) by work by disabled photographers, including:
  • Striking Poses by David Hevey (black and white and colour exhibition of photos of children from segregated schools in London - Graeae Theatre Company touring exhibition.)
  • Sense of Self, the result of a workshop held at Bradford Community Arts for disabled people to explore images of themselves
  • Access Photos used to campaign for better access to public buildings
  • CLIC First Exposure Some of the work that has recently been touring as part of the First Exposure exhibition.
  • Selection of work by users of Huntingdon Rd, Moorlyn and Yearsley Bridge Day Centres in York.
  • Work by Leeds photographer Lisa Williams

June 28 Half day practical photographic workshop on Disability, Representation and Self-Image. Tutor: Ruth Collett.

26 - 30 June Strathcona Theatre Company The Art of Framing. Devised by the company, d. Janet Bliss and Joan Greening.

Disability Arts in Bromley. Arts workshop 1990 for people with disabilities. Including meeting to adopt constitution and elect Committee for D.A.B.

No Excuses Theatre Cabaret. An exciting new Liverpool-based company of disabled actors making their London debut. (June 13,14,15: Red Rose, Diorama and Chat's Palace.)

Greenwich Young People's Theatre Green Jam Project setting up new touring company of people with and without disabilities.

Graeae TIE Company: Why? by Geof Armstrong and Yvonne Lynch. (Currently on national tour.)

Freedom for Everybody Week long arts festival at Oval House gave fifty people with learning disabilities and eight creative artists the opportunity to share skills and experience.

July 1990

To 14 July Missing Persons/Damaged Lives exhibition at City Art Gallery, Leeds, includes Jo Spence's work.

Us and Them Art. Sheffield event run by disabled people and involving disabled artists and performers, the event will offer the chance to explore Disability culture. Events include
  • To 15th July Beyond Alchemy. Adam Reynolds exhibition at Mappin Art Gallery.
  • To 7 July Beyond the Barriers - Disability and Sexuality. Photographic work by David Hevey, Mary Duffy and Johnny and Maggie Gathercole
  • 14 July Disability Arts Cabaret with Johnny Crescendo, Allan Sutherland, Wanda Barbara, Kate Portal

Easy Money. New tape of songs by Johnny Crescendo.

July 5: The Workhouse, Chat's Place
  • The Tragic Twins (Johnny Crescendo and Mike Higgins)
  • Rupa Sarkar comperes
July 17: The Workhouse, Red Rose
Heart 'n' Soul Dungeon of Love

Late July National Disability Arts Forum launched at Disability Arts UK-OK conference at Beaumont College.

August 1990

3 Aug: The Workhouse, Willesden Green Library
  • Johnnie Crescendo
  • Ian Stanton
  • Dot Miles (signed poetry)
  • Wanda Barbara (MC)
23 Aug: The Workhouse, Chat's Palace
  • Allan Sutherland (Resident comedian)
  • Chris Harrison (Songs and comedy)
  • Josephine Wilson (Musician and poet)

Strathcona The Art of Framing (Triangle Theatre, then touring Lancaster, Liverpool, Bristol.

September 1990

Sept 8 Disabled Artists' Day, Hackney Downs (Driven from Covent Garden Piazza, did not take place in 1989)
  • Music: Heart 'n' Soul, Tragic Twins, Kate Portal, Fish out of Water, Fantasium, Pink Fingers, Maudie and Harry
  • Comedy: Wanda Barbara, Ian Stanton, Allan Sutherland
  • Clown: Franz Shealey
  • Art: Gioya Steinke, Tony Heaton, Hackney SHAPE
  • Commere: Elspeth Morrison, with Kris Black and Geof Goodall

Launch of Independent Theatre Council booklet : Policy into Practice: Disability

15 Sept Focus: A one-day conference about Access to training in Film and Video for disabled people. Opening speaker Maggie Woolley for SHAPE. Organised by ICAN First Chance Project and Riverside Studios in consultation with disabled people working in the media.

The Creatures that Time Forgot: Photography and the construction of Disability Imagery. Disabilities photography project by David Hevey. Publication by Routledge, Chapman and Hall; poster campaign of 5 full colour A2 posters exploring issues of access, self-worth, housing, employment and disability culture; touring photographic exhibition by Camerawork Gallery; series of Disability Imagery Awareness Training Days; talks and conferences.

9 Sept Milton Keynes Disability Arts and Sports Festival
  • Wild Theatre Co
  • Michele Mimms
  • Spinning Wheels
  • Kate Portal
  • Raaw Meet
  • Leslie the Juggler

13 - 14 Sept New Breed perform Birds III at Green Room, Manchester

15 Sept First Chance - The Way forward? Conference at Riverside Studios, London, to discuss opportunities for training and access to the media for disabled people.

Eliminating Shadows: a manual on photography and disability by Ray Cooper. Pub. London Print Workshop.

Kirin Saeed Arts management trainee with Northern Shape.

Chances Are Graeae TIE Company new touring project. with Jo Verrent and Annie Smoll

16 protestors arrested on Oxford Street in Campaign for Accessible Transport demonstration. All charges subsequently dropped.

October 1990

LDAF Performers' meeting to discuss what performers would like from LDAF. (6 Oct)

20 Oct Time for Change Disability Benefits consortium rally in London (Trafalgar Square), Manchester and Glasgow .

Launch of ADAPT fund to help make arts buildings accessible.

You don't Have to Smile Theatre/Photography workshop for disabled people, run by disabled people. Leaders include David Hevey, Ailsa Fairley, Elspeth Morrison.

1st meeting of steering group for Eastern Region Disability Arts Forum.

20 Oct: The Workhouse, Swiss Cottage Community Centre, NW3
22 Oct: The Workhouse, (afternoon) Disability Resource Centre, Walthamstow, E17
  • The Lawnmowers plus special guest
22 Oct: The Workhouse, Ealing College of HE Students' Union, W5,
  • The Lawnmowers and Kate Portal
23 Oct: The Workhouse, London Lighthouse, W1
  • The Lawnmowers and Kate Portal

Jo Verrent commissioned to write Chances Are for Graeae TIE Company

November 1990

(No edition of DAIL, presumably because of restructuring and demise of Arts Media Group.)

The Workhouse, Red Rose. Up and coming talent (not named)

GLAD AGM decides to work to becoming an organisation controlled by disabled people.

December 1990

17 Dec The Workhouse, Red Rose, N4,
  • Christmas Party Night with a sixties theme
  • Johnnie Crescendo
  • Isobel Ward
  • Allan Sutherland
  • Kate Portal
  • The Pink Fingers
  • Phil Troll

Disabled artist Nancy Willis first artist-in-residence at Hammersmith Hospital. She will be working for a year making work for permanent display as part of the Hospital's art collection.

Heart 'n' Soul release The Heart 'n Soul Anthem, accompanied by pop promo.

Arts Council launches 2nd edition of Arts and Disability Directory.


Taking Liberties set up by disabled people to fight for the rights of disabled people to gain greater access to art activities in and around the Wigan area.

Yorkshire Disability Arts Forum set up.

Looking Back An anthology of writing from the Pastures Hospital, South Derbyshire.

Looking Forward An anthology of writing from after the Pastures. (Both published by East Midlands Shape)

David Sowerby Red Hat and No Drawers (National Poetry Foundation) CandoCo founded by Celeste Dandeker and Adam Benjamin.

January 1991

28 Jan The Workhouse, Oval House, SE11
  • Natalie Markham (compere)
  • Charles Hampton (Sign song)
  • Rupa Sarkar (Poet)
  • Astrid Menenzes (Singer)
  • Colin Thompson (Signed song)

Apples and Snakes have funding from Greater London Arts to carry out research on disabled writers and performers.

Shape London festival Louder than Words to be held in Hounslow, Spring 1991 at Orangerie gallery in Gunnersbury Park.

Jackson's Lane Community Centre looking for work experience placements for people with disabilities from their Theatre Training Scheme. Placements May/June 1991, to last 6 - 8 weeks, 1 day a week.

Outcast Theatre Company running winter workshops, including: 5 Jan A song signing workshop for all lesbian and gay people by the Pink Fingers.

February 1991

EUCREA funding given to:
  • 2 European editions of DAIL
  • Le Workhouse (26 May: Willesden Green Library)
  • The Dodgy Jammers (Wales), an integrated band involving musicians with learning disabilities.

From 1 Mar Theatre Venture to tour Wild Child, an innovative music theatre show for deaf and hearing audiences d John Wilson of National Youth Theatre of the Deaf. Claims to be

accessible to those who can hear but not sign, can sign but not hear and those who cannot hear or sign but rely on lip-reading and what they see .

London Bubble project Signals to introduce hearing actors to BSL and to offer actors, both hearing and deaf, the opportunity to explore ways of working together towards discovering a theatrical language accessible to all. Project led by John Wilson.

Christmas cards for Nottingham Coalition of Disabled People drawn by Maggie Guillon (non-disabled full time carer) from ideas by Trudy (disabled person).

SHAPE London seeking Deaf artist for 6 month residency at St Luke's Woodside Hospital, a residential mental health unit in Finchley. Aim of project is to produce finished work to be installed in the hospital.

March 1991

The Politics of Disablement, (Mike Oliver)

Access to Image Exhibition Photographs by David Hevey. (National Museum of Photography, Film and Television, Bradford)

10 Mar Disabled lesbians cabaret (Camden Lesbian Centre, NW1)
  • The Tokens (Lesbian accapella)
  • Iona Fletcher (from Pink Fingers signed song group)
  • Janice Pink (poet)
  • Special guests

16 Mar - 8 June (2 Sats and 12 evenings) Wordshape. Creative writing course for young disabled people.

Movin' On '91 (SHAPE Hackney with Chat's Palace), including 6 Mar Music extravaganza with Colin Thompson
  • 7 Mar Karaoke night
  • 8 Mar Strathcona Theatre Company in The Art of Framing
  • 9 Mar Cabaret Rupa Sarka, Charles Hampton, High Spirits and Heart 'n' Soul
  • 6 - 9 Mar Visual and tactile art workshops led by Julie Umerle
7 Mar - 13 April Louder Than Words Disability Arts Festival in Hounslow, including:
  • Wild Child (7 Mar)
  • Heart 'n' Soul(23 Mar)
  • Baluji Shrivastar (Workshops of music and dance)
  • Graeae Theatre CompanyChances Are (shows and workshops at various community schools)
  • Exhibition of work by professional disabled artists (27 Mar - 12 Apr, Orangerie, Gunnersbury Park), including Nancy Willis's sculpture Taking Leave.
  • Workhouse cabarets (Feltham Assembly Halls)
  • For older audience (5 Apr )
  • entertainment and discussion round the role of art in disability (13 Apr)
Theatre Centre 6th annual Festival includes:
  • Brave Faces Integrated signed performance. Including two deaf performers: Mark Staines and Caroline Parker.(26 Mar)
  • Wild Child (27 Mar)
  • Other performances sign language interpreted.

A Slice of City Life Photography Exhibition by users of Community Focus, a fully accessible wheelchair photography centre in Hendon (a Community and Recreational Arts in Barnet project). Includes pictures by Seyed Alamalhodaei, John Mason and Sally O'Shea.

A Real View Festival of Disability Arts in borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, prod. SHAPE, with Leisure and Recreation Dept, a celebration of the culture, artistic achievement and involvement of local disabled people.
  • Exhibition of visual arts by Julie Umerle and Trevor Landell
  • 14 Mar Entertainment event for people with HIV, St Paul's Church, Hammersmith
  • 15 Mar Baluji Shrivastav (sitar) St Paul's Church, Hammersmith
16 Mar: The Workhouse, Emerald Centre, Hammersmith:
  • Pink Fingers (Signed song)
  • Rupa Sarka (Poet)
  • Isobel Ward (Music)
  • Terri Carol (paper tearing)
  • Caroline Parker (Commere)
  • Proposal to create local disability arts forum.
8 Mar Aylesbury Disability Arts '91 (presented by Aylesbury Disability Arts Forum)
  • Kate Portal
  • Jigsaw Theatre Company
  • Nice 'n Easy
  • McIntyre Drama Group
  • Lesley the Juggler
The Workhouse, Oval House, SE11
  • Natalie Markham (Commere)
  • Apocalypse (Music)
  • Sharon Knight (Comedy)
  • Fish out of Water (Music)
  • Ian Stanton (Music)

9 - 27 Mar Insights, exhibition of painting by partially sighted artists and other artworks made to be touched. (Arundel Gallery, Arundel, West Sussex. Organised by The Arts Connection, Portsmouth.)

Beyond the Barriers Work by three disabled photographers: Mary Duffy, David Hevey and Johnny Gathercole. (Bradford Community Arts Centre) Organised by In-Valid?

Graeae Theatre Company and Greenwich Young People's Theatre present Revenge by the Riversiders (group of 25 young disabled people, founded 1988 to offer access to the arts for young disabled people in Greenwich).

Leeds University hold Disability Awareness Week. Performers include: the Big Bad Blues/Tragic But Brave Show, Fish Out of Water, No Excuses, Co-Sign.

April 1991

First edition of Disability Arts Magazine, funded for a 12-month trial period by the four northern Regional Arts Associations in England and the Arts and Disability budget of the Arts Council of Great Britain.

3 - 13 April Path Productions Yellow. Children's show.

Graeae Writers' Project runs series of workshops for disabled writers at Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend.

May 1991

15 May The Workhouse (Old Town Hall, Newham)
  • Wanda Barbara (Comedy)
  • Mike Higgins and Johnny Crescendo (music)
  • Ray Graham and Sarah Scott (Sign Song)
  • Martin Davies (poems)
  • Jag Plah (Comedy)
  • Heart 'n' Soul

Greenwich Young People's Theatre (GYPT) Past Caring. Three disabled actors playing parts not labelled disabled.

Hanging Up in Hounslow (Exhibition of professional artists at Louder than Words festival):
  • Nancy Willis
  • Sally Booth
  • Carolyn James
  • Adam Raynolds
  • Steve Cribb
  • Trevor Landell
  • Steven Millwood
  • Margaret Aplin
4 May Phalanx (Herts Coalition of Disabled People) present The Tragic But Brave Roadshow (Poplars Community Centre, Stevenage)
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Mike Higgins
  • Wanda Barbara
  • Ian Stanton

The Bombing Fields. Colchester community play by disabled writer Kaite O'Reilly, and featuring a number of local disabled people.

Smokescreen New devised play by Carousel (16 - 18 May: Oval House, SE11).

Co-Sign Fearless Knights (12 May: Unicorn Theatre).

Les Pierres Real sign poetry, synchronised by native-born signers (28 May - 1 June: ICA).

Cleveland Disability Arts Forum launched.

June 1991

Northern Shape changes its name to Equal Arts to reflect more accurately its new policy influencing role: to encourage equal opportunities in the professional arts for and by disabled people and under-represented groups.

Stream Records new mail order scheme, a range of musical disability culture : Fish Out of Water, Frankie Armstrong, Isobel Ward, Tragic Mike, Ian Stanton, Clocks and Clouds, Sounds Music, Heart 'n' Soul.

Stand by Your Bed A play by Camden People First (22 - 23 June: Jackson's Lane Community Centre)

The Workhouse, (26 June: 48 Boundary Road, NW8.)
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Ian Stanton
  • Sue Napolitano
  • Sharon Knight
  • On the Beat Off the Beat
  • Natalie Markham (Commere)

Strathcona Theatre Company. Final Shows of The Art of Framing (28 - 29 June: Tricycle Theatre, NW6)

15 June: Lavender Ripples 2 for disabled lesbians and their friends.
  • The Tokens (lesbian a capella singing group)
  • Carol Uszkurat singer/songwriter)
  • Maria Jastrzeba (poet)

Joe Bidder Matter of Life and Death (Pub Zzero)

Booster Cushion Theatre, Never Judge a Book by its Cover

Isle of Wight Deaf Projects Through the Waves

Unicorn Theatre: Workshops for deaf playwrights

July 1991

First Block Telethon demonstration led by the Campaign Against Patronage a mixture of disabled political activists and disability artists.

Graeae Theatre Company appoints its first disabled artistic director, Ewan Marshall.

24 July: The Workhouse, Waltham Forest Theatre, E17
  • Allan Sutherland
  • Isobel Ward
  • Martin Davies
  • Dorothy Miles
  • The Tokens

Exhibition of paintings by Michael Solomons (15 - 27 July: Willyoutts Centre, Potters Bar)

LDAF meeting of disabled visual artists. (6 July)

First Disability Arts Day for people in Humberside: seminars plus Tragic But Brave Roadshow.

Launderette of Desire, record by Bradford duo Clocks and Clouds

August 1991

(no events recorded yet)

September 1991

13 Sept Mustn't Grumble presents the Unlucky for Some cabaret. (Bradford Community Arts Centre, BD1). (Part of Bradford Festival 1991. )

LDAF Euroday, (21 Sept: Tottenham Green Centre.)
  • Quasali (Percussion band from Netherlands)
  • Joachim Pereira Eires (Visual artist)
  • Dr Peter Radtke (actor and leading figure in German disability movement)
  • Juho Saarinen (Finnish professional deaf dancer)
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Isobel Ward
  • No Excuses
  • Russian Theatre of the Deaf
  • Le Workhouse cabaret (using above artists) hosted by Elspeth Morrison
  • Shaken but Not Stirred, sculpture and performance commissioned from Tony Heaton by LDAF

All In Your Head. Video about epilepsy by Jo Pearson

My Army One man show by deaf actor Tim Barlow. (Finishes tour Sept/Oct)

October 1991

Milton Keynes Disability Arts and Sports Festival (6 Oct)

Tragic But Brave Roadshow, (29 Oct: Stratford Civic Hall, Birmingham.)
  • Wanda Barbara
  • Tragic Mike Higgins
  • Ian Stanton
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Sarah Scott and Ray Harrison Graham
  • Presented by Saltway Disability Resource Centre

Artshare Avon produce Adlib News

Leeds International Film Festival, (11 - 26 Oct), including
  • Images of Disability
  • Chris Davies (Chair)
  • Ann Pointon
  • Steve Dwoskin
  • Allan Sutherland
  • James Whale
  • Barriers to Access
  • Raina Haig, Assistant Producer of One In Four
  • Bernard Quinn, British Deaf Association
  • Andrew Walker, BFI Disability committee
  • Alan Thornton, Cinema Exhibitors' Association
  • An Echo of Reflections by Keith Ratcliffe (National Poetry Foundation)

Francis Halloran Hydra's Circus (Artshare South West)

Challenging Stereotypes Walsall Museum and Art Gallery seeking exhibitors for late 1992, touring 1993.

Valid Quarterly magazine from In-Valid?, Bradford's disability arts group.

November 1991

Survivors Poetry founded to foster and promote poetry workshops and performances for and by survivors of the mental health system.

Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre An Angel or The Old Dreams of Flying and Since Then. (Touring).

Survivors' Poetry (16 Nov)
  • Ferenc Aszmann (MC Poet)
  • Paulette Ng (Poet)
  • Raz and Sam (Music/poetry duo)
  • Peter Campbell (Poet)
  • Pauline Brady (Singer)

Disability Arts and Culture Seminar held by Shape London (20 Nov) in liaison with the Open University and Disability Arts in London magazine. Keynote speeches subsequently published as Disability Arts and Culture Papers (edited Sarah Lees, Shape Publications 1992).

8 disabled people arrested outside TV studios in Leeds, demonstrating about Children in Need.

December 1991

The Power of Life. New Heart 'n' Soul show.
  • Christmas Workhouse (16 Dec)
  • Mandy Colleran (Commere)
  • Tim Sagosz (Blues guitar)
  • John Wilson and Paula Garfield (Signing act)
  • Martin Davies (Poetry)
  • Carol Uszukurat (Singer/songwriter)
  • The Tragic But Brave Troupe: Ian Stanton, Johnny Crescendo, Wanda Barbara and Mike Higgins

BCODP publish Disabled People in Britain: A Case for Anti-Discrimination Legislation

17 Feb - 14 Mar Mockbeggar Theatre Co presents In Through the Out Door (Touring)

19 Dec Disaret Club at Chat's Palace
  • Disaret December
  • Ian Stanton
  • Wanda Barbara
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Kate Brown (Hostess and compere)

Every month the Disaret Club at Chat's Palace hosts and promotes the best performers, musicians, poets, dancers and cabaret artists from the Disability Arts scene.

(Started a few months earlier.)

Arts Special Info (Strathclyde). A directory of information for the use of artists and special needs groups to set up their own arts projects.

A group of disabled artists, writers, representatives from arts organisations and statutory bodies in the Noth-East meet and decide to launch a Disability Arts Forum in the area: NorDAF

Revealed by Johnny Crescendo. A book of poems, song lyrics and pictures of the author as a child. (Self-published.)


Humberside Disability Arts Forum formed. DAsh (Disability Arts Shropshire) formed as part of Shropshire Disability Consortium (SDC).

January 1992

Kwabena Gyedu, Ghanaian disability artist, gives a slide presentation of his paintings (27 Jan: Arts Council).

February 1992

Disaret Club (Chat's Palace): The Tokens

Graeae Theatre Company Hound by Maria Oshodi. dir Ewan Marshall (Touring 12 Feb - 13 June: 31 venues nationally)

Evelyn Street SE8 photomural by Katherine Araniello, Veronica Pakenham, Kate Brown and Sue Elsegood, with non-disabled colleagues (Image prepared in collaboration with Art of Change)

Workhouse Poetry Cabaret Night (25 Feb: Oval House)
  • Allan Sutherland
  • Rupa Sarka
  • Martin Davies
  • Rosita Green
  • Jo Wilson
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • And reading of works of Simon Brisenden
  • (Launching series of New Writing Workshops being held in conjunction with Apples and Snakes)

Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre Lunera (Premiere 21 Feb: then touring nationally)

24 Feb - 28 March Drawings by Gioya Steinke and paintings by Carolyn James (Old Town Hall, Richmond)

March 1992

Louder Than Words '92 (Festival of Disability Arts in Hounslow, Richmond and Ealing)
  • Graeae Theatre Company, Hound (25 Mar)
  • 3 LDAF Workhouse cabarets for older people in the borough: Star and Garter Home (No details given), (14 Apr: Chiswick Town Hall), (27 Mar: The Old Fire Station):
  • Tragic Mike
  • Isobel Ward
  • Maudie and Harry
  • Rosita Green
  • Maudie (MC)
  • Way Out West Professional Artists Exhibition (25 Mar - 5 Apr: The Small Mansion Arts Centre, Gunnerbury Park)
  • 2 Apr Steve Cribb presents: Wilder than Lourdes: The Alternative Cabaret Party (Montague Hall, Hounslow). Includes music from Gipsy's Kiss. Elspeth Morrison (Commere).
  • Heart 'n' Soul The Power of Life (24 Mar, Avenue Centre, Teddington)
  • Deaf Way Cabaret. Clive Mason (Host), Charles Hampton (Sign song) Sarah Scott (Sign song) and much more (28 Mar)
  • Three into Two Goes (Touring exhibitions of pictures and 3d from day centres and community organisations in the three boroughs)
  • Green Candle Dance Company The Road Home (2 Apr: Priory Centre, Acton)

14 Mar Disabled Women Celebrate with Workshops, displays and No Excuses cabaret. (Southville Centre, Bristol)

Go, Go, Go '92 (16 - 21 Mar: Movin' On Festival '92). Including Graeae Theatre Company Hound, Heart 'n Soul The Power of Life, and Grand Finale with Johnny Crescendo, Timothy Sagosz, Rupa Sarka (MC).

5 Mar Women's Workhouse for International Women's Day (Oval House, SE11)
  • The Tokens (lesbian a capella and sign song)
  • Fish Out of Water (Jazz band)
  • Ruth Harris (Poet)
  • Caroline Parker (sign song)
  • Carol Uzukurat (singer/guitarist)
  • Ruth Hill (Commere)

Exhibition of work by Gioya Steinke and Carolyn James, two local artists with a visual disability. (24 Feb - 28 Mar: Old Town Hall, Richmond)

Survivors' Poetry (14 Mar: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Performance Bill
  • Patience Agbabi (MC and Poet)
  • Razz (Performance poet)
  • Mimi Khalvati (Poet)
  • Davy Graham (Singer and musician)

29 Mar Carl Campbell Dance Co 7. (Commonwealth Institute) an exciting and electrifying Contemporary Afro-Caribbean Dance Theatre, with a particular commitment to educational development within the community, for Deaf and partially hearing children and adults.

Exhibition of Art by European Disabled Artists (Stoke on Trent City Museum and Art Gallery).

22 - 29 March Channel Four Disability Week

26 March The Creatures Time Forgot: Photography, and Disability Imagery (book) by David Hevey, pub Routledge. Part of a wider project, which includes the book, an exhibition at Camerawork, a series of posters, a training pack and a keynote conference.

April 1992

Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre leading Easter Week Project with young people at Slough Deaf Club. Finished piece to be seen on 16 Apr.

11 Apr Grandchildren of Albion and Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Elaine Randell
  • Peter Campbell (MC)
  • Michael Horovitz
  • Razz
  • Marta Soukias
  • Paulette Ng
  • Adam Horovitz
  • Frank Bangay
  • Neil Sparkes and Ramona Metcalfe (Jazz and poetry)
Apr 15 Disaret Club, Chat's Palace
  • Katherine Araniello (her life in slides)
  • Slide show tribute to Alfredo Dias
  • Images of a Festival (David Hevey's photos of Movin' on '89)

Disability Arts Magazine becomes the first arts organisation run, staffed and controlled entirely by disabled people to obtain revenue funding from the Arts Council of Great Britain. During this year the magazine changes its name to DAM.

May 1992

Graeae Theatre Company launch Graeae Youth Theatre (26 - 29 May)

Powerhouse, a women only Workhouse, benefit for Powerhouse women's group in Newham trying to raise funds to set up a safe house for women with learning difficulties who are being harassed, threatened and attacked by men. (14 May: West Ham Town Hall)
  • The Tokens
  • Claire Graydon James
  • Dot Miles
  • Sarah Scott
  • Ruth Harris
  • The Powerhouse Steel Band

Rainbows in the Ice poetry collection by 17 disabled writers (Crocus Books)

Show of Hands Theatre touring Wilde Tales to 30 May (3 Deaf, 3 hearing actors)

Charles Hampton Thriller A signed musical of mystery, song and dance

16 May National Disability Arts Forum AGM, plus cabaret with
  • The Jarrow Elvis Roadshow
  • Tragic But Brave
  • The Northern Writers Workshop
  • No Excuses
  • Tom Shakespeare

Launch of Northern Disability Arts Forum (14 - 15 May: Buddle Arts Centre, Wallsend), including Graeae Theatre Company with Hound. David Burdis and Geof Armstrong chaired, Johnny Crescendo was guest speaker.

Survivors' Poetry (9 May: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Anna Neeter (MC and poet)
  • Joseph Houghey (Singer and musician)
  • Leah Thorn (Performer)
  • John Rety (Anarchic poet)

Neti-Neti present Shabbash by Penny Casdagli and Mina Mokid (In English, sign language and Bengali). (Touring 7 May - 12 July.)

June 1992

The Workhouse, (17 June: Kingstonian Football Club, Kingston-Upon-Thames)
  • Isobel Ward (Music)
  • Diane Miller (Comedy)
  • The Survivors - Peter Campbell, Razz and Sam (Performance poetry)
  • Johnny Crescendo (Singer)
  • Elspeth Morrison (MC)
Survivors' Poetry (6 June: Hampden Community Centre)
  • P.J.Fahy (MC Poet and Musician)
  • Ifigenija Zagorinik (Poet)
  • Dave Russel (Musician and poet)
  • Billy Childish (Poet)

Conference on Theatre and Disability, (26 - 28 June: Owens Park, Manchester.)

July 1992

Second Block Telethon demonstration. Tony Heaton's Shaken not Stirred (commissioned for LDAF Euroday) repeated as part of press launch. (18 July)

Survivors' Poetry: From Dark to Light (Edited by Bangay, Bidder and Porter) (Survivors Press)

Freewheelin' New tape by Ian Stanton (Stream Records). Includes A Bloody Funny Way, The Glee Club, Tragic But Brave and A Message from Telethon

Inmates by Allan Sutherland and Stuart Morris. Pilot for situation comedy set in a long-stay institution for disabled people. (20 July)

August 1992

Demonstration against faith healer Morris Cerullo.

John Wilson appointed SHAPE London Deaf Arts Development Officer

Survivors' Poetry (8 Aug: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Neil Sparkes (MC and poet)
  • Elaine Randell (Poet)
  • Peter Street (Poet)
  • Jana Heller (Singer/musician)

Basic Theatre Co present Gary at Edinburgh. (Touring 1993)

September 1992

Jazz and Blues Workhouse Special (12 Sept)
  • Tim Sagosz (Jazz and blues guitar)
  • Powerhouse Women's Group (Stirring poetry)
  • Mandy Colleran (Commere)
  • Mandy Colleran interviews Powerhouse about their attempt to set up a safe house for women with learning difficulties
  • Val Stein (Blues with Jewish feel)
  • Francis Rwama (Pianist)
  • Zeedy Thompson (Black poet)
  • Mandy Colleran interviews visual artist Gioya Steinke

Splash Productions present Disability Arts Cabaret. Fish Out of Water (Music), Isobel Ward (Music), Charles Hampton(Signed song). (Available for booking.)

Graeae Theatre Company launches new theatre workshop for young people.

28 Sept - 3 Oct Deafest : 92. A look at the achievements of deaf education and at the work and success of local deaf people. (Crucible Theatre, Sheffield). Includes Deaf Music, led by Paul Whitaker, Red Ladder Theatre, Token Gestures and Sonic Boom, the Crucible's own Deaf Youth Theatre.

Launch of Graeae Youth Theatre Initiative, following appointment of Caroline Lucas as Training Development Co-ordinator as a response to the lack of training opportunities for disabled actors.

Claire Collison's photographic pieces on show at Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter, as part of Autumn Photography Season.

Samena Rana dies.

October 1992

BCODP report Disabling Imagery and the Media - An Exploration of the principles for Media Representation of Disabled People.

Shape London Art as Object. Paintings by Meena Jafarey, Terry Miles, E. Lynn Beel, Mosgan Safa. With Art as Activity, display of artwork by local disabled people. (Turtle Key Arts Centre)

Graeae Theatre Company, A Kind of Immigrant by Firdaus Kanga d Ewan Marshall (Touring 7 Oct - 5 Dec: 23 venues nationally) Cast: Mark Beer, Rashid Karapiet, Jeremey Killick, Shan Stevens An honest, sensual and often amusing account of a young man's sexual awakening, chronicling his journey which reveals a whole new world of which he had previously only dreamed.

Celebrate LDAF Workhouse Cabaret, (4 Oct: Waltham Forest Disability Celebration Festival)
  • Maggie Woolley (Compere)
  • Rupa Sarka (poet)
  • Claire Graydon James (Vocalist) with Francis Rwama (Jazz pianist)
  • Tokens (Lesbian a capella)
  • Dot Miles (Signed poetry)
  • Heart 'n Soul Experience
3 Oct Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Razz (MC and poet)
  • Mother Courage (Music duo)
  • Melanie Thompson (Poet)
  • Joe Bidder (Poet)

31 Oct Milton Keynes Disability Arts Festival

Oct - Nov Dreams of the Absurd an exhibition of paintings by Colin Hambrook (The Real Art Company, 330 Portobello Road, W10.)

November 1992

From 29 Nov. Strathcona Theatre Company Still Crazy After All These Years (Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn) An Exciting and memorable compilation of four of your favourite extracts from previous shows which chart the company's ten year history, plus the world premiere of our latest sure fire hit Bully for You.

27 Nov Talk by Scottish disabled artist Brian Jenkins about his issue-based photographic work and his current project at Hereward College on Disability and Self-Representation. (Ikon Gallery Birmingham)

20 Nov Level Access Cabaret with Johnny Crescendo and the Entertainers. (Dog and Fox, Wimbledon. Organised by Merton PHAB Club)

Stream Records presents a new and exciting disability arts cabaret
  • Isobel Ward
  • Fish Out of Water
  • Charles Hampton
  • Mik Scarlet (Compere)
  • Available for bookings. Other artists available on request.

Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre 5th Anniversary Tour, Waiting (premiered Oct), a piece for 2 dancers (deaf and hearing) and a musician. A combination of Sign-dance-theatre, Symbolism and expressionistic dance.

December 1992

9 Dec The Invisible Cabaret Show, first chance to see Invisible Cabaret, a new performance group of disabled women present an evening of drama, poetry, song and comedy inspired by their lives. (The Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne).

LDAF Christmas Celebration (Workhouse)
  • Mandy Colleran
  • Francis Rwama
  • Marvel Opara
  • Raina Haig
  • Franz Shealey
  • Colin Thompson

Vauxhall Centre Media Group, Norwich, setting up Positive Images project.

When completed in May 1993 will be a photographic, art and literature resource created and run by disabled people… the display will be mounted on portable display boards which can then be hired out for use in schools, at conferences or any other venue which wishes to promote positive images of disabled people.

Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Bushy Kelly (MC poet)
  • Aaron Williamson (performer, presenting work from his book Cathedral Lung
  • Danielle Hope (poet)
  • The Wise Wound (music)


High Spin Dance Company formed. Deaf Arts UK founded by SHAPE London

January 1993

Workhouse benefit for Black Disabled People's Group
  • Francis Rwama
  • Ruth Harris
  • Debbie Williams
  • Devon Marston
  • Ebony Steel Band
  • Fatima Shobakin (from Carl Campbell Dance Co.)

February 1993

Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre spring tour Lunera a fast-moving piece of sign dance theatre inspired by traditional Cuban folk songs and Waiting with a collaboratively written script in BSL and English, which will tickle an audience red!

Derbyshire Disability Arts Forum founded. Cabaret at launch event A Bit of a Do Two (Wilmorton College): Ian Stanton, Johnny Crescendo, Mike Higgins, Sue Napolitano, Ken Davis, Wanda Barbara. Compere Mike Bramley.

9 Feb The Man Who Loved Islands (New Breed Theatre Company first national tour starts.)

Dorothy Miles dies

March 1993

Different Views Exhibition of photographic work by disabled people, coming from Access to Image project.
  • Includes work by Lydia Popowich from Newcastle, Wei Kan Cheung. Stan Brown, Richard Woodward, George Wilmott, Andrea Lamb, Ken Rowley and by Click, disabled women's photography group from Leeds. Also Fragments of Self by Samena Rana.
  • (Touring nationally.)
  • Also 37 page Photo Work Book, including articles by Mary Duffy, Sue Napolitano, and Liz Crow.

Joanne Pearson's All In Your Head, film about her experience of epilepsy, to be shown at ICA as part of BT New Contemporaries exhibition.

13 Mar Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Anna Neeter (MC. Poet and Musician)
  • Paul Matthew (Up and coming Survivor Poet)
  • Ann Ziety (Performance poet)
  • Davy Graham (Singer/musician)

Black Hats and Twisted Bodies. BFI essay on disability in mainstream cinema by Allan Sutherland (DAM magazine).

Cathedral Lung Aaron Williamson poetry collection. Aaron Williamson audio cassette. (Both pub Creation Press. Furhter publication Holythroat Symposium due later in the year.)

In Through the Front Door: Disabled people and the Visual Arts: Examples of Good Practice. (Arts Council of Great Britain)

April 1993

From 30 Apr Basic Theatre Signs of the Times (Touring)

Strathcona Theatre Company Still Crazy after All These Years (Still touring until May)

Defiance: Art confronting Disability (City Museum and Art Gallery, Stoke on Trent): Eddy Hardy, Michelle Leon, Paul Goslilng, Adan Reynolds, Joaquim Pereira Eires, Steve Cribb, David Hevey, Mark Williamson, Nancy Willis, Denise Richardson, Stephen Shaw, Paul van Copenolle, Jo Pearson, Richard Wallis.

5 May The Workhouse (Kingstonian Football Club)
  • The Wise Wound (Music)
  • Joe Bidder (Poet)
  • Val Stein (Blues)
  • Johnny Crescendo and the P.O.P.Squad
  • Mandy Colleran (Compere)

18 Apr Benefit gig by Disabled artists for Chat's Palace, including: Survivors Poetry, James Conlan, Rupa Sarka, Geof Chilkes, Diane Miller.

Images of a Festival, LDAF travelling exhibition. Laminated A2 prints of photos commissioned from David Hevey of 1989 London-wide Movin' On Festival.

17 Apr Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Speech Painters (Mcs)
  • Maria Torres (Spanish dancer and poet)
  • Manhar (Poet and singer/songwriter)
  • Joyoti Grech (Black/Asian woman poet)
  • Aniruddha Das (Percussionist/sound magician)

First National Deaf Theatre Weekend (Derby School for the Deaf)

13 Apr - 15 May Carolyn James and Gioya Steinke exhibit at Old Town Hall, Richmond

From Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood to Pre-Menstrual Sisterhood. Billboard in Birmingham by Claire Collison, parodying Ford Madox Brown's Pretty Baa Lambs in City Museum and Art Gallery. (Part of Billboard Project set up by University of Central England.)

May 1993

13 May Johnny Crescendo launching new album Pride with his new band the P.O.P. Squad, plus Clare Mooney, Ian Stanton and Wanda Barbara (Chat's Palace)

16 May Islington Deaf Cabaret
  • Clive Mason
  • Sarah and Paul Scott
  • Ray Harrison Graham

8 May Launch of West Midlands Disability Arts Forum. Including performance from Johnny Crescendo and the P.O.P. Squad, stars and rising stars of Disability Arts circuit and performance by Basic Theatre.

16 May Deaf Way Cabaret (University of North London): Clive Mason, Sarah Scott and Paul Scott, Ray Harrison Graham

14 - 15 May Deaf Focus at the Unicorn (National Deaf Children's Society Festival of Performing Arts.) Including:
  • Two Worlds with Amon and Jill Danti (deaf/hearing company from Israel)
  • Basic Theatre: Signs of the Times

12 May Jazz and Poetry for Islington Disability Arts Festival (Red Rose)

Fish out of Water, featuring Genie Cosmas, plus Survivors' Poetry: Leah Thorn (MC and performer), Bill Lewis (author of Age without Anger), Zeedy Thompson (Lyrical poet), Ian Jentle (Poet)

4 - 16 May Burning Daylight, Islington's 1st Disability Arts Festival
  • Righting the Picture: Exhibition of Photographs by ParentAbility
  • Retrospective of the work of Samena Rana
  • Jazz 'n Poetry (see above)
  • High Spirits, Freak Uk, Mik Scarlet
  • Lilian Baylis Over Sixties Performance Group
  • New Breed Theatre Company The Man who Loved Islands
  • CandoCo
  • Deaf Cabaret: Clive Mason (Compere), Gunter Puttrich-Reignard, Paul Scott, Shainal Vasant
  • Making space (Group of adults with disabilities who have designed poster)

A Personal Bill of Rights Photo exhibition by students on photography course at Exeter's disabled Young Adults Centre, responding to Spastics Society's My Rights Campaign. (Touring schools and colleges in the region.)

June 1993

Tyneside Cinema, in association with NORDAF, present season exploring the representations of disability in film and television.

Launch of Avon's new Disability Arts Agency with the Disability Arts Café. David Hevey's Images of a Festival, plus performances from Ian Stanton, Green Fuse, Georgina Edema, Francis Rwama.

Strathcona Theatre Company: Still Crazy After All These Years Retrospective of last 10 years
  • From Now and Then (1984)
  • Audition Scene
  • Farewell Duet
  • From Tonight at Eight (1985)
  • Protest Dance
  • African Sequence
  • From This Very Same Hall (1986)
  • Scout Pack Game Show
  • The Art of Framing (1990)
  • New Piece Bully for You

17 June Lavender Ripples women only workhouse cabaret including The Tokens and Rowdy Proud Roadshow

Jackson's Lane Theatre Training Scheme. 15 students have received Records of achievement towards City and Guilds qualification.

12 June Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Diane Pungartnik (MC/Comic)
  • Ricardo Corvalan (Chilean Performance poet)
  • Jaki Windmill (Singer and Musician)
  • Mike Lawson (Poet/Performer)
14 June 14 - 4 July Julius Gottlieb Gallery, Oxford, in association with Shape London. Exhibition of work by deaf artists:
  • Rachel Caws (Ceramic Sculpture)
  • June Hypolite (Paintings)
  • Fiona Davis (Photography)
  • Niall McCormack (Painting and sculpture)
  • Rubbena Aurangzab (Mixed media)

Pride Johnny Crescendo and the P.O.P. Squad. Includes Scars (adaptation of Simon Brisenden's poem), I don't wanna be a wanna be, The Ballad of Josie Evans .

Arts Council publish Theatre and Disability Conference Report by Elspeth Morrison, giving results of June 1992 conference.

Out2Play The Breathing Space

Keith Ashton Fair Moving (Pub Littlewood Arc)

20 June - 17 July Sally Booth paintings at Horsham Arts Centre.

July 1993

1 - 31 July Shape Up and Go! (Hackney Movin' On Festival '93) Including:
  • 1 July Launch by Maggie Woolley
  • 9 July Survivors' Poetry with Razz and Mr Social Control
  • 20 July Heart 'n' Soul Experience
  • 24 July Cabaret with Diane Pungartnik, Francis Rwama, Fatima Shobain from the Carl Campbell Dance co 7, Survivors Poetry (including psychedelic rock band The Wise Wound, Scottish singer and musician Iain Mathieson, visual poet Colin Hambrook and Isha, MC, performance poet and artist).
  • The Diverse Ability Exhibition. Including Colin Hambrook and Isha. (Hackney Museum.)

Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre new production: El Pilon. (4 July: touring)

West Midlands Disability Arts Forum. Programme of events for 1993 includes:
  • Size is No Problem Drawing workshop with Eddy Hardy
  • More Power to Your Elbow Writing workshop with Kaite O'Reilly
  • Graeae Theatre Company, Soft Vengeance of A Freedom Fighter (5 - 9 Oct )
  • Pride and Prejudice, 7 day Disability Arts Festival (24 - 30 Oct: the Manor House, Leamington)
Survivors' Poetry (17 July: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Terry Cordrez (MC/Poet)
  • Jade (Survivor poet from New Zealand)
  • Jenni Meredith (Poet from Isle of Wight)
  • John Arthur (Singer and musician)
The Workhouse cabaret as a part of Merton Arts Festival. (6 July)
  • Mike Tragic But Brave Higgins
  • Fish Out of Water

Horniman Museum Disability Arts Day. Johnny Crescendo, Fish Out of Water, Kate Portal, Tragic Mike, Aaron Williamson, Survivors Poetry, Libra Theatre Company. (10 July)

August 1993

David Hevey's Liberty, Equality, Disability images (originally part of The Creatures that Time Forgot) published by Leeds postcards.

Launch of Shropshire Disability Arts Initiative. Funding scheme for disabled people with arts projects. Successful applicants will take part in a Day of Disability Arts in March 1994.

Deaf World. New show featuring the Deaf Comedians and Colin Thomson.

Graeae Theatre Company Soft Vengeance by Albie Sachs, adapted for stage by April de Angelis. d Ewan Marshall. Cast includes Sarah Scott, Ray Harrison-Graham, Deborah Williams and Ewan Marshall. (Touring nationally and internationally)

14 Aug Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Patience Agbabi (MC Nigerian-British performance poet)
  • Billy Childish (Hangman poet reading from his book Poems of Laughter and Violence)
  • Dave Russell (singer, musician and poet)

September 1999

NDAF presents The Ghetto, International Disability Arts Cabaret, (2 - 3 Sept: Edinburgh Festival)

15 Sept - 1 Oct Disability Theatre Festival on Merseyside: Graeae Theatre Company, Strathcona Theatre Company, The Lawnmowers Theatre Company, Mock Beggar, Masque, New Breed perform at accessible venues and facilitate workshops at adult training centres.

Fiction and poetry DAIL.

New Voices Poetry group. Meeting at LDAF.

Creative writing workshop for disabled people (Aston University as part of Birmingham Readers and Writers Festival). Led by Kaite O'Reilly.

Write to Belong National project for writers with disabilities (A Snowball Arts project, co-ordinated by Jenni Meredith).

The Workhouse
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Val Stein
  • Martin Davies
  • The Unknown
  • Diane Pungartnik (Commere)
  • Francis Rwama
  • 23 Sept. Guardian Centre for the Blind. SW19
  • 14 Oct Catholic Church Hall, Addiscombe
  • 27 Oct, Compass Theatre, Ickenham
18 Sept Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • P.J.Fahy (MC, Ructious musician, Poet)
  • Dinah Livingstone (Poet, reading from collection Second Sight)
  • Paulette Ng (Expressionist poet)
  • Sister Wicca (Acoustic Music Duo)

Deaf People in the War. Major new project starting in Sept with National Maritime Museum, City Lit And Shape London (Deaf Arts)

17 - 20 Sept National Deaf Theatre Weekend, Part 2 (Warwick University)

October 1993

Upstage Cabarave. Event for Deaf and disabled young people 15 - 25. (Shape London at Turtle Key Arts).

16 Oct Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Razz (MC Poet)
  • Quibilah Montsho (Political black lesbian poet and performer)
  • Wayne Tenyne (Poet, singer and sculptor)
  • Maroushka Monro (Sensitive poet and writer)
  • Razz and Sam (Guitar and Violin duo)

Tanya Raabe MA exhibition at Holden Gallery, Manchester Metropolitan University. Artshare Gloucestershire present disability art seminar at conference Standing Up for the Arts in Torquay.

A Question of Vision (Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle-on-Tyne) Exhibition of work by visually impaired artists exploring new ways of experiencing art.

Manchester becomes 1994 UK City of Drama, having included in its bid plans for a permanent Disabled People's Arts and Cultural Centre.

Entitled (CD) Simon Smith and the Useless Eaters.

On The Map Ann Whitehurst commissioned to work on a project focusing on issues around the Disability experience to culminate in an installation and interactive workshop at Bluecoat Gallery in April 1994.

November 1993

The Shape of Disability Arts Wandsworth '93 (Shape London festival)
  • Launch (2 Nov)
  • Survivors' Poetry and Open Poetry Conventicle, a joint event.(2 Nov)
  • Halfleft Alright Puppet Theatre Company Snow White and the Seven Council Workers and Jack and the Beanstalk (3 Nov)
  • Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre(4 Nov)
  • Heart 'n' Soul Experience (7 Nov )
  • Deaf World with the Deaf Comedians and Colin Thomson.(26 Nov)
  • All at Battersea Arts Centre.
  • Shape Project exhibition (Visual art works from Shape workshops in Wandsworth) (13 - 30 Nov: Arndale Shopping Centre)
How We Like It LDAF exhibition of work by disabled visual artists. (25 Nov - 16 Dec: Diorama Arts Centre)
  • Sally Booth
  • Steve Cribb
  • Val Stein
  • Gioya Steinke
  • Nancy Willis
  • Patricia Rock
  • Colin Hambrook
  • Elizabeth Anne Maxwell Hill
  • Matthew Durran

Soci-at-Ease by Simon Smith (Cassette/CD)

2 Nov Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Peter Campbell (MC and Poet)
  • Patience Agbabi (Nigerian performance poet)
  • Mario Petrucci (Bi-cultural spiral-bound poet)
  • Rosemary Norman (Gently subversive poet)
  • Aaron Williamson (Deaf writer and performer using voice, body, percussion)
  • The Wise Wound (Music and vocals)
9 Nov Survivors' Poetry at Islington Arts Festival
  • Jade (MC and poet)
  • Bill Lewis
  • Pitika Ntuli (Azanian poet)
  • Ifigenija Zagorinik (Slovenian survivor poet)
  • Frank Bangay (Poet)
  • Tain Matheson (Music)
13 Nov Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Bushy Kelly (MC Poet)
  • Peter Street (Poet)
  • Linsay McRae (Poet)
  • John Gash (Music and song)
LDAF Conference and AGM Everything you wanted to Know about Disability Arts but Were Afraid to Ask (6 Nov, Battersea Arts Centre )
  • Sian Vasey What's All the Fuss About
  • David Hevey Does Disability Art compromise standards?
  • Elspeth Morrison: Why can't a Disability Arts Forum be run by non-disabled people?
  • Allan Sutherland: Who should lead Disability Arts? Artists or organisations?
  • Maria Oshodi Is Disability Arts limiting, intimidating?
6 Nov The Workhouse, Battersea Arts Centre:
  • Mandy Colleran (MC)
  • Allan Nedd (Music)
  • Russ Palmer (Pianist)
  • Julie McNamara (Music)
  • Ian Stanton (Music)

Liz Crow, Disability Arts, The Business (NDAF publication).

December 1993

LDAF Christmas party and Workhouse cabaret, (11 Dec: Chat's Palace.)
  • Elspeth Morrison
  • Caroline Parker
  • Francis Rwama

Graeae Theatre Company

presents the Borderline Project

The Jungle

by Fiona Branson from the novel by Upton Sinclair. (2 - 4 Dec: Oval House)

GAD celebrate European Day of Disabled People. (3 Dec) The day includes:
  • Glynis Dawes (Commere)
  • Tape/slide presentations
  • Katherine Araniello Take a Walk on the Wild Side
  • Sue Elsegood Disability Art and Politics
  • Kelly Butler (Raspberry Rapper)
  • Steve Knight (Keyboards)
  • The Tokens (Lesbian a capella)

From Dark to Light, first Survivors' Poetry anthology

Survivors' Poetry (10 Dec: Ann Taylor Centre, E8)
  • Joe Bidder (MC and poet)
  • John Arthur (Singer Musician)
  • Julie McNamara (Comedy and songs)
  • David Kessel (poet)
  • Maroushka Monro (Sensitive poet and writer)
Survivors' Poetry (11 Dec: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Wanda Barbara (MC Comediennce)
  • Frank Bangay (Performance poet)
  • Johnny Crescendo (Poet and musician)
  • Jana Heller (Singer and musician)
LDAF Christmas party and Workhouse cabaret, (11 Dec: Chat's Palace)
  • Elspeth Morrison
  • Rona Topaz
  • Martin Davis
  • Caroline Parker
  • Diane Pungartnik
  • Francis Rwama
Deaf Humour Video (The first ever video on deaf culture humour!)
  • Maureen Reed
  • Jerry Hanifin
  • Bobby Benson
  • Harold Draper
  • (Deaf Owl Productions)

Survivors' Poetry UK tour: Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Bristol, Wolverhampton (December 1993 - March 1994)

Survivors' Poetry UK tour: Isha, Peter Street, Joe Bidder, Quibilah Montsho, Claire Mooney and Emma Jarman (3 Dec: Green Room, Manchester)


North West Shape relaunching as Full Circle Arts Changes (National Deaf Forum Theatre project) 20 performances nationally (20 performances nationally during 1994. Over a thousand Deaf people attended). Cast included: Paula Garfield, Shainal Vasant, Heidi Marks, Ilan Dwek, Natalie Koening. d John Wilson The Art House Halifax, formed by Patricia Sutcliffe in response to the marginalisation of disabled artists, as an inclusive organisation that seeks to address the issues faced by disabled people

January 1994

Simon Smith and the Useless Eaters. Debut album Entitled.

Spiritual Dance 10-track cassette by County Durham band Sleeping Chiefs. (Proceeds to Haswell and District MENCAP)

Unbound. Poetry anthology by housebound writers living in Blyth Valley, Northumberland.

21 Jan Survivors' Poetry UK tour: Char March (MC), Frank Bangay, Wayne Tenyue, Patience Agbabi, Wise wound plus Leeds survivor poets Terry Simpson, Angel Hart, Tom Halloran, John Tilley, Steve Bindman and Ging. (Studio Theatre, Metropolitan University, Leeds)

February 1994

LDAF Euroweek (14 - 19 Feb)
  • Dr Peter Radtke runs drama workshops, culminating in showcase at Willesden Green Library Centre
  • Mary Duffy exhibition, performance of Stories on a Body and day workshop on words, images and performance art. (Diorama Arts Centre)
  • Windforce from Rock en Roelstols (Netherlands).
  • Oiseau Mouche (Theatre company from France which employs people with learning difficulties) Arbeit Macht Frei (Jackson's Lane, Harrow Arts Centre and workshop at Diorama Arts Centre)

Arts and Disability - Examples of Best Practice and innovation in galleries - Artability II

2nd Oriel Mostyn conference on Arts and Disability. Speakers include Jayne Earnscliffe (author, Through The Front Door), and painter Carolyn James.

Waterworks exhibition of 12 copper sculptures by Adam Reynolds (Yorkshire Sculpture Park)

Survivors' Poetry UK tour: J. Owen Williams, Ifigenija Zagorinik, Paulette Ng, Ference Aszmann plus Liverpool Survivor Poets (10 Feb: The Flying Picket, Liverpool)

Survivors' Poetry UK tour: Peter Campbell, Ahmed Sheikh, James Turner, Jane Heller plus Bristol Survivor Poets. (26 Feb: Inkworks Project, Bristol)

Steve Cribb dies.

March 1994

Heart 'n' Soul present premiere of Hearts on Fire (9 - 12 March: Albany Empire)

Neti-Neti Shabbash (Touring St Albans, Barnet, Islington.)

I.O.U.Theatre Boundary, with Nabil Shaban, Jag Plah and others. (Touring)

Aylesbury Disability Arts Forum and Limelight Theatre present The Spotlight Cabaret
  • Jigsaw Theatre Company performing A Russian Tale
  • Allan Sutherland
  • Claire Graydon James
Disabled Dykes Cabaret Night (16 March: London Women's Centre)
  • The Tokens roadshow
  • Georgina Edema (poetry)
  • Tremor
  • Iona Fletcher (Sign song)
  • Kris Black (Commere)
  • (Benefit for GLAD's Disabled Lesbian Conference)

Hackney Movin' On festival '94. (14 - 19 March)

Tragic But Brave Show perform in Hull. (23 March)

Boundary. I.O.U. Theatre production with Nabil Shaban, Jag Plah. (24 - 26 March: Capitol Theatre, Manchester)

Survivors' Poetry UK tour: Anna Neeter, Razz, Pauline Bradley, Bill Lewis, Alan Daffern plus Wolverhampton Survivor Poets. Yinka Shonibare exhibition Double Dutch (26 March: Centre 181 Gallery, Hammersmith)

New Breed Theatre: Grimm. (30 - 31 March: Green Room Manchester, then touring until June.)

City Life - Viewing it Our Way! Artlink project creating art work in two weeks of workshops led by Brian Jenkins, leading to exhibition at Leeds City Art Gallery

April 1994

Benefit performance to mark 3rd anniversary of Survivors' Poetry (16 Apr: Hampden Community Centre).
  • Jean Binta Breeze
  • Storme Webber
  • Nick Constance
  • Peter Campbell

Strathcona Theatre Company present Pain Without, Power within: Faith Healing (devised performance piece looking at disability and religion) (28 Apr: Tom Allen Arts Centre E15)

On the Map: Placing Disability Exhibition by Ann Whitehurst (Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool). Showing with David Hevey's The Creatures that Time Forgot. (Collaboration with NWDAF)

Stephen Payton, Bradford disability artist, dies. (25 Apr)

May 1994

29 May Disability Focus, Bedford
  • Positive Image Puppets( from Nottingham)
  • New Era Minstrels
  • Ping the Clown
  • Islands (performance/exhibition by local disabled people)
  • Liberty, Equality, Disability (David Hevey's posters)
  • Johnny Crescendo

14 May Mike Bramley (Chair, Derbyshire Disability Arts Forum) dies.

June 1994

Re-write: An anthology of new writing (produced by SHAPE London)

LDAF presents Out to Lunch, exhibition of photography by Mandy Holland. (9 - 30 June: Diorama Gallery)

25 June Festival of Deaf History, Buxton Pavilion Gardens

29 June Invisible Cabaret (group of disabled women from the North East) Kingston Association of Disabled People.

Mustn't Grumble: Writing by Disabled Women ed Lois Keith

18 June Survivors' Poetry One off evening at the Diorama to combine with exhibition of Mandy Holland's photography:
  • Mr Social Control (MC/ranter)
  • Brother Niyi (Rap-dub poet)
  • Eamer O'Kefe (Poet)
  • Kath Tait (Songs)

Graeae Youth Theatre Historical Briefs (25 - 26 June)

Bradford Festival includes The Big Sex Show by The Lawnmowers Theatre Company

July 1994

Demonstration by Disability Arts Consortium to protest against Arts Council's decision to close its Disability Unit. (6 July)

LDAF publishes:
  • Directory of Disabled Performers
  • Directory of Disabled Visual and Tactile Artists
Survivors' Poetry (6 July, Hampden Community Centre)
  • Julie McNamara (Comedy and singing)
  • George Tahta (Poet)
  • David Kessel (Singer)
  • Jaki Windmill (Singer/songwriter)
LDAF Open Air Disability Cabaret Extravaganza, (31 July)
  • Deborah Williams and Elspeth Morrison (MCs)
  • Music from
  • Sital Singh Sitara
  • Val Stein
  • Francis Rwama & Martin Davis
  • Katherine Araniello (Sick Cow)
  • The Tokens
  • Poetry from
  • Georgina Edema
  • Allan Sutherland
  • Comedy
  • Barbara Lisicki
  • Paula Garfield
  • Charlotte Moulton-Thomas
  • Bob Findlay
  • Plus
  • No Excuses

Flights from the Sink (Collective Gallery Edinburgh)  A year long project by local women with disabilities and experience of mental health problems to collaborate with artists Lucy Brown and Rachel Mimiec to look at and creatively respond to the issues which affect their lives.

9 July Face to Face. A group of disabled people from around Norwich have contributed to a 30 minute video letter to Fiji exploring a variety of issues from civil rights to access, the arts and relationships.

Hear No Evil Exhibition of work by established deaf artists to tour the North West of England. Looking for entries. (Full Circle Arts).

Mustn't Grumble: Writing by Disabled Women ed Lois Keith (The Women's Press)

National Conference/Festival of Theatre and Learning Disability. The Lawnmowers Theatre Company, Other Voices, Strathcona, Acting Up, Mind the Gap, In the Boat, the Ark, Heart 'n' Soul and others (22 - 24 July: Open Theatre, Worcester)

Margaret Mitchell photo series Epilepsy: Secondary Stigmas and The Media Epileptic (originally Epilepsy: the True Disabled)

August 1994

Steve Cribb retrospective (Waterman's, until 11 Aug)

13 Aug Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Mike Lawson (MC)
  • Paulette Ng (Performance poet)
  • Bill Lewis (Poet and storyteller)
  • Wise Wound (Music)

Dance Lines II Heroes and Heroines Summer school for people with learning difficulties. Dance City, Newcastle-on-Tyne

September 1994

17 Sept Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Jade (MC, Poet)
  • Nile (Poet)
  • Bushy Kelly (Artist, writer and performer)
  • Peter Cadle (singer/songwriter)

10 - 11 Sept Deaf Fiesta (Arts Workshops at Highbury Fields, organised by SHAPE Islington and Islington Council)

1 - 30 Sept Five of a Kind Exhibition by artist with disabilities (Flapjacks Café, NW5): Darren Harper, John Kanerick, Kate Powell, Timothy D. Reedy, Brian Vickers.

21 Sept The Workhouse (Old Bull, Barnet)
  • Allan Sutherland Compere and poet)
  • Francis Rwama and Martin Davis (Music)
  • Karen Shook (The Wheelchair from Hell)
  • Sick Cow Katherine Araniello
  • Caroline Parker (signed song)

10 Sept - 6 Nov Mandy Holland's work included in exhibition Her Camera has Wings (Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery)

October 1994

DAIL feature on Disability Theatre reports on: Strathcona Theatre Company; Heart 'n' Soul; Graeae Youth Theatre; TX True Expression; Graeae Theatre Company; Julie Fernandez; Mockbeggar Theatre company; New Breed Theatre; Invisible Cabaret.

Identity, Stigma…Disability? Exhibition of Photographic works by Bushy Kelly and Margaret Mitchell (26 Oct - 28 Nov: Diorama Gallery), comprising
  • Margaret Mitchell Epilepsy: Secondary Stigmas
  • Bushy Kelly From Dark to Light or a Case of Mistaken Identity
15 Oct Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Emily Kennedy (MC)
  • Razz (Poet)
  • Patience Agbabi (Nigerian British performance poet)
  • Johnny Crescendo (Poet and musician)

Show of Hands (Deaf/hearing theatre group) The Picture of Dorian Gray (Battersea Arts Centre, and touring country through November).

November 1994

12 Nov Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Dave Skull (MC)
  • Daniell Hope (Poet)
  • Yvonne Poulson (Wordsinger)
  • Dave Russell (Experimental poet and songwriter)

LDAF AGM Discussion Dennis Potter: Disabled Artist? (26 Nov)

Hear No Evil (deaf arts project supported by North West Disability Arts Forum) looking for submissions.

Disability Theatre Festival (22 - 27 Nov: Battersea Arts Centre)
  • New Breed Grimm
  • The Lawnmowers Theatre Company The Big Sex Show
  • Solo Plus Theatre Company Mud and Stars: The Hospice Experience
  • Graeae Youth Theatre Historical Briefs
  • Deaf Forum Theatre Changes
  • David Bower and Common Ground Act without Words

Out to Lunch, exhibition of photography by Mandy Holland. (Castle Museum, Nottingham).

December 1994

Graeae Theatre Company Ubu: Jamie Beddard, Mandy Colleran, Simon Startin, Vicky Gee Dare, Sara Beer, Caroline Parker. Adapted Trevor Lloyd. d Ewan Marshall. (8 - 18 Dec: Oval House, then touring nationally).

The Workhouse I'm Dreaming of a Crip Christmas (14 Dec: Red Rose Club)
  • Rupa Sarka (MC)
  • Sue Vass
  • Diane Pungartnik
  • Charlotte Moulton-Thomas
  • Francis Rwama
  • Julie McNamara
  • Allan Sutherland

Corali Dance Company All Wrapped up About it

Survivors' Poetry (1 Dec: Hampden Community Centre)
  • The Baffled Angels
  • Diane Pungartnik
  • Sam and Mano
  • Francis Bangay with the Tiny Teds
Survivors' Poetry (17 Dec: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Anna Neeter (MC, poet, songwriter, humourist) introduces 3 poets from Leeds Survivors Poetry
  • Char March (lesbian performance poet)
  • Angel Hart (Poet)
  • Terry Simpson (Poet and songwriter)

The Tokens: And the Music Is Too Loud A unique collection of original songs celebrating the lives, struggles and bow tie collections of disabled lesbians.

DAN/GAD cabaret/benefit (3 Dec: Christchurch Forum):
  • Rikki Jodelko,
  • Katherine Araniello/Sue Elsegood/Veronika Pakenham slide/tape shows
  • Chris Killick videos about DAN
  • Mat Fraser
  • Sick Cow
  • Allan Sutherland
  • Suzanne Bull
4 Dec The Workhouse (Waylands Day Centre, Croydon)
  • Allan Sutherland Compere and poet)
  • Francis Rwama and Martin Davis (Music)
  • Karen Shook (The Wheelchair from Hell)
  • Sick Cow Katherine Araniello
  • Caroline Parker (signed song)

Lois Thomas dies


January 1995

20 Jan Premiere of Night Stalkers by Deaf filmmaker Wayne Hargood.

Shape Deaf Arts organising exhibition for Deaf artists at St John's College, Cambridge 1995.

14 Jan Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Diane Pungartnik (Comedienne/MC)
  • O.B.W.G. (Nyamil and Kwame sharing black verses)
  • Ilfigenija Zagorinik (Writer)
  • Pauline Bradley and Mina Sassoon (Folk musicians)

27 Jan - 2 April Unleashed: Images and Experience of Disability (Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle). Artists exhibiting: Keith Ashton, Vanessa Cecil, Steve Cribb, Matthew Durran, Gil Gerhardi, Eddy Hardy, Tony Heaton, Jenny Polak, Tanya Raabe, Simon Smith, Val Stein, David Swift, Ann Whitehurst, Nancy Willis. (Researched and curated from open submission by Katherine Walsh.)

February 1995

Art Through the Front Door:
  • Marcus Billen - Photography
  • Ernest Bow - Photography
  • David Braunsberg - Textiles
  • Robert Bunting - Sculpture
  • John Calloway - Paintings
  • Vanessa Cecil - Paintings
  • James Craw - Paintings
  • Eddy Hardy - Paintings
  • Elizabeth Maxwell Hill - Paintings
  • Keith Armstrong - Photography
  • Jan Marshall - Paintings and Installations
  • Sophie Outram - Video
  • Anna Sullivan - Paintings
  • Gabrielle Wheeler - Drawings
The exhibition also features work by disabled artists working within three organisations:
  • Borehamwood Multi-purpose Day Centre
  • The Jigsaw Centre (Essex Autistic Society)
  • Turner Village Reminiscence/Photography project What It's Like to be Me

(Diorama Gallery 17 Feb - 31 Mar 1995, then touring the country during 1995 and 1996. Part of

Fair's Fair, the 1995 Disability Arts Festival organised by Essex County Council.)

Survivors' Poetry
  • 11 Feb (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Isha (MC, performance poet)
  • Wayne Tenne (Poet and singer)
  • Demela (Poet)
  • Saving Graces (Music)
19 Feb, Torriano Meeting House
  • Joe Bidder
  • Hilary Porter
  • Frank Bangay
  • Peter Campbell

9 Feb 1995 Rights Now Day of Action to support second reading of Harry Barnes's Disabled Persons (Civil Rights) Bill.

Allan Sutherland has booking cancelled by Birmingham City Council, after sending a copy of his poems for use by the sign language interpreter, which was then used to censor his performance. The Council subsequently agreed to pay the fee in full. (The incident subsequently formed the basis of A Nice Poem.)

March 1995

18 Mar Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Debbie McNamara - (Poet)
  • Frank Bangay - (Poet)
  • Liam Johnson - (Poet)
  • John Arthur - (Singer/songwriter)

14 - 31 March Taboo. Exhibition of paintings by Meena Jafarey, Richie Riley, Colin Hambrook, Millee Hill, Terry Miles and Iain Stronach. (Shape London event at Central Space Gallery, W14)

April 1995

Under The Asylum Tree (Survivors' Poetry anthology). Includes:
  • Georg MacDonald (Introduction)
  • Billy Childish
  • Michael Horovitz (Parody of On Westminster Bridge)
  • Isha When
  • Jade Reidy
  • Martin Henderson The Sanctuary in North London
  • Patrick McManus Great Day for my Suicide
  • Ian Jentle But I don't want a Dog
  • Val Stein After all, they are size six and a half
  • Kim Christopher Sink City

Illustrations by Paulette Ng, Alex Horswood and others. (Pub Survivors' Press.)

15 April, Survivors Poetry 150 Ossulston Street, Special Anthology Launch
  • Diane Pungartnik (MC)
  • Mimi Khalvati
  • Justin Quali
  • Brian Docherty
  • Dave Russell
  • Jeneatte Ju-Pierre
  • Ray Wilmott
  • Fatma Durmush
26 - 30 April Shape Hackney Presents Movin' On '95
  • Launch with Nabil Shaban
  • Open Exhibition Woodcraft art and furniture by Sylvanus Onipede (Sutton House)
  • 28 Double Bill at Chat's Palace
  • Heart 'n' Soul Unplugged
  • Strathcona Theatre Company Still Crazy after all these years
  • Paul Darke leads seminar on How Disability is Portrayed in British cinema since 1970.
  • Cabaret Finale at Circus Space
  • Rona Topaz
  • True Expressions
  • Isha
  • Tyron Woolfe
  • Liz Porter and co
  • Bobbi Style and his Luv Junkie

May 1995

Allan Sutherland proposes idea for a London Disability Arts Forum postcards project (later to be partly realised as Postal Strike)

Unleashed exhibition at Laing Art Gallery, Newcastle on Tyne

Fight for Rights award-winning photomural by Nancy Willis and Jenny Polack. Manchester Road, Isle of Dogs, E14 for up to one year.

New Breed Theatre Company: Tryst. Four plays by solo performers:
  • Mike Parker Stalking Histories
  • Margaret Shaw Still Waters Deep
  • Mike Nolan St Valentine's Eve
  • Jag Plah Stick Around
26 May The Workhouse (Parkshot Centre Richmond)
  • Clive Cherrington of New Expression (Compere)
  • Sick Cow, Katherine Araniello (Singer)
  • Chantell Nassari and Debbie Cordner (Dance)
  • Caroline Parker (sign song)
  • Colin Hambrook (Poetry)
  • (Presented by London Disability Arts Forum and West London Disability Arts Group)

Heart 'n' Soul launch Beautiful Octopus club, the first cabaret club to open in London to give expression to the culture of learning disabled people. (10 May: The Albany, Deptford, SE8.)

Survivors' Poetry (13 May: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Paulette Ng (MC and performance poet)
  • Ray Wilmott
  • Hilary Porter (Poet)
  • Dave Harley (Singer and musician)

June 1995

Graeae Theatre Company working on Flesh Fly and Playback 2 U, to be bookable in autumn, through into spring 1996. Flesh Fly is Trevor Lloyd adaptation of Volpone.

17 June Swing into Summer West London Disability Arts Group present a Disability Arts cabaret:
  • Pete Campbell (Poetry)
  • Claire Graydon-James (song)
  • Chantell Massari and Debbie Cordner (Dance)
  • Jo Nicolls (Sign song)
  • The Avenue Band
17 June Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Mike Lawson (MC)
  • Cheryl Moscowitz (Poet)
  • Paul Matthews (Poet)
  • Jana Heller (Singer/songwriter)

June 1 Strathcona Theatre Company Pain without, Power Within (Cochrane Theatre, W1)

6 - 30 June Samena Rana. Posthumous (1955 - 1992) solo show of eight large prints. (Diorama Gallery)

9 June (Diorama Gallery) The Face of Our Fear Screening of Stephen Dwoskin's 1991 documentary, in which Samena Rana played a role, and talk with the Director. Previously unshown footage showing her accompanied the pictures on show in the gallery.

14 June Launch party for Stream Records new releases:
  • Fish Out of Water Lucky Scars
  • Ian Stanton Rollin' Thunder
  • Claire Graydon-James Nice Work

28 June - 2 Aug Screening Lies. Portrayals and Betrayals: Disability in Cinema (Watershed Media Centre, Bristol).

July 1995

Allan Sutherland: Poems and Prose (Self-published)

Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • MC Razz
  • Jade (poet)
  • Peter Campbell (poet)
  • Jaki da Costa (songs and poems)

Patronizingly Challenged Beware. Anthology of stories and poems by members of Commonword Disabled Writers Workshop.

LDAF and Alternative Arts present Open Air Disability Cabaret Extravaganza (30 July: Victoria Embankment Gardens, WC2)
8 - 9 July Islington's First Disability Music Festival (Union Chapel, N5)
  • Super Disken
  • Grateful Dub
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Reg Webb
  • Djs Lara and Bruno
  • Discussion on attitudes in the music press presented by Suzanne Bull and journalist Carl Loben
  • David Liddle
  • Fish Out of Water
  • Ian Stanton
  • Wise Wound
  • The Iain Matheson Band
  • Rona Topaz
  • The Useless Eaters

Milton Keynes Disability Arts Festival: Johnny Crescendo, Colin Thompson, Julie McNamara,

The Lawnmowers Theatre Company, Francis Rwama, Ian Stanton, Heart 'n' Soul, Kekande, Smile Like Fools (15 - 16 July)

August 1995

Graeae Theatre Company seminar at Royal National Theatre to discuss access to theatre for disabled performers. Speakers included:
  • Genista Mackintosh (NT Executive)
  • Ewan Marshall (Artistic Director, Graeae Theatre Company)
  • Nabil Shaban
  • Freddie Pyne (Equity Disabled Performers Committee)

West London Disability Arts Cabaret

2nd Milton Keynes Disability Arts Festival

Launch of NDAF's European Disability Arts Directory

Disabled film-maker Chris Ledger awarded £2,000 by Arts Council of England's Disability Arts Panel, to research and develop Making a Choice, a short, personal video in celebration of disability arts and aimed at a disabled audience. (This becomes Moving from Within.)

12 Aug Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • P.J.Fahy (MC, acoustic musician)
  • Richard McKane
  • Patience Agbabi (poet)
  • Jaki Windmill (singer/songwriter)

September 1995

12 Sept - 7 Oct Over Hear (a new play about love and hearing with leading deaf actress Caroline Parker) w Neil Biswas. (Touring Bristol, Hounslow, Barnet, Brixton)

16 Sept Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Dave Pelling (MC)
  • Pascal Petit (poet)
  • John Rety
  • The Wise Wound (Music)
  • Meena Jafarey exhibition at the Commercial Gallery, Spitalfields

Lucille Lusk dies.

Tony Newton (of Pink Fingers) dies.

October 1995

A Dangerous Woman. Poems by Sue Napolitano, with drawings by Val Stein. (Pub. GMCDP Publications.)

Corali Dance Company We Are Not So Ordinary

Upstage '95. Young Disabled People's Performing Arts Festival (Shape London event at Turtle Key Arts Centre, SW6)
  • Includes Cabarave:
  • MC Delboy
  • Lana Ross
  • Pupils of Woodfield School (Geeta Sager, Alison Sager and Melissa Murray)
  • Anapurna Mishra (Song and Dance)
  • Tom Tomalin (Techno arm chanting)
  • Macbeth (Band)
  • DJ Bruno
  • Mat Fraser (rap)
  • Howard White (as Max Miller)
  • Rupa Sarka (Comedy)
  • The Avenue Band
Music Showcase from Shape's Up Stage '95 Young People's Festival:
  • One Style M.D.V.
  • Emma Beaumont
  • Andre Dwinnel
  • Shirley Ogiste
Film showcase:
  • Rupa Sarka Why Civil Liberties?
  • Heart 'n' Soul The Mark (Prod Tracy Crossley)
  • Matthew Snell T.V.Y.P.
  • People Make Changes (animated film by young deaf film-makers, led by animator Tim Webb)
  • Water can Damage Your Health (From drawings by young deaf adults)
  • Channel Five (w.,d., acted by pupils form a local school)
  • Rockingham House (Comedy about young people living in a hostel, w Maria Oshodi)
  • Tracy Crossley Watchasayin (Documentary about rap and hip-hop).
  • Jo Pearson Freak Fucking Basics (Film about Mat Fraser)
  • Disability is.. Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People
Dance showcase:
  • Jane E. Hall
  • School pupils
  • Caroline Parker (Signed song)

The Stamping Spiders Exhibition (Group of artists with learning difficulties. Work based around themes of Landscapes, Portraits, Masks and Echoes and Ecologies) (10 - 29 Oct: Oval House Café)

CandoCo Autumn Tour 1995, Anatomy of Love.

14 Oct Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Val Stein (MC, singer)
  • Inter Ference (Poetry)
  • Vanessa Richards (Poet, singer)
  • Jon Fitzgerald (Poet and folksinger)

11 - 22 Oct Deaf Expressions (Exhibition of Deaf Art at two venues in Cambridge, organised by Shape London. Fifteen deaf artists, including John Gregory Thomas, Deepa Agarwal, Rubbena Aurangzeb, Niall McCormack

Graeae Theatre Company touring nationwide with Play Back 2U, an interactive theatre performance, aimed at young people (16 - 29 years) and touring to venues where they meet. (Oct - Nov 1995 and March - May 1996)

November 1995

Tony Heaton Exposed - A Retrospective (14 Nov - 1 Dec: Diorama)

Show of Hands Don Quixote de La Mancha. Three deaf actors (Frank Essery, Neil Fox and Paula Garfield) But DAIL's reviewer claims that two non-deaf actors make the play inaccessible to deaf people.

Heart 'n' Soul launch their CD Greatest Hits - Volume 1 (15 Nov: Albany Theatre, SE8.)

Survivors' Poetry (11 Nov: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Dave Skull (MC)
  • Bushy Kelly (Slide poetry performance, Bright Light)
  • Arne Ziety (performance poet)
  • Diego Brown and The Good Fairy (Songs)

White Socks, Love, Sex and Community Transport. Debut production of Taking Liberties Theatre Company, the theatrical arm of the Wigan Disability Arts Forum. (9 - 11 Nov)

December 1995

Basic Theatre Company new show Spirit of a Clown for deaf and hearing impaired children, for children who sign and children who don't.

Survivors' Poetry (16 Dec: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Sam and Mano
  • Eamau (Performance artist)
  • John Anstiss (Gay poet)
  • Kath Tait (Songs)

Lawnmowers video of The Big Sex Show.

The Thoughts of Chairman Crippen an irreverent look at disability, self-published by cartoonist Crippen.

LDAF present The Workhouse Xmas Cabaret (16 Dec)
  • Emily Kennedy
  • Caroline Parker
  • Karen Shook
  • Tony Gerrard
  • George Enzama
  • Jan Jodelko
  • Diane Pungartnik (MC)


Brendan Wilson The Whirlwind Continues (Ethnic Communities Oral History Project) Photos of people in St Anne's psychiatric hospital. Tickled Pink, Oily Cart's first production for children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities.

January 1996

Buried Over Ground Sculpture created by users of Armley Resource Centre Leeds. Co-ordinated by Pauline Ellis. Group assisted by Tony Heaton.

17 Jan Beautiful Octopus club (The Albany):
  • Two short videos by Tracy Crossley
  • Heart 'n Soul Croydon
  • Music by Heart 'n' Soul
Survivors' Poetry (13 Jan: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Joe Bidder (MC Poet)
  • Julie McNamara (Poetry and song)
  • Sean Gilligan (Poet)
  • Diane Pungartnik (singer/comedienne)

Graeae Theatre Company Flesh Fly Previews (13 - 14 Jan: Oval House. Then on tour nationally Jan - March)

February 1996

Leicester Comedy Festival to include

The End of the Pier Show by Andrew Waterman (Carcanet Press)

Blind poet Michelle Taylor judged Best Performing Poet of 1995 at the Farrago Press Zoo Awards Ceremony, Chat's Palace, with her poem Smiles.

Mathew Fraser: Ungrateful A tape of rap, reggae and poetry.

17 Feb Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Danielle Hope (MC poet)
  • Ian Jentle (Poet)
  • Jean Binta Breeze (Poet)
  • Ivor Game (Musician)

Strathcona Theatre Company new production Breaking the Mould (Touring outside London, then opening at Young Vic studio 22 Apr).

Graeae Theatre Companytouring Flesh Fly through Colchester, Cambridge, Bristol, Liverpool, Lancaster and in Hampshire and Somerset.

Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre new work: Answer me with Silence

Exhibition In Alliance (Nancy Willis, Annie Johns, Caroline Coode, Jenny Polak, Liz Ellis, Kinsi Abdulleh) (Café Gallery, E2 until 22 Feb)

March 1996

Seminar on Disability Arts organised by Prism Arts, addressed by Geof Armstrong of NDAF. (5 Mar: Tukkie House Museum, Carlisle)

Survivors' Poetry (16 Mar: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Debbie McNamara (MC)
  • Billy Childish (Poet)
  • Jay Ramsay
  • Gypsy (Music)

Survivors' Poetry: Two Cities Tour. 5 March Oxford, 20 March Cambridge.

Triple Focus (West London Disability Arts Group) Three exhibitions, each displaying an established Disability artist and work by community disability groups.
  • Back to Back Gioya Steinke and guests.
  • Side by Side Matthew Durran and guests
  • Face to Face Meena Jafarey and guests

Jimmy Craw wins Individual Artist's prize at Sussex Open, with Within These Walls.

April 1996

NDAF billboard campaign, with image drawn by Eddy Hardy.

Survivors' Poetry
  • 13 April (Hampden Community Centre)
  • P.J.Fahy
  • John Arthur
  • Eamer O'Keefe
  • Jillian Tipene
  • 4 April Launch of Brixton Sanctuary Anthology (Diorama)
  • 22 Apr Women only Survivors' Night (Diorama)
  • Julie McNamara
  • Kath Tait
  • Bushy Kelly
  • and others
  • 12 - 14 July National Jamboree '96 (Hereward College, Coventry)
10 Apr Beautiful Octopus Club

Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre in Newcastle, performing What We Want to say to San Jose and putting on Deaf Café Cabaret with Newcastle Deaf Drama Group. (1 - 13 Apr)

Sue Napolitano dies.

DANN DARES (Direct Action Network Nottingham) Disability cabaret with:
  • Ian Stanton
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Caroline Parker
  • Jez Colborne
  • Wanda Barbara

Brixton Community Sanctuary anthology.

May 1996

18 May Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Isha (MC)
  • Brian Docherty
  • Pascal Petit
  • Ellie Zulu

Aidan Shingler's Beyond Reason shows in Bishop Auckland.

June 1996

15 June Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Joe Bidder
  • Maroushka Monro
  • Zep Tati
  • Kath Tait
CandoCo Dance Company
  • Trades and Trusts
  • A Flock Apart
DAsh '96 Shropshire Disability Arts Festival. (24 June - 7 July)
Milton Keynes Disability Arts Festival
  • Poetry (26 - 30 June)
  • Sculpture (1 - 5 July)
  • Music (15 - 19 July)
  • Performers: Heart 'n' Soul, Lawnmowers, Ian Stanton, Julie McNamara, Claire Graydon-James, Stanley Acrington, Caroline Parker, Mat Fraser, Shirley Ogiste, Colin Thomson, Rupa Sarka and Super Disken, plus photography exhibition Images of Disability (Also see DAIL117 The Bungalow Boogaloo Band and Colin Thomson)

Corali Dance Company Diary of a Dead Artist (around London)

The Workhouse (14 June: Stoke Newington Library Gallery, N16)
  • Diane Pungartnik
  • Mat Fraser
  • Pauline Ng
  • and Martin Davis, Jurg Heiniger, Caroline Parker

July 1996

Shropshire Disability Arts Festival (1 - 7 July)
Take Note! 2 Islington Disability Music Festival (6 - 7 July: Union Chapel, N1)
  • Simon Smith and the Useless Eaters
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Steven Oliver
  • Heart 'n Soul Experience
  • Shirley Ogiste
  • Mat Fraser
  • Diane Pungartnik
  • Baluji Shrivastav
  • Hassan Erraji
  • Katherine Araniello
  • Shakani
  • Beggars Belief
  • Liz Porter. Special guests from the USA: Rod Myers and the Ramps.
9 - 27 July The Story Teller Shape Hammersmith and Fulham present An exhibition of narrative paintings, poetry and performances by visually impaired artists:
  • Daniel Bool, Sally Booth, Jonathan Huxley, Jennifer Maskel Packer, Terry Miles.
  • (Curated Terry Miles.)
  • Plus evening of ballads, song and storytelling by visually impaired artists:
  • Caroline Hextall
  • John Wilson Goddard
  • Damien O'Connor
  • Claire Entwistle
  • Bob Goodwin
  • Brendan Wilson and Sav Kyriacou The Whirlwind Continues, critique of the psychiatric system (Pub. The Lila Huset)
Survivors' Poetry (20 July: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Peter Campbell
  • Michael McKane
  • Hilary Porter
  • Fiona Branson (Songs)

July - Sept Art Through The Front Door on show at Brent Association of Disabled People.

LDAF present Radio Times (28 July: Victoria Embankment Gardens, WC2):
  • Rona Topaz
  • Shirley Ogiste
  • Mat Fraser
  • Peter Sturdy
  • Claire Graydon-James
  • P.J.Fahy
  • Super Disken
  • Annapurna Mishra
  • Mike Higgins
  • Caroline Parker
  • Diane Pungartnik MC.
Avenue Centre, Teddington: Jazz and Blues Fest with the help of Richmond Borough Council and West London Disability Arts Group as part of Richmond Borough Festival. Includes:
  • Francis Rwama
  • Genie Cosmos with Fish Out of Water
  • Steve Flagg
  • Open Chord Theory
  • Indigo
  • Treefellas
  • Dave LeVay Trio
  • Band With No Name. Headlined by Jim McCarty of the Yardbirds.
3rd Milton Keynes Disability Arts Festival (28 - 29 July)

August 1996 Corali Dance Company Diary of a Dead Artist

LDAF exhibition: Michelle Baharier and Anne Greenwood Blurring the Frontiers - Photographs, montages and collages(12 - 23 Aug)

The Ubiquitous dishcloth: a history of the work of Mavis Arbuckle Mounted by Sue Vass. Exhibition of hand-knitted dishcloths made by many Disabled people, whose names are unknown. The fact that their names are unknown speaks volumes about the way disabled people are oppressed by society. Available for hire as exhibition alone, or with comedy and poetry events.

17 Aug Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Razz
  • Yvonne Poulson
  • Alison Smith
  • Saving Graces

And the World Really Had Changed (Leeds Survivor Poets Anthology)

A Union of Difference. NDAF's exhibition of posters celebrating the development and diversity of disability Arts practice in Europe over the last decade. The posters represent a cross-section of the flourishing disability arts scene within fifteen countries offering insight into the scale of work at local, national and international level. (Available on loan)

September 1996

30 Oct - 7 Nov Art from the Heart A two-week celebration of ten years of Heart 'n' Soul including:
  • 30 Oct - 2 Nov Roar!
  • 31 Oct and 1 Nov The Beautiful Octopus Club
  • 7 Nov Strathcona Theatre Company The Big Bang
  • And other learning disabled theatre groups, including Corali Dance Company and Bilderwerfer.

West Midlands Disability Arts Forum up and running.

Disability Politics: Understanding our Past, Changing our Future by Jane Campbell and Mike Oliver. (Routledge)

LDAF Executive Committee announces that Claire Collison, Cathy Gibson and Margaret Mitchell have been selected to contribute to Disabled/Woman, a festival of disabled women artists, March 1997.

Moving from Within Video about disability arts by Chris Ledger. Heart 'n' Soul, Celeste Dandeker, JulieMcNamara, Caroline Parker, Alan Holdsworth (Johnny Crescendo), Tony Heaton, Ian Stanton. (AVA/East Midlands SHAPE production)

October 1996

Mass Observation NDAF touring exhibition. Exhibition of photographs documenting the lives of by disabled people in Newcastle, using photographs taken by them during 1995 with disposable cameras supplied by Nordaf. Similar project taking place in East Midlands. (Nottingham Community Arts Centre, then touring elsewhere.)

Framed: Interrogating Disability in the Media ed Ann Pointon with Chris Davies. (BFI Publications)

Out of the Fire (1948 - 1983) (Collection of poems by Peter Street).

LDAF exhibition by ceramicist Padroig Naughton My Hands on You(4 - 22 Nov: Diorama)

22 Nov A Disabled Tomorrow LDAF and Dail celebrate their anniversary and ten years of disabled creativity. Entertainment with
  • Mike Higgins
  • Rupa Sarka
  • Martin Davis
DAN (the Direct Action Network) in association with LDAF presents The Dan Dares Cabaret (6 Oct )
  • Mandy Colleran (MC)
  • Julie McNamara
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Wanda Barbara
  • Caroline Parker
  • Mat Fraser
  • Plus special guest appearance from Glenn Tilbrook

Deaf Film and TV Festival (16 - 20 Oct: Tyneside Cinema)

Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Isha (MC)
  • Paulette Ng
  • Colin Hambrook
  • The Nighthawks

Basic Theatre/Graeae Theatre Company (31 Oct - 3 Nov: Oval House)">Sympathy for the Devil Four black performers, diverse in character, united by disability, expose prejudice and hypocrisy within the good causes industry.

December 1996

DAIL moves to new format.

LDAF Xmas Workhouse Cabaret, (19 Dec: Red Rose Club)
  • Mat Fraser MC
  • Tony Gerrard
  • Shirley Ogiste
  • Caroline Parker
  • Beggars Belief
  • Special guests
To celebrate International Day of Disabled People, Croydon Association of People with Disabilities,, with LDAF and LB Croydon presents:
  • Disabled Lives (A theatrical piece by Disabled people in Croydon)
  • Thalidomide Ninja Meets Frank Sinatra - A Disability Arts Cabaret
  • Diane Pungartnik
  • The King of Rap-Thalidomide Ninja (Mat Fraser)
  • Caroline Parker (Signed song)
  • Peter Sturdy (Singer)
Celebrate the Difference: A Festival of Disability Art in the North-West (7 Dec: Green Room, Manchester)

Sympathy for the Devil Written by Ray Winston, d Ray Harrison-Graham (Basic Theatre and Graeae Theatre Company production) (2 - 14 Dec: Triangle Theatre, NW6)

Survivors' Poetry Xmas Event (20 Dec: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Diane Pungartnik (MC)
  • Sam and Mano
  • Gabby Tyrell
  • Alan Tyler


January 1997

Recognition A Disability Arts Exhibition co-ordinated by Stoke Newington Arts Project (16 Jan - 14 Feb: Stoke Newington Library, N16). Artists Include: Moira Coupe, Monica Close, J.Louise Bibby, Rosie Bissett, Aidan Shingler

Crippen 1997 cartoon calendar. Now out.
  • Also available from Crippen Publications:
  • Crippen Cartoon Postcards
  • The Thoughts of Chairman Crippen
  • A Barnacle on Your Bill (Includes cartoon published for the Rights Now campaign)
  • Previously Published. A collection of some of the work published in the disability press and on film and tv.
Survivors' Poetry (18 Jan: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Leah Thorn (MC/Poet)
  • Ray Wilmott
  • Michelle Taylor (Blind Caribbean poet)
  • A.J.Murray (Singer)

February 1997

Sweet, Sour and Serious. Illustrated anthology by Survivors' Poetry Scotland

Speaking Our Minds: An Anthology A collection of writing by over fifty people who have experienced mental distress. (Macmillan.)

Survivors' Poetry (15 Feb: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Joe Bazouki (MC)
  • Mike Lawson
  • Bushy Kelly (New poem/slide piece I Want to be a Star)
  • Varonique Walsh (Songs)
Barriers. Exhibition considering physical, sensory and intellectual limitation and its effect on personal art practice. (8 Feb - 16 Mar: Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth). Artists include:
  • Lea Andrews
  • Hilda Clea
  • Andrani Ash
  • Deborah Batt
  • John Bellany
  • Clarissa Beothy
  • India Campbell
  • Root Cartwright
  • Helen Chambers
  • Gary Goodwin
  • E.J.Grose
  • June Heap
  • Andrew Holmes
  • Sophie Horton
  • Douglas Hunter
  • Kathleen Hyndman
  • Brian Jenkins
  • Alison Jones
  • Ashley McCormick
  • Jenni Meredith
  • Anne Redmond
  • Sally Sedgwick
  • Neil Taylor
  • Jane Watt
  • Aaron Williamson.

Margaret Mitchell. New series of Secondary Stigmas (Until 31 Mar: Watershed, Bristol).

March 1997

LDAF presents Disabled Women in Camden, an evening of music and poetry on International Women's Day, (8 Mar: Diorama.)
  • Julie McNamara (MC)
  • Alison Smith
  • Paulette Ng
  • Doreen Pritchard
  • Ruth Harris
  • Em the Hag
LDAF presents Disabled/Woman: a festival of disabled woman artists (10 - 15 Mar: Turtle Key Arts Centre)
  • Exhibition of installation work and photographs by Claire Collinson and Margaret Mitchell
  • New play Deliverance (by disabled playwright Cathy Gibson being performed by LDAF's own Really Disabled Theatre Company: Deliverance! A disabled child is born. She grows. She's kidnapped and kept prisoner at the Special School Circus She appears on Deliverance! The television show where you, the audience, decides which of us lives or dies. She starts to think. She breaks out.
  • Plus arts workshops, available to disabled women only.

Brendan Wilson Isolation and Domestos (Until 5 Apr: Norwich Arts Centre)

Michelle Taylor. Book of poems, Toucan Touch due out in late Spring.

Survivors' Poetry (15 Mar: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Daniell Hope (MC)
  • Fatima Durmush
  • Leonard Lindsay
  • Ivor Game

April 1997

The Green Leaf Group. Performers with learning disabilities from Lambeth, performing in The Green Leaves Show.

Survivors' Poetry (19 Apr: Hampden Community Centre)
  • John O'Neill (MC)
  • Clinton Henry
  • Julie McNamara
  • Jaki Windmill

A Journey of Difference: Painting the Experience of Disability. Exhibition by Sally Sedgwick (Until 3 May: Gateshead Central Library)

A Different Life by Lois Keith (Pub April Livewire, The Women's Press young adults imprint)

High Time: Art Against Prejudice Bristol's first Disability Arts Festival. (24 April). Includes launch of Art + Power

May 1997

Closed Circuits, Open Readings Photography by Mary Duffy, Johnnie Gathercole, Claire Collison, Margaret Mitchell. Poetic response by Dennis Casling. (Part of High Time: Art Against Prejudice)

Graeae Theatre Company What The Butler Saw by Joe Orton, director Ewan Marshall. (Touring the country through May, then 3 - 6 June: Jackson's Lane, 11 - 21 June: Oval House).

Strathcona Theatre Company. An Error of Judgement. A moving, disturbing, funny and thought-provoking look at the judicial injustice exacted against learning disabled people.

Tottering Bipeds Theatre Company Waiting for Godot with Jamie Beddard and Simon Startin. National tour. London gigs at Old Bull Arts Centre, Barnet and Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford cancelled after Beckett estate refused permission while Peter Hall's production was playing in the West End.

Survivors' Poetry (17 May: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Hazel Lezah (MC)
  • Yfigenija Zagoricnik
  • Scott Verner
  • John Arthur

DAsh '97Celebrate the Difference (23 June - 6 July)

Until Autumn. Exhibition by Keith Armstrong. Computer and photographic work at the Eden Restaurant, NW1.

A Day in the Life… Exhibition resulting from giving disposable cameras to 750 disabled people throughout the East Midlands, asking them to take photographs of any aspects of their lives. An exhibition which gives a unique insight into disabled people's everyday lives and the largest Disability Arts event ever to have taken place in the UK. (7 May - 1 June: Snibston Discovery Park; later at Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham University Campus)
(NOTE: after the demise of East Midlands Shape, the original photographs were stored - if former participants or archivists are interested, please email Dave Everitt

(NOTE: email address protected - please enable javascript)


June 1997

LDAF presents The Really Disabled Street Show (15 June: Stoke Newington Midsummer Festival)
  • Mat Fraser
  • Caroline Parker
  • Mike Higgins
  • Shirley Ogiste
UP STAGE '97, young disabled people's Performing Arts Festival, including (28 June) Deaf Arts Fusion: Alice in Wonderland reworked by Cathy Woolley into an interactive multimedia performance. (23 - 28 June: Turtle Key Arts Centre, SW6). Including Cabarave:
  • Suzy Bebbington
  • Shakani
  • Theatre Provocateur
  • Lisa Hammond
  • The Piccadilly Hammers
  • Natalie Hypocrite, supported by Ogechi Eguena
  • Damon Rose
  • Ruth Green
  • The Cowboy Kickers
  • MCs: Ayoka and Clive Cherrington
  • (Co-ordinated by Maria Oshodi)
21 June Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Jade Reidy (MC)
  • Brenda Nicklinson
  • Alex Benjamin
  • Ray Wilmott
  • Ramani
  • Rose
  • Jayne Larnie and fellow musicians

Take Note! Live at the Union Chapel. (CD release.) 14 live performances from disabled musicians, featuring Klub Mundi, Baluji Shrivastav, Johnny Crescendo, Super Disken, Mark Rowland, Eroticis, Nabil Shaban, Grateful Dub, Plastic Anorexic, The Treefellas, Wise Wound, Simon Smith and the Useless Eaters, David Little, Iain Matheson.

July 1997

Tragic but Brave Show going back on the road after a three year rest.

Radio Times 2 Three hours of non-stop music from today's hottest disabled artists (Victoria Embankment Gardens, WC2): Mat Fraser, Mike Higgins, Peter Sturdy, Francis Rwama, Caroline Parker, Julie McNamara, Ayoka, THWOTH, Simon Smith and the Useless Eaters.

Nancy Willis Exhibition (16 - 27 July)These works, created in the past ten years, arise from my experience of life as a disabled woman. Using mixed-media, I try to find images that give an outward form for my inner world of seeing and imagination.

Survivors' Poetry (19 July: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Ann Dalton (MC)
  • Lisa Jonsson
  • Peter Campbell
  • J.Owen Williams

Deaf Dimensions Photography Exhibition. (Until 16 July: Cramlington Library.) Featuring the work of seven young Deaf Artists produced at workshops run partly by the Northern Disability Arts Forum.

The Fire Brothers 30s play by Theatre Provocateur (Liam O'Carroll and Andrew McLay)

August 1997

The following artists have been selected for Postal Strike
  • Kate Adams
  • Fiametta Alley
  • Ben Cove
  • Moira Coupe
  • Libby Curtis
  • Fehmeeda Jafarey
  • Audrey Marshall
  • Margaret Mitchell
  • Juliet Prentice
  • Tanya Raabe
  • Donald Rodney
  • Nancy Willis
  • & the late Steve Cribb

September 1997

13 - 14 Sept Take Note! 3
  • Julie McNamara
  • Val Stein and Camila Cancantata
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Iain Matheson
  • Body and Soul
  • Pupils from Richard Cloudesley School
  • Fresh Tracks
  • Plastic Anorexic
  • Mat Fraser and Ayoka
  • Super Disken
  • Peter Sturdy
  • Pupils from the Samuel Rhodes School and the London Symphony Orchestra
  • Garry Robson and Terry Swan,
20 Sept Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Peter Campbell
  • Razz
  • Eamer O'Keefe
  • Marian Cooke
20 Sept Independence Festival 1997 (Albert Square, Manchester)
  • Ian Stanton
  • Julie McNamara
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Mat Fraser
  • and many more
  • Natalie Markham and Mandy Colleran (Comperes)

October 1997

18 Oct Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Isha
  • Andrew Spencer
  • Jeanette Ju-Pierre
  • Dave Russell

Strathcona Theatre Company Change of Heart

15 Nov Inmates by Allan Sutherland and Stuart Morris (BBC Radio Four). A ninety minute play set in a long stay institution for disabled people, starring disabled actors Matthew Fraser, Daryl Beeton, Jonathan Keeble, Gerard McDermot, Mandy Colleran, Mandy Redvers-Higgins and Dave Kent.

November 1997

11 - 23 Nov Incarceration Installation Multimedia arts installation. Includes work by Norma Pearson, Lee Squires, Graham Cunningham among others. (Shoreditch Town Hall, N1)

Beyond Bedlam: Poems written out of mental distress (ed Ken Smith and Matthew Sweeney) (Anvil Press)

15 Nov Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre) Launch of Beyond Bedlam with poets from the new anthology.

Cabaret for International Day of Disabled People (Brent Advocacy Concerns)
  • Karen Shook (MC)
  • Flexible Friends
  • Damon Rose
  • Martin Davies and Jurg Heiniger
  • Ayoka

December 1997

20 Dec Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Jaki Windmill
  • Cheryl Moskovitz
  • Tasse and Alastair Brinkley


West Midlands Disability Arts Forum established. High Spin Dance Company: Stone, Crash, Crash, Founding. Oily Cart, Hunkydory. Mark Foster, actor with a Learning Disability, joins the company Hear Our Voices Art + Power, with Picture This and Welsh National Opera (Bristol Old Vic). Full Body and the Voice, founded, established from the No Limits Experimental Theatre project set up by Artlink West Yorkshire. It is initially managed by Huddersfield Mencap and will develop into a theatre compan

January 1998

Survivors' Poetry (17 Jan: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Hazel Lezah
  • Ian Jentle
  • Greg Henry
  • Jane Bom-Bane

Michelle Taylor: Toucan Touch (Illus. Matt Ward)

Advertisement appears in DAIL: Hundreds of collecting cans going free. The cans in question were Tony Heaton's sculpture, Shaken Not Stirred. (It was rescued, and donated by LDAF to the Holton Lee archive.)

February 1998

2 Feb - 2 March Exhibition The Whirlwind Continues. Bedlam:Custody, Care and Cure 1247 - 1997. (Museum of London)

21 Feb Survivors' Poetry (Hampden Community Centre)
  • Judith Silver
  • Inter-Ference
  • Peter Cadle
  • Joon (aka Alison Smith)

Mat Fraser Survival of the Shittest (Cassette)

March 1998

Graeae Theatre Company Two (5 Mar - 18 April: touring nationally)

LDAF launches Postal Strike! (2 March), Allan Sutherland's idea for the most accessible, wide-ranging exhibition of Disability Art ever (a set of postcards), involving as a central principle that artists would be paid for the use of existing work or commissioned to produce new work, implemented by Diane Pungartnik. Artists:
  • Kate Adams
  • Fiametta Alley
  • Moira Coupe
  • Ben Cove
  • Steve Cribb
  • Libby Curtis
  • Meena Jafarey
  • Audrey Marshall
  • Margaret Mitchell
  • Juliet Prentice
  • Tanya Raabe
  • Ann Whitehurst
  • Nancy Willis

Exhibition of artwork from Postal Strike!, plus Margaret Mitchell's Personal Myths (2 - 8 Mar)

LDAF presents A Really Disabled International Women's Day (8 Mar)
  • Julie McNamara
  • Annapurna Mishra
  • Shakani
  • Zeedy Thompson
  • Leah Thorn
  • Deaf Spice
  • (Women-only event)

Photostories. Exhibition of work by five photographers with learning disabilities (Until 6 Mar: Tom Blau Gallery, SE1).

Poetry pamphlets by Char March and James Nash:
  • Pieces of Myself
  • Poet's Feast
  • Murderous Intent
  • The Passion-Hatchet Job (Forthcoming)

Stalking Histories short play by Ruth Collett. With Garry Robson. (Touring)

Survivors' Poetry (21 Mar: Hampden Community Centre)
  • P.J.Fahy
  • V.G.Lee
  • Leeds Survivors promoting their anthology:
  • Steve Bindman
  • Matthew Gough
  • Ushawant Kaur
  • Therese

April 1998

Graeae Theatre Company Two by Jim Cartwright d Jenny Sealey. With Gary Robson, Caroline Parker. (Touring)

Common Ground Sign Dance TheatreAnswer Me with Silence and Verse for Two (Old Bull, Barnet)

Survivors' Poetry (18 Apr: Hampden Community Centre)
  • Steve Dowsett
  • Hilary Porter
  • Nina Finburgh
  • CJ Schuler

May 1998

16 May: Survivors' Poetry, Hampden Community Centre
  • John Paul O'Neill
  • Bill Lewis
  • New Voices - Heather Beveridge, Dave Fisher, Caroline Kendall
(21 May: Survivors' Poetry, Eastside, E1)
  • Readings from Beyond Bedlam anthology
  • Ken Smith
  • John Rety
  • Eamer O'Kefe
  • P.J.Fahy

CandoCo Dance Company, Out of Here (5 - 9 May: The Place). New touring production

After the Volcano (The Place, May, then touring).

May to October Heatwave Disability Arts Festival
(Dorset, Devon and Cornwall - Organised Art Share South West)

June 1998

LDAF presents The Really Disabled Street Show at the Stoke Newington Midsummer Festival
  • Mat Fraser
  • Totlyn Jackson with Neville Murray
  • Ayoka
  • P.J Fahy

LDAF launch Disabled People's Direct Art Network a Radical new initiative to bring autonomous disability arts activity to all disabled people in Greater London, starting with Brent, Croydon and Hackney.

Graeae Theatre Company presents Alice (13 - 25 July: Drill Hall), a free adaptation by Noel Greig of Alice in Wonderland, in collaboration with Nottingham Playhouse and Roundabout Theatre in Education. Dir. Geoff Bullen and Jenny Sealey.

Survivors' Poetry (20 June: Somers Town Community Centre)
  • Readings from Voices of Conscience (Iron Press)
  • Roger Lloyd Pack
  • Jehane Markham
  • Richard McKane, Stephen Watts (Joint editors)
  • Kath Tait (Musicican)
  • Jilian Tipene (MC Poet)

July 1998

Radio Times 3
  • Mat Fraser (MC)
  • Francis Rwama
  • Plastic Anorexic
  • Ayoka
  • Martin Davies
  • Totlyn Jackson and Neville Murray
  • Ian Stanton
  • Blind, Black and Breathless

August 1998

Heart 'n' Soul The New Experience (Chester, Manchester, London)

Jenny Morris, Encounters with Strangers: Feminism and Disability

Salford and Trafford Disability Arts Initiative. Three year programme of work set up by the two boroughs.

15 Aug Survivors' Poetry (Somers Town Community Centre)
  • Peter Campbell
  • John Peacock
  • The Essex Girls' Poetry Collective

September 1998

19 Sept - 18 Oct The Shape We're In

Conference and season incorporating debates, talks and interviews, exhibitions, schools projects, artists in residence and full live performance programme. Four themed weeks, including
  • Body Culture and Identity
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • Homogeneity and Diversity
  • Advertising: Fashion and the media
Performances include:
  • Heart 'n' Soul
  • Deaf Cabaret (hosted Clive Mason), Cabaret from LDAF (see below), Community Showcase with various disability theatre groups, London premiere of Strathcona Theatre Company's id, Stalking Histories (Multimedia performance from Gary Robson)
  • Music: Baluji Shrivastav, Eroticis, Useless Eaters
  • Dance: Tardis Dance, Blue Eyed Soul Dance Company New Frontiers and Eye contact (double bill), Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre Distant Sisters & Billy Can
  • Art: Group exhibition of work by Lucy Jones, Yinke Shonibare and Tanya Raabe (Lauderdale House) and Alison Lapper (Jackson's Lane)

Pain Is (Steven Dwoskin)

19 Sept Survivors' Poetry (Somers Town Community Centre)
  • Asher Hoyles
  • Bushy Kelly
  • Colin Hambrook
  • J Owen-WilliamsF: Michelle Taylor (Blind poet) Interview
5 - 6 Sept Independence Festival '98 (Manchester Town Hall)

October 1998

The Shape We're In As above plus:
  • Johnny Crescendo interviews Simon Smith of the Useless Eaters, Victoria Field, Director of Survivors' Poetry and singer Ayoka. (4 Oct)
  • Barbara Lisicki interviews Jenny Sealey, artistic Diraector of Graeae Theatre Company, Barry Avison, Administrator at Common Ground Sign Dance Theatre and Marc Smith. (11 Oct)
  • Barbara Lisicki interviews Gary Robson from Stalking Histories, Tony Mitchell from Action Space and tbc. (18 Oct)
LDAF Cabaret (3 Oct: Jackson's Lane Community Centre)
  • Mat Fraser (Compere)
  • Leah Thorn
  • Martin Davis
  • Jurg Heiniger
  • Aoka
Survivors' Poetry (17 Oct: Somers Town Community Centre)
  • Julie McNamara
  • John Rety
  • Dee Light
  • Viv Youell

P.J.Fahy dies (17 Oct)

November 1998

Disability Arts/Arts and Disability Conference, Bracknell (organised Southern Arts). Speeches from Paddy Masefield, Jo Verrent and Daphne Payne. Contributions from Adam Reynolds and Tony Heaton

Dave Lupton (Crippen): Welcome to the Cripzone (New book of cartoons)

P.J.Fahy Freshtracks

Heatwave Disability Arts Festival
  • Aaron Williamson performance (7 Nov: Bournemouth Centre for Community Arts)
  • Firdaus Kanga talk Sixth Happiness (8 Nov: Exeter Picture House)
  • Strathcona Theatre Company id (8 - 22 Dec: Young Vic) Devised piece about the world of circus sideshows.

Yinka Shonibare posters Portrait of a Victorian Dandy.

December 1998

3rd Festival Europeo Cinema Handicap, includes a number of films by UK Disabled People:
  • Drive (Raina Haig)
  • Moving From Within (Chris Ledger)
  • Beyond the Pane (Jenni Meredith)
  • Off Limits: Strong Language (Ray Harrison-Graham)
  • Elvis Lives - Self Animation 98 (Iain Percy and Clare Flynn)
  • (Julie McNamara of LDAF is at the Festival. These screenings give her the idea for the Disability Film Festival.)
LDAF celebrates International Day of Disabled People (4 Dec: Half Moon Theatre, E1)
  • Photostories exhibition by Action Space
  • Art and Poetry by Paulette Ng
  • Music by Francis Rwama
  • Compering and Ranting by Rupa Sarka
  • Singing by Minika Green
  • Comedy by Mike Lawson
  • Singing and Drums by Totlyn Jackson and Neville Murray
Launch of Sub Rosa: Clandestine Voices (Anthology by disabled poets from Newcastle-on-Tyne, working with Tyneside Disability Arts) (Live Theatre Newcastle upon Tyne)
  • The Quayside Poets
  • Talking Women
  • Fighting Voices
  • Scribble
  • The Comic Book
  • Voices United
  • Blind Justice
  • The Worm Turns
  • Get Off Our Backs
  • Plastic Anorexic

Char March The Crisis Collection (Poetry inspired by experience of a Crisis Centre).

2 March 1999. Full length play People Come Here To Cry, based on the poems, to be broadcast Radio 4.

Ridge Walking Postcard poem

Amethyst Fourth poetry anthology by Gemma, the disabled women poets collective.

Ian Stanton dies


High Spin Dance Company productions include:
  • Frog Shark Shark Shadow
  • Blind Date White Noise

Big Splash First of three

Oily Cart productions taking place in hydrotherapy pools.

January 1999

Peter Street, Still Standing (Towpath Press)

February 1999

Graeae Theatre Company A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur by Tennessee Williams, dir. Jenny Sealey. (From 5 Feb: touring).

Survivors' Poetry (27 Feb: Somers Town Community Centre). Memorial event dedicated to P.J.Fahy.

March 1999

Glenn Hoddle sacked after announcing that disabled people were being punished for their sins in a previous life.

Adorn, Equip and Accessorise Forthcoming touring exhibition being planned by East Midlands Shape and Leicester City Gallery, commissioning fashionable versions of disability accessories.

New Playwrights Trust and Graeae Theatre Company in association with New Writing North, launch Disabled Writers Mentoring Scheme. Mentees: Jamie Beddard, Ann Fisher, Robert Findlay, Jo Fraser Odin, Jackie Gay, Paula Greenwell, Raina Haig, Norma Pearson and Peter Wolf.

Wrong Bodies Exhibition and performances (ICA)
  • Plastic Anorexic, Marisa Carnesky, Mat Fraser, Jane Graham, Melinda Styles. Virtually compered by Jamie Beddard and Francesca Martinex. Photos and artwork Alison Lapper, Tanya Raabe, Eddy Hardy, Crispin PJ.

High Spin Dance Company Frog Shark Shark Shadow (Touring)

Heatwave Disability Arts Festival
  • Exhibition 22 March - 17 April:
  • Tanya Raabe Body Fascism
  • Juliet Prentice Naked Truth

Survivors' Poetry Fresher than Green, Brighter than Orange. An exhibition of poems by Irish women. (9 - 19 March: Diorama Foyer). Anthology of same name available from Survivors Press. March 14 Aaron Williams and Craig Astill For the Locker and the Steerer (Diorama Arts Centre,)

The Shape We're In Photos by Steven Bloch. (29 March - 30 April: Jackson's Lane Community Centre)

April 1999

(no events recorded yet)

May 1999

Graeae Theatre Company launches The Missing Piece, intensive six month training course for disabled actors.

Distress Call One man show written and performed by Liam O'Carroll. d Simon Tyler p Suzanne Bull (15 - 19 June: Theatre Provocateur), Wimbledon.

Out on a Limb: Challenging Images of Disability through Contemporary Art (17 May - 5 June: University Gallery, University of Essex)

Northern Charity, Southern Blood. Mixed media exhibition by Gabriel Clark-Brown examining disability identity here and in South Africa.

Welcome to my Psychosis. Drawings and painting by Survivor artist Figgy Fox. (5 May - 2 June: Bethlem Gallery)

Richard C. Leaman dies

June 1999

Stoke Newington Midsummer Festival
  • LDAFand Hackney College present Fish. Mixed-media by learning-disabled adults. (Projected on shop window 16 and 16 June)
  • LDAF and CandoCo, Emotion Through Motion (19 June)

Fittings: The Last Freak Show (Fittings Multimedia Arts with Graeae Theatre Company). Jamie Beddard, Lisa Hammond, Karina Jones, Caroline Parker and Garry Robson. (Touring, including Edinburgh Fringe)

Strathcona Theatre Company The Selkie Bride (29 June - 1 July: Albany)

July 1999

Lifting the Lid (First Disability Film Festival, Lux Cinema) Including:
  • Sixth Happiness
  • Off Limits Strong Language (Ray Harrison-Grahem)
  • Space, The Final Frontier (Project Ability with Iain Percy)
  • Elvis on the Road (Project Ability)
  • Regarding the Fall (Bill Shannon)
  • Representations of Disability in film from 1930 to 1990
  • (Presentation by Allan Sutherland)

In Remembrance Panama Theatre Company (Andrew McLay, Adrian Wilks, Kath Drake) (23 July: Millfield Theatre, Edmonton; 23 July: Greyfriars Kirk House; 16 - 30 Aug: Edinburgh Fringe)

Strathcona Theatre Company The Selkie Bride (6 - 10 July: Tricycle)

Joyful Noise The Fugertivs (CD, Tyneside Disability Arts)

What is this thing called love?) Francis Rwama (CD)

Frank Bangay Naked Songs and Rhythms of Hope (Forreal editions 1999)

DAsh commissioning 3 new works by Shropshire and National Disability Arts groups, on the theme OUR PLACE/OUR SELVES, to be launched in Jan 2000.

Launch of Sue Napolitano Award (An award of £10,000 to be made to a disabled writer to produce a body of writing which explores issues of disability as its main theme.)

Heart 'n' Soul and Graeae Theatre Company appear at Glastonbury

Independence Festival includes:
  • Lee Stirling (Music)
  • Tribute to Ian Stanton
  • Johnny Crescendo
  • Bev Burkitt reading tribute to Sue Napolitano

August 1999

Clair Lewis and Dave Lupton (aka Crippen) have collaborate to produce a protest song in suport of BCODP Pass the legislation campaign.

LDAF outreach in Hackney and Croydon. Mobile Culture Clubs being set up to train disabled people to use their skill in the arts.

Ju90 My Not-So-Secret Life as a Cyborg (website)

High Spin Dance Company Blind Date White Noise

21 Aug Survivors' Poetry (Diorama Arts Centre NW1)
  • Andrew Spencer
  • A.J.Murray
  • Other performers

Deadly Sensitive: Poetry by Char March and James Nash (Grassroots Press, Leeds and tour)

Jenni Meredith poet in residence on P&O European Ferries from Portsmouth to Le Havre and Bilbao (part of National Poetry Society's Poetry Places scheme)

September 1999

SMAC 2K Shropshire Millenium Festival commissioning several peices of performance material from disabled artists.

DAsh '99 festival. (6 - 13 Sept: venues in Shropshire) Including:

Survivors' Poetry (25 Sept: Somers Town Community Centre), The Caribbean Women Writers' Aliance, MC Judith Silver

October 1999

Survivors' Poetry (23 Oct: Somers Town Community Centre). Brian Docherty and Joon

November 1999

(no events recorded yet)

December 1999

LDAF residency: Tanya Raabe at a crisis project based in the community for women with mental health needs.

3 Dec Lifting the Roof (For International Day of Disabled People) (Jackson's Lane Community Centre)
  • Neville Murray and band
  • Annapurna Mishra
  • Baluji Shrivastav (Sitarist)

LDAF Dance course at CandoCo's studios at Aspire in Harrow, culminating in performance (4 Dec: Jackson's Lane Community Centre.)