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Vince Laws is a poet, artist, performer, campaigner. He writes poetry, performs poetry and makes visual poetry, paintings, collage, posters, film, installations and recordings: “As an artist, I define what art is. As a poet, I define what a poem is. If my art can be anything from a painting to a concept, so can my poetry. I am a poem.”

My Mental Helmet

9 November 2011


a photo of a motorbike crash helmet covered with words

I’ve had two pieces selected for a 6 month long exhibition in Nottingham called 'Diversity'. It's been put together by City Arts, Nottingham and The Institute of Mental Health and aims to make visual the experience of mental health difficulties. I proposed, and the organisers commissioned, My Mental Helmet. It’s the only 3D piece in the exhibition. My Mental Helmet is safer, darker Heavier, harder to communicate Here I am alone, protected Isolated, insulated from the...

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